What is the Difference Between Roku Ultra and Roku Ultra LT?

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Perhaps you are looking to purchase a Roku Ultra or Roku Ultra LT to avoid cable television and use the different streaming services offered so you can watch your favorite shows and movies. However, you are uncertain which Roku streaming device to purchase because you don’t know which one would be the best one for you. What is the difference between these two devices?

Here is a table showing the difference between Roku Ultra and Roku Ultra LT:

Roku UltraRoku Ultra LT
Picture QualityDolby Vision®, HDR10+, 4K, HDDolby Vision®, HDR10+, 4K, HD
Private ListeningXX
Access to the most popular streaming services and 250+ free television channelsXX

There are slight differences between the Roku Ultra and Roku Ultra LT, with the $20 price difference being the most impactful difference. Since the differences between the two are minimal, it is up to you whether you want to spend the extra $20. Continue reading to find a more in-depth comparison between these two Roku streaming devices.

Roku Ultra VS. Roku Ultra LT

Besides the price of these devices being different, there are some features Roku Ultra has that Roku Ultra LT lacks.

Here is a table comparing the features of Roku Ultra and Roku Ultra LT:

Roku UltraRoku Ultra LT
Programmable ButtonsX
Lost Remote FinderX
Dolby AtmosX

Let’s take a deeper look into some of these features and more below to help you decide which device is the better choice.

Roku Ultra Lost Remote Finder

One feature the Roku Ultra has that the Roku Ultra LT does not is the lost remote finder button on the device. 

If you are prone to misplace your remote or your kids tend to lose it, this feature can prove beneficial to you. All you have to do is simply press the button on the device and a sound will play from the remote to help you find it. This feature makes Roku Ultra the better choice over Roku Ultra LT.

Roku Ultra USB Port

Another feature that is installed in the Roku Ultra device but not the Roku Ultra LT is a USB port. 

Having a USB port on your Roku device allows you to connect an external hard drive device so you can enjoy downloaded shows and movies. This is good for when you are traveling and don’t have optimal Wi-Fi or internet to stream. For this reason, Roku Ultra is better than Roku Ultra LT.

Roku Ultra Customizable Remote

The remotes for the Roku Ultra and Roku Ultra LT work similarly and are almost identical, but there is one key difference between the two. This key difference is that the remote for the Roku Ultra allows you to customize it.

There are 2 extra buttons on the remote that you can program to launch a specific streaming service or channel, save a voice command, and much more. This can be beneficial to you so that you can instantly launch a channel or streaming service without wasting the time searching for it.

Roku Ultra Better Audio and Visual Performance

The Roku Ultra and Roku Ultra LT both offer very similar specs when your favorite show or movie is playing. They both can play high-performing picture quality with high-quality sound. However, the Roku Ultra offers slightly better sound quality than the Roku Ultra LT.

The Roku Ultra allows you to stream in Dolby Atmos while the Roku Ultra LT only streams in Dolby Audio or you can plug in a DTS pass-through by plugging it into the HDMI. The Dolby Atmos that comes with the Roku Ultra will immerse you into feeling like you’re in a movie or concert.

Roku Ultra Faster Processing Speeds

The Roku Ultra also performs slightly faster processing speeds than the Roku Ultra LT. This allows you to launch shows and movies or fix any settings with less time when you choose to use the Roku Ultra. 

The audio and visual performance that the Roku Ultra offers is better than the Roku Ultra LT to some degree. You get a bit better sound quality and faster processing speeds. However, these performance differences are not major, and some people may not notice or care about the differences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Roku Ultra Work on a 1080P TV?

The Roku Ultra will work on a 1080P TV with no issues. However, you cannot stream your content in 4K if you only have a 1080P TV.

Can You Get Apple TV on Roku Ultra?

Apple TV is one of the many apps you have access to when you get a Roku ultra. To use the channel on your Ultra, you first have to install the Apple TV app.

Does Roku Ultra Have a Web Browser?

Roku Ultra currently has no built-in web browser for external streaming. Third-party browser installation also is not supported on Roku Ultra. However, users can access more media content from the web by casting from or mirroring smart devices. 

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