Can I Use WhatsApp And GB WhatsApp With The Same Number?

Can I Use WhatsApp And GB WhatsApp With The Same Number?Can I Use WhatsApp And GB WhatsApp With The Same Number?

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WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication apps on the planet. It features encrypted end-to-end video, voice, and text communication.

You can use both WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp with the same number. You need to log in to each application separately to use the same number. 

GB WhatsApp is an independently created version of WhatsApp that has features and controls that regular WhatsApp doesn’t allow access to.

Can I Use WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp With the Same Number?

Some people want to be able to have access to WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp on the same phone with the same number. You can, but you can only log in to one app at a time.

You can use the same phone number with both WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp. However, you can’t be logged into both at the same time. 

If you are logged into the regular WhatsApp application and log into GB WhatsApp with the same number, you will be logged out of the regular WhatsApp.

What does GB Whats App have that WhatsApp Doesn’t

GB WhatsApp is an independently developed application that aspires to give you the same experience as WhatsApp but with added control and customizability.

Some of the features that GB WhatsApp has that WhatsApp doesn’t include:

Airplane ModeThemesSecurity Lock
Downloadable StatusDo Not Disturb ModeFully Customizable
Hide Your Online StatusFreeze Last SeenAuto Reply
Custom Fonts and StickersDisable the Forwarded TagForward Limit increased to 250
Media Sharing up to 200 MBCustomized CallingImage Share limit increased to 100
Status Character Limit: 255Anti-Delete Status or Messages

It is possible to use both WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp on the same phone, but GB WhatsApp offers much more control and customization, you likely won’t use WhatsApp anymore.

How to Install GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp

The official WhatsApp is available in both the Apple App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play store for Android devices

GB WhatsApp isn’t officially recognized. So,  it has to be installed via APK (Android Package Kit) for Android. You won’t be able to use it on iOS unless your phone is jailbroken.

WARNING: Apps in the Google Play Store can usually be verified as safe. Downloading and installing APKs don’t have that safety guarantee. Anything can be installed with an APK.

That’s the reason these safeguards are in place. If you decide to install an app via APK, you do so at your own risk and the risk to your device.

Installing an APK on an Android Phone

First, you will need to set your Android OS to allow you to install apps from unknown sources. All this means is that you didn’t download it from the Google Play Store. 

  1. Open the Settings option on your Android phone
  2. Select Apps from the Settings menu
  3. Select Special App Access – if you don’t see it, Select Advanced > Special App Access
  4. Select Install Unknown Apps – it will now ask you to select an installed app to use to install your APKs. Selecting either your browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) or your file explorer app (such as Files by Google)
  5. Select Allow from this source

Your phone will now allow you to install apps via APK that aren’t downloadable from the Google Play Store.

Downloading the APK for GB WhatsApp

Once you have allowed your Android device to install APKs, you can download the file from gbwhatsapp and install it. 

  1. Go to gbwhatsapp
  2. Scroll down until you see the header that reads “Download GB WhatsApp Updated”
  3. Click the button that says GB WhatsApp APK Download
  4. Your browser will now download the GB WhatsApp APK file to your file system

Your APK file will be saved to your default downloads folder.

Install GB WhatsApp APK

Next, you need to install your GB WhatsApp APK. You should only download and install APKs from websites you trust. Any nefarious software can be installed this way. Be smart.

  1. Go to your default downloads folder or the location where you saved your GB WhatsApp APK
  2. Click on the GB WhatsApp APK
  3. The app will now install itself just like any other app
  4. You can now log in to GB WhatsApp using the same information you use to log in to WhatsApp

Once you log into GB WhatsApp, you will be logged out of the regular WhatsApp. You can’t be signed into both at the same time.


While it is possible to use the same number with both WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp, you can only be logged into one at a time if using the same phone number.

It is possible to use different numbers with WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp and have them both stay logged in simultaneously.

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