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Is the Ring Stick Up Cam Discontinued?

Last Updated Jan 11, 2022
amazon ring stick up cam

Back when Ring belonged to Ring alone, before Amazon’s acquisition, they developed the Ring Stick Up Cam. That was going on seven years ago now, so it’s reasonable for some to believe that the Ring Stick Up Cam is discontinued, but is it really?

The Ring Stick Up Cam is not discontinued. The device is still available for purchase on Amazon’s retail site.

The fact is, the Ring Stick Up Cam has evolved in many ways since its 2015 inception. The original Stick Up Cam, as nice as it was, was a pretty standard iteration of just about every other low-cost indoor cam on the market at the time. It was Ring’s flagship basic, inside camera.

How Has the Ring Stick Up Cam Evolved?

The original Ring Stick Up Cam was plagued with problems and ended up being panned critically almost across the board. While its intentions were great, it ended up being a laggy, convoluted mess.

One of the biggest problems was that someone could come into the field of view and leisurely stroll by, stopping to observe the flowers and moving on. In the meantime, even if you brought up the app immediately, you would be lucky to see the back of the passerby’s heel on their way out of view.

Alerts were iffy at best, and often there would be nothing at all, even when the cam detected motion. Nevertheless, Ring followed up with another generation in 2017 that mostly improved the Stick Up Cam in every aspect, with a noticeable, garbage cloud experience.

Fast forward past a 2019 release, and we arrive at the Ring Stick Up Cam of 2021. Now owned by Amazon, the Ring Stick Up Cam has seen its worst days and arrived cleanly on the other side.

Features of the Latest Generation of the Ring Stick Up Cam

Some of the features of the latest generation of the Ring Stick Up Cam include:

  • Customizable motion zones
  • Two-way audio
  • 1080HD resolution
  • Infrared night vision
  • 150° field of view
  • Person detection
  • Works with Google and Alexa
  • Siren

As you can see, the Ring Stick Up Cam has come a long way. Interestingly enough, the strange lag that was the principal complaint with the original still exists here, albeit not as severe.

But Ring has managed to pack in most of the features that people expect in an indoor camera. However, the lack of innovation is a little striking, especially this late in the game. Ring also continues to demand a subscription just to use most of the standard features.

Why Do People Think the Stick Up Cam is Discontinued?

It’s 2022 now. 4k resolution is becoming the standard, with 2k resolution in cameras considered the budget buy. Not only does Ring command a $100 price point for its most basic cam, but they also demand a subscription before the camera is even remotely useful.

With so many players on the field, especially Wyze, offering similar cameras, with more features, and at half the price, it’s easy to see why the Stick Up Cam would fade into the background and become the more obscure option.

Not only that, but so many smart camera manufacturers are producing spectacular products that come with their local storage options and require no subscription to take advantage of their features.

It would seem that Amazon/Ring is satisfied to continue with the Ring Stick Up Cam as it is, however, so unless there’s a crazy shakeup on the development team, it’s not likely to change anytime soon. The point is, you can find a camera with more capabilities that’s more reliable and not as expensive, such as the Eufy Security Solo Indoor Cam or the Wyze Cam V3.

Will Amazon Release a New Ring Stick Up Cam?

So far, there’s no news concerning an upcoming Stick Up Cam release. However, there are some new cameras in the works. The Always Home Cam is an incredible new device that’s part Ring Security Cam and part flying drone.

There’s also the Virtual Security Guard subscription service, Ring Jobsite Security, and Ring Alarm Pro. While Ring hasn’t done much to improve the Stick Up Camera over the years, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t innovating at all.

Although the Ring Stick Up Cam may be taking a backseat for now, it will either be upgraded in the future for a new generation or be replaced by something far better. Either way, there’s a lot in store for Ring fans in the future.

All Things Considered

The Ring Stick Up Cam is very much available, and you can purchase the third generation version on Amazon right now. It may not be the best smart home security camera in a hyper-competitive market, but to this point, Amazon has no plans to discontinue it or any of its variations.