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Can DirecTV Stream on Roku?

Last Updated Mar 24, 2022
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The word “streaming” and DirecTV aren’t often associated because DirecTV has almost always been a satellite service that primarily competed with Dish Network. However, that’s not the case anymore, especially since AT&T acquired DirecTV. With that said, you may be wondering whether you can stream DirecTV on devices like Roku TVs.  

Now known as AT&T TV, DirecTV is perfectly compatible with Roku, and you can stream it on Roku as much as you want. However, unlike other TVs, you do have to download and set up the app in the Roku network.

Read on to learn how to download and get started watching DirectTV channels on your Roku device.

How to Download and Watch DirecTV on Roku

Before getting started, note that DirecTV isn’t like a regular streaming channel, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Prime. You do have to have a regular cable subscription with AT&T to watch the streaming version of DirecTV.

To watch DirecTV on your Roku TV, you’ll have to visit the Roku store and download the DirecTV channel to stream Live and On-Demand services from DirecTV. Note: Even though AT&T now owns DirecTV, it is still known as DirecTV Stream in the Roku store.

  1. Press the Home button on your Roku Remote.
  2. Select the Search Bar.
  3. Type in AT&T TV.
  4. Choose Add Channel.
  5. Select Go To Channel once it’s downloaded.
  6. Sign in to your DirecTV Account with Username and Password.

Now that the channel is added and you are signed into your account, you can select and watch DirecTV Live and On-Demand services—the two primary features that DirecTV has always offered.

Like all of the other channels that are preloaded or that you have downloaded yourself, the DirecTV app operates just the same way.

Which Roku Devices Are Compatible with DirecTV?

For whatever reason, not every Roku device will stream DirecTV. Unlike Netflix, DirecTV doesn’t have blanket compatibility across the board with Roku devices, whether they are TVs or plug-in.

Roku devices that are compatible with DirecTV include the following:

For the full list of compatible Roku devices and models, visit the DirecTV support page here. However, if you don’t have a Roku device that will play DirecTV, you’ll know it because it simply won’t pull up when you enter DirecTV in the Roku search bar.

What If My Roku Isn’t Compatible with DirecTV?

If you happen to be one of those owners of a Roku device that won’t stream DirecTV, fear not because you’re not out of options just yet. If you own an Android or iOS device (which makes up 90% of all smartphones), you can mirror the DirecTV to your Roku device.

  1. Install the DirecTV app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  2. Go to the control panel on iOS or the notification panel on Android.
  3. Select Screencast with Android or the dual mirror symbol with iOS.
  4. Select your Roku Device.
  5. Open the DirecTV App.
  6. Log in to your DirecTV app.
  7. Stream your DirecTV shows to your Roku device.

It’s a round-about way of doing the same thing as you would on Roku devices that support DirecTV streaming. If you’re having problems, even with a Roku system or device that supports DirecTV streaming, the mirror option is an excellent fallback feature to rely on.

How Much is DirecTV Stream on Roku?

This is essentially a cable service that can only be accessed through streaming. It’s not like Mediacom, AT&T U-Verse, or any other traditional cable programming where you get cable and internet packaged together.

It will probably feel that way, however, because the prices for streaming DirecTV packages on your Roku device are comparable to standard cable services:

65+ Channels90+ Channels130+ Channels140+ Channels
 1 year of HBO Max and regional sports networks1 year of HBO Max and regional sports networksHBO Max and Showtime
 No additional chargesNo additional chargesNo additional charges

You get the typical options that you would with any cable subscription, such as optional premium channels—or, at least, those that aren’t already included in certain packages—along with free DVR recording for up to 20 hours.

If you want unlimited DVR recording, you can tack on $10 a month for that extra feature. You can sign up for DirecTV streaming by going to the DirecTV Stream website, where you will choose your package, payment method, and out the door, you go.

All Things Considered

Streaming DirecTV on Roku devices is not an anomalous event. Now that AT&T has purchased DirecTV and brought it under the AT&T umbrella, the days of satellite entertainment are slowly but surely, on their way out.

Dish Network still remains, but it’s difficult to see a successful pathway forward from a business perspective. Now that AT&T has redirected DirecTV’s original vision, it has opened up new avenues for DirecTV customers; one of those avenues is now Roku.

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