Will A Samsung Soundbar Work With A Sony TV?

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You may have realized over the years that different technology brands do different things better. Therefore, you do not want to be tied to all Sony products just because you have a Sony TV. Sony’s official response is that other brands are not as compatible with their devices as their own products are. However, there are quite a few exceptions to this rule. Whether you already have a Samsung Soundbar, or you are impressed with the reviews and want to purchase one, you need to know if it will connect to your Sony TV.

You are in luck, because a Samsung Soundbar does work with Sony televisions. It is important to note that some users have had trouble connecting the two, but technically they have the capacity to pair. Samsung Soundbar and Sony TV

Now, you may be curious as to what problems could occur when attempting to connect your Samsung Soundbar to your Sony TV, as well as how to fix them. Is it worth the trouble, or should you simply purchase a Sony Soundbar? We are going to answer your questions, as well as analyze the pros and cons of having a Samsung or Sony Soundbar for your Sony TV. 

How Do I Connect My Samsung Soundbar to My Sony TV?

If you’ve decided to purchase, or already have a Samsung Soundbar and want to connect it to your Sony TV, here’s what the experts recommend:

  • Select a connection method.
    • HDMI (ARC)
    • HDMI & Optical Cable
    • Only Optical Cable
    •  Analog Cables (White and Red)
  • Select the proper audio output setting. 

Easy enough right? We hope that is all you need to know, but unfortunately, because they are two different brands, you might run into a few hiccups while trying to connect or after they are paired. If that’s the case, keep reading because we will explain how to troubleshoot the issue.

Should I Get a Samsung or Sony Soundbar for my Sony TV?

First, let’s talk about what exactly a soundbar is. These amazing devices are taking over the market of at-home entertainment. Instead of installing an oversized speaker system placed precariously all around the room to enjoy a surround sound experience, now all you need is one little bar. 

Most big-name brands are offering their own version of this system, and for the most part, they all offer the same features: theater-level audio with an easy connection that takes up only a little space. As with any product, there are some that have proven to be more user-friendly, as well as better quality.

The general consensus from users is that Samsung produces a better soundbar than Sony in basically every way. If you would like to read a side-by-side comparison of the two, check out this detailed article that breaks down why Samsung takes the cake. 

I Connected My Samsung Soundbar to My Sony TV, But There’s No Sound

So if you have followed the steps above but are not receiving sound through your Samsung Soundbar, there are a few ways to fix it. 

  • Try using your Soundbar remote instead of the one for your television. It could really be that easy!
  • You may need to turn off your television’s internal speakers, you can do so on the AUDIO menu on your TV.
  • Try another connection option, there’s a chance your TV isn’t receiving the signal properly so opting for the HDMI over the other alternatives might do the trick.
  • Make sure your output selection is the same as your input cord, there are several different HDMI ports in some TVs and they all have different numbers. 

Some of these options may seem fairly obvious but don’t worry, you are not alone in your struggles and there are quite a few other users who have had similar problems. Check out this forum to read how other consumers fixed their Samsung Soundbar and Sony TV connections. 


As we have learned, a Samsung Soundbar will probably connect to your Sony TV. There may be a few issues, but they are compatible. 

Our conclusion is that the Samsung Soundbar will provide better sound, but the Sony Soundbar promises a foolproof connection. So if you have not yet purchased your soundbar, hopefully,  you now understand all the benefits and deficiencies of choosing Samsung or Sony to connect to your Sony TV and can make an informed decision. 

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