Why is My DirecTV Stream Not Working?

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A DirecTV streaming device is perfect for streaming all of your favorite shows and further integrating your smart technology. Still, sometimes the stream can freeze or not work at all. What do you do when your DirecTV stream isn’t working? 

If your DirecTV stream isn’t working, you should first check to see if it is the device itself having the problem or your internet. If other devices connect to your internet fine, then it is probably the device itself. Try restarting it and checking the cables to ensure it is plugged in properly. 

If you need to get your DirecTV stream back up and running quickly, we’ve got you covered. In our guide below we will walk you through what kinds of problems can cause a DirecTV stream not to work, as well as what troubleshooting steps you can take to fix it. 

What Causes a DirecTV Stream to Stop Working

There are many reasons why your DirecTV Stream could stop functioning properly. It could be anything from loose cables to a bad wifi connection. Below we’ve outlined some of the most common issues that cause a DirecTV stream to stop working, along with the signs of each problem: 

  • Poor internet connection: This is probably the most common reason that a DirecTV stream would suddenly stop working. It could be the internet itself having trouble, or simply an internal error on the device causing it to have connectivity problems. Signs that this is the case include a frozen screen, a blurry image, or an image that cuts in and out. 
  • Loose or damaged cables: If the screen is cutting in and out, there’s a chance that your HDMI cable is either not fully plugged in, or damaged. If it is a short in the cable, wiggling it around will make the image appear and reappear. That may be an indication you need to replace the cable. The same applies to the power cable as well. 
  • Updates: Your streaming app may simply need to be updated. The biggest sign this is the case is receiving an error message. 

The nice thing is most of these problems are relatively simple to address. In the next section, we’ll lay out how you can get your DirecTV stream up and running again. 

Troubleshooting DirecTV Stream 

Below we’ve put together three troubleshooting steps you can take to try and figure out what the problem is with your DirecTV stream and address it:

Check Your Internet Connection

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your internet is properly connected. You need to check both that the device itself is connecting to your router and that the router is receiving an internet signal. 

One of the easiest ways to make sure it’s not the internet itself, is to see if other devices are also having problems. If they are, you should unplug your router for 30 seconds, then plug it back in and wait for it to boot up. Check to see if everything is now connecting properly. 

If all your other devices are in fact connecting to the internet, then the problem likely lies in your DirecTV Stream. The most effective way to deal with this is to do a soft reset. You can either unplug the device or hold down the red power button on the side for thirty seconds and wait for it to come back on. 

Check Each of Your Cables

The next thing you should check is whether or not any of your cables are damaged or loose. The main two you should focus on are the HDMI cable, as well as an ethernet cable, if you are using wired internet. 

Sometimes the type of HDMI cable you use can impact how well it connects your DirecTV Stream to your TV. Ideally, you should use an HDMI cable of 2.0 or higher. If you don’t want to buy a new HDMI cable, try swapping for one you use with a different device to see if this is the issue. 

Perform a Software Update

Often, DirecTV Stream’s will run into issues if they need to be updated. Fortunately, the process of updating them is quite simple and straightforward. 

Follow the steps below to update your DirecTV stream:  

  • Hit the Home button on the center of your remote. 
  • Go into your settings. You can get there by looking for the gear icon. 
  • Select System
  • Select General
  • Scroll to “Check for Updates” and select it. 

Once you’ve completed these steps, your DirecTV Stream should automatically find any updates it needs and install them. The device will then need to be restarted and will hopefully start running smoothly.

So Really, Why is My DirecTV Stream Not Working?

The bottom line is, there are many different reasons why a DirecTV stream would suddenly stop working. It could be something as simple as loose cables or new updates that need to be installed. 

Start simple by checking your device’s connection to the internet. You can try restarting the device or your router, depending on which one was malfunctioning. If that doesn’t work, try double checking your cables and install any necessary updates. Best of luck!

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