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201 Best Google Home Commands

Last Updated May 29, 2019
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Whether you’re just considering purchasing a Google Home smart speaker or have had one for some time, you may be wondering, “what exactly do these things do?” Well, wonder no more. Here is the nearly comprehensive guide of commands you can give to Google Assistant.

What commands can I give my Google Assistant? All kinds of things. You can ask about the weather, set alarms, or play music—and that’s just a start. All commands are preceded by the wake phrase “Ok Google” or “Hey Google.” Google Assistant commands are available on both Google Home devices and most Android smartphones.

 We’ve assembled a list of 201 Google Commands that run the gambit of Google’s functionality. While we certainly haven’t captured every command and feature. This list should help you more fully take advantage of the amazing abilities of Google Assistant.


Nothing fancy here. These are some of the commands most commonly used on Google Assistant. We’ll get into more variations on some of these commands in following sections. But, if you’re new to Google Assistant this is a good place to start.

  • “Ok Google, what do you do?”
  • “Ok Google, how’s the weather?”
  • “Ok Google, play music.”
  • “Ok Google, increase volume.”
  • “Ok Google, set volume to 50%”
  • “Ok Google, stop.”
  • “Ok Google, be quiet.”


Being unprepared for the weather can really spoil your day. Plan ahead with these weather commands.

  • “Ok Google, what’s the weather going to be like tomorrow?”
  • “Ok Google, is it going to rain today?”
  • “Ok Google, is it snowing?
  • “Ok Google, ask Dress Right for outfit ideas.”
  • “Ok Google, what’s the weather like in Orlando?”

Timers, Alarms, and Reminders

Stay on top things with these helpful reminder-oriented commands. Get up on time, cook your pasta to al dente perfection, and never forget where you hid your passport.

  •  “Ok Google, set a 5-minute timer.”
  • “Ok Google, set a 12-minute pasta timer.”
  • “Ok Google, how long is left on my timer?”
  • “Ok Google, set my alarm for 7:00 a.m.”
  • “Ok Google, what time is my alarm set for?
  • “Ok Google, snooze alarm.”
  • “Ok Google, cancel my alarm for tomorrow.”
  • “Ok Google, wake me up with Prince music at 8:00 a.m.”
  • “Ok Google, wake me up at 6:00 a.m. with relaxing sounds.”
  • “Ok Google, what time is it?”
  • “Ok Google, how many days until Christmas?”
  • “Ok Google, how long until my birthday?”
  • “Ok Google, remind me to call Dave tomorrow at 5:15 p.m.”
  • “Ok Google, remind me to take my pills at 9:00 p.m. every day.”
  • “Ok Google, remind me to feed the dog when I get home.”
  • “Ok Google, remind me to buy bread the next time I’m at the grocery store.”
  • “Ok Google, cancel my reminders.”
  • “Ok Google, remember that the combination to my luggage is 12345.”
  • “Ok Google, remember that I parked on 45th street.”
  • “Ok Google, remember that I hid my passport under the loose floorboard.”
  • “Ok Google, where did I hide my passport?”


Whether you’re pumping up your smart speakers at home or jamming on your way to work, these music and audio commands will help you listen smoothly.

  • “Ok Google, play [artist].”
  • “Ok Google, play [song].”
  • “Ok Google, play [genre].”
  • “Ok Google, play [mood] music.”
  • “Ok Google, play 101.3.”
  • “Ok Google, play music for an hour”
  • “Ok Google, play music until midnight.”
  • “Ok Google, next song.”
  • “Ok Google, pause.”
  • “Ok Google, restart song.”
  • “Ok Google, who’s playing?”
  • “Ok Google, play a podcast.”
  • “Ok Google, play How Stuff Works.”
  • “Ok Google, play my audiobook.”
  • “Ok Google, play the news.”
  • “Ok Google, play relaxing sounds.”
  • “Ok Google, play forest sounds.”
  • “Ok Google, beatbox for me.”
  • “Ok Google, sing me a song.”
  • “Ok Google, sing Happy Birthday.”
  • “Ok Google, sing a lullaby.”
  • “Ok Google, tune my instrument.”
  • “Ok Google, play an A flat.”


Getting around town or taking a trip, these travel commands will help you find what you’re looking for and get there on time.

  • “Ok Google, how do I get to the library?”
  • “Ok Google, how long will it take me to drive to work?”
  • “Ok Google, how are road conditions on my commute?”
  • “Ok Google, what’s traffic like?”
  • “Ok Google, where is the closest gym?”
  • “Ok Google, order an Uber.”
  • “Ok Google, what’s the status of Southwest flight number 202?”
  • “Ok Google, when does Delta flight 782 arrive?”
  • “Ok Google, find me flights with American Airlines.”
  • “Ok Google, how much is a flight to San Francisco?”
  • “Ok Google, find a hotel in Chicago.”
  • “Ok Google, what’s there to do in New York City?”
  • “Ok Google, what’s the best restaurant in London?”
  • “Ok Google, what country is the Eiffel Tower in?”
  • “Ok Google, where am I?”


These commands are all about getting through the day. From list making to math help, Google Assistant makes it easier to deal with the simple stuff.

  • “Ok Google, create a grocery list.”
  • “Ok Google, put ground beef, pasta sauce, and noodles on my grocery list.”
  • “Ok Google, what are my notifications?”
  • “Ok Google, find my phone.”
  • “Ok Google, flip a coin.”
  • “Ok Google, roll a die.”
  • “Ok Google, roll two dice.”
  • “Ok Google, roll a twenty-sided die.”
  • “Ok Google, pick a number between 50 and 100.”
  • “Ok Google, what’s 236 times 15?”
  • “Ok Google, count to 30.”
  • “Ok Google, convert 30 dollars to yen.”
  • “Ok Google, how is Target stock doing?”
  • “Ok Google, tell me something interesting.”
  • “Ok Google, tell me something good.”
  • “Ok Google, give me a quote.”
  • “Ok Google, spell ‘antidisestablishmentarianism.’”
  • “Ok Google, how do you pronounce ‘Worcestershire?’”
  • “Ok Google, what movies come out on Friday?”


While sometimes it may feel strange talking to a robot voice, sometimes Google Assistant can help you get in touch with real people. Connect with your mom or your local pizza guy.

  • “Ok Google, call Mom.”
  • “Ok Google, order me a pizza.”
  • “Ok Google, order Starbucks.”
  • “Ok Google, call a plumber.”
  • “Ok Google, how do you say ‘hello’ in Chinese?”
  • “Ok Google, interpret French for me.”
  • “Ok Google, broadcast ‘It’s dinner time!’”
  • “Ok Google, broadcast ‘[a custom message]’”
  • “Ok Google, define ‘reticent.’”


If you’re using Google Calendar, Google Assistant seamlessly integrates with your schedule. These commands will make you feel like you’ve got your very own secretary.

  • “Ok Google, what’s my schedule today?”
  • “Ok Google, what’s my schedule on the 28th?”
  • “Ok Google, tell me about my day.”
  • “Ok Google, schedule me a doctor’s appointment.”
  • “Ok Google, put an event on my calendar.”
  • “Ok Google, where is my first meeting today?”
  • “Ok Google, when is my next event?”


Keep up on the latest in major sports with these commands. Follow your favorite team or just find out who’s ahead.

  • “Ok Google, how are the Yankees doing?”
  • “Ok Google, what was the score of the Seahawks last game?”
  • “Ok Google, who’s winning in the NBA playoffs?”
  • “Ok Google, did the Saints win?”


Google Assistant can be a real hand in the kitchen. Get recipes, unit conversions, and health tips.

  • “Ok Google, find a lasagna recipe.”
  • “Ok Google, what are the ingredients for a flan?”
  • “Ok Google, what should I make for dinner tonight?”
  • “Ok Google, how many tablespoons are in a cup?”
  • “Ok Google, how many calories are in a slice of pepperoni pizza?”
  • “Ok Google, what is the nutritional value of a kiwi fruit?”
  • “Ok Google, what wine pairs well with grilled salmon?”
  • “Ok Google, where can I get some tacos nearby?”


Sometimes you’re just looking for a little fun. Here are a handful of the games you can play using Google Assistant. Some of these require multiple players, but most you can play yourself.

  • “Ok Google, ask me a trivia question.”
  • “Ok Google, play animal trivia.”
  • “Ok Google, play movie trivia.”
  • “Ok Google, play SongPop.”
  • “Ok Google, play Lucky Trivia.”
  • “Ok Google, tell me a riddle.”
  • “Ok Google, what’s my inner animal?
  • “Ok Google, play Strangest Day Ever.”
  • “Ok Google, play Mystery Sound.”
  • “Ok Google, play 6 Swords.”
  • “Ok Google, play Mad Libs.”
  •  “Ok Google, look into your crystal ball.”
  • “Ok Google, tell me a story.”


Let Google do the heavy lifting for you and simply order online by voice. The shopping commands work particularly well for household staples like cereal or laundry detergent, essentially anything that’s easy to buy without looking at it. Unless you’ve got a Google Home Hub, and then you can really go on a Google-assisted shopping spree!

  • “Ok Google, what can I buy?”
  • “Ok Google, buy Oreos.”
  • “Ok Google, buy toilet paper from Wal-Mart.”
  • “Ok Google, buy dog food from Target.”
  • “Ok Google, buy chocolate chips from Costco.”
  • “Ok Google, reorder deodorant.”
  • “Ok Google, where’s my package?”


Leave the remote between the couch cushions! By adding a Chromecast, or some other cast-enabled TV, you allow Google Assistant to control your TV. Stream your favorite shows, adjust the volume, and switch it off when you’re done.

  • “Ok Google, play The Office on Netflix.”
  • “Ok Google, play Pewdie Pie on Youtube.”
  • “Ok Google, play cat videos.”
  • “Ok Google, cast pictures of my trip to Greece to the TV.”
  • “Ok Google, pause.”
  • “Ok Google, play.”
  • “Ok Google, next episode.”
  • “Ok Google, rewind two minutes.”
  • “Ok Google, increase the volume of my TV.”
  • “Ok Google, set TV volume to 30%.”
  • “Ok Google, turn on subtitles.”
  • “Ok Google, turn on dubbing.”
  • “Ok Google, change language to German.”
  • “Ok Google, turn off TV.”

Smart Home

These commands all require some form of extra hardware—smart lightbulbs, thermostats, video monitors, etc.—but once you’ve got the required equipment you can control nearly any aspect of your home by vocal command. Here are some of the most popular.

  • “Ok Google, Turn on kitchen lights.”
  • “Ok Google, Brighten living room lights.”
  • “Ok Google, Dim family room lights.”
  • “Ok Google, set bedroom lights to 70%.”
  • “Ok Google, turn basement lights blue.”
  • “Ok Google, turn off all lights.”
  • “Ok Google, make it warmer.”
  • “Ok Google, decrease temperature by 3 degrees.”
  • “Ok Google, set temperature to 70 degrees.”
  • “Ok Google, what’s on back porch camera.”
  • “Ok Google, show front door camera on basement TV.”
  • “Ok Google, turn on the vacuum.”
  • “Ok Google, start the coffee maker.”
  • “Ok Google, sync a new device.”

Easter Eggs and Extras

From witty responses to pop culture references, Google Assistant has some fun Easter Eggs. Here are some of our favorites.

  • “Ok Google, do you have any Easter eggs?”
  • “Ok Google, self-destruct.”
  • “Ok Google, why is six afraid of seven?”
  • “Ok Google, ask me a question.”
  • “Ok Google, quack like a duck.”
  • “Ok Google, what sound does a cat make?”
  • “Ok Google, did you fart?”
  • “Ok Google, do the dishes.”
  • “Ok Google, do I look fat?”
  • “Ok Google, I like talking to you.”
  • “Ok Google, let’s get this party started.”
  • “Ok Google, say the alphabet backwards.”
  • “Ok Google, what am I thinking right now?”
  • “Ok Google, you’re the best.”
  • “Ok Google, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?”
  • “Ok Google, who shot first?”
  • “Ok Google, use the force.”
  • “Ok Google, may the force be with you.”
  • “Ok Google, what is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?
  • “Ok Google, who you gonna call?”
  • “Ok Google, elementary my dear Watson.”
  • “Ok Google, run Forest, run.”
  • “Ok Google, who is the fairest one of all?”
  • “Ok Google, what’s the first rule of fight club?”
  • “Ok Google, open the pod bay doors.”
  • “Ok Google, surely, you can’t be serious.”
  • “Ok Google, who’s on first?”
  • “Ok Google, tea, earl gray, hot.”
  • “Ok Google, tell me a poem.”
  • “Ok Google, can you rap?”
  • “Ok Google, up up down down left right left right B A start.”
  • “Ok Google, where’s Waldo?”
  • “Ok Google, what’s the answer to life, the universe, and everything?”
  • “Ok Google, talk to Farmer’s Almanac.”
  • “Ok Google, what happened on this day in history?”

Ultimately this list is just a framework for what Google Assistant can do. Feel free to experiment yourself. Ask Google whatever you can think it might be able to help you with. The worst that can happen is that you’ll hear, “I’m sorry, I don’t understand.” For more ideas on how to get the most out of your Google Home, visit our Ultimate Google Home Guide.

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