Can Eufy Cameras/Doorbell Be Connected to Two Phones?

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So you have your Eufy Camera or Doorbell, and now you are wondering if you can connect it to more than one phone. To go along with the enjoyment of this Camera or Doorbell, this is a convenient option that many users have inquired about.

Yes, you can connect multiple phones to your Eufy Camera or Doorbell. You have to connect the camera or doorbell to your account on each separate phone to be able to operate the camera or doorbell from the individual phone(s).

You can also grant others that have the Eufy account access to your Eufy camera or doorbell. This option offers varying administrative levels, and you can set the amount of access that you would like each account to receive. The devices support up to 20 accounts connected to them.

How to Connect Your Eufy Device to Your Phone

So you may be wondering, how do I connect my Eufy device to my phone? Here’s how.

Setting Up Your Account & Permissions

First, you will need to start with creating a Eufy account on your phone. This will require an email verification process before logging on to the service. From there, you will choose a region, for instance, the United States.

From here the Eufy app will ask for storage access and ask you if you want to proceed with fingerprint verification.

Add a Device from the Home Base

From the home base, you will add a device. You will need to power on the home base to do this. The home base will be connected to your WiFi router. The light should light up when it starts the process. You should have to wait approximately 1 minute while the LED is changing from red to blue.

Sync the Devices

The app will then welcome you to Eufy security once the blue light comes on. From here your phone will request camera permission which you will accept. From here, you will scan a code on the camera. This will initiate the sync request from which you hit the power button on the home base to add the device to it.

Naming Your Device

You can name the HomeBase with whatever you like, most people use HomeBase 1. From here, the HomeBase will update the firmware on your app via your mobile device.

If you would like to learn more about Eufy, check out this article.

Connecting the Camera

To connect the camera, click add device again and find the camera or doorbell you would like to connect. Press the sync button for 2 seconds to sync the device to the HomeBase. It should beep. Click Next.

The device will be added successfully and is ready to go. Label the device accordingly then click Next. Now the camera or doorbell will have been added. 

Personalizing Your Camera/Doorbell Experience

From here you can set up the video clip length and other options such as charging and battery life selections. Again, you can do this with multiple phones so you can connect your camera or doorbell to each phone.

Check and see if your device has signal strength and if it does, the camera or doorbell will display on your phone.

Why You Would Want a Eufy Security Doorbell or Camera

Eufy Cameras and Doorbells are at the top end of security features for your home and business. They are used for security purposes and to prevent theft and monitor several premises at a time.

Front Door Surveillance

Many people use the Cameras to monitor wildlife or to watch over their home or office while they are away. People use the Doorbells so they are aware of who has come to their door. It gives that added convenience of knowing who is there before you answer the door.


The great thing about Eufy Cameras and Doorbells is that you can record the video from which is streamed by the device. This is great if you have a burglary or something that you want to keep and take note of for future purposes.


All this can be done from the luxury of your phone while you are away from home or the office. There is no need to be on the premises to treat yourself to all the video options that are available with these devices. They are truly made for when you are away and not able to monitor the surroundings yourself.


Eufy Doorbells and Cameras are quite easy to set up on multiple devices. If you set the device up on one phone, you should just as easily be able to do it with another. This allows multiple members of your family to have the same monitoring capability that you have from the ease of their palms while they are away.

Eufy Doorbells and Cameras are great for security and monitoring of areas and come with a limited-time warranty for their devices. This way if you are having any problems with the devices, there always is the possibility of calling Eufy and discussing your issue with them should you have a problem.

We hope this answered the question of if you can hook up your Eufy device to multiple phones! Take care!

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