Why Is the Light Flashing Or Blinking On My TCL TV

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Smart electronic devices have a way of communicating with users, and when it comes to televisions, status light is one of the ways. Your TCL TV has one of these on the front panel, and it may flash, or blink in different ways according to the condition of your TCL TV. So why is the light flashing or blinking on your TCL TV?

Your Light may be flashing or blinking on your TCL TV for a couple of reasons. It may be because your TV is starting up from the off state, your smart TV is getting an update, or your TCL smart TV is stuck in standby mode. Either way, you have to troubleshoot and know the real reason why.

The Status Light on your TCL TV can easily be turned off from the settings, and if your TV is stuck in that mode, you can easily solve it with a factory reset. In this article, we are going to show you how you can turn off your flashing light on your TCL TV, why your TCL TV is turning black, and if it’s possible to have a reset button on your TCL so you can put the television on factory reset mode.

How Do I Turn Off the Flashing Light On My TCL TV?

Switching off the flashing or blinking light on your TCL TV is easy, and it just requires a few steps. Most of the time, this light can be annoying hence making it difficult to focus on your TV shows. So how do you turn this off?

To turn off your TCL light to avoid a flashing or blinking light, do this:

  1. Press the “Home” icon on your remote to open the Home page or the Home Screen on your TV
  2. Scroll to “Settings”
  3. Press select
  4. Navigate the right arrow button, and Select “System”
  5. Use the right arrow button, and select “Power”
  6. Press the right arrow button and select “Standby LED”
  7. Use the right arrow button to select “OFF”
  8. Select “System”

If your status light is flashing or blinking, and the screen of your TCL smart TV is frozen, you might not be able to turn off these status lights. You may need to reset your TCL smart TV. We are going to teach you how to do this, keep reading.

Why Is My TCL TV Blinking Black?

If you specifically own a Roku TCL TV, you may have come across the problem of your TV screen going completely black, or it may start flickering in the process. This is a common issue most Roku TCL TV users may encounter whether it is a Roku-powered TV from TCL to Hisense, RCA, Sharp, etc. So, what causes these?

Your Roku TCL TV screen may be flickering or blinking black due to laggy connections from your home internet, a damaged wire, a software error, and the need to power cycle as well as reset the Smart TV. This may also be a result of your hardware components developing faults.

Your flickering Roku TV from TCL can be restored by just simply checking your router for bad internet connections, fixing damaged wires, and power cycle your TV. If your TV needs an update, you first need to update it before carrying out these steps. If you have tried these, and it doesn’t solve it, a hard reset would get everything back together.

Is There a Reset Button On a TCL TV?

If your Status light is constantly blinking, your TV screen is stuck in one frame or your screen is flickering black, you can go ahead to reset your smart TV. If your TV is stuck, and your remote is not functioning as usual on it, is there a reset button you can use on your TCL TV?

Fortunately, most if not all Roku Powered TCL TVs have a reset button hidden at the back of the TV. To locate the reset button, you have to find the connection panel located behind your TV (where you would see your USB ports, HDMI, etc), you would see a tiny hole with the words “reset” written under the hole.

That’s the button. To simply reset your TCL TV, grab a toothpick, pen, or a straightened office pin, and press the button inside the hole. Hold it till your TV screen goes blank and comes back on. It’s that easy to reset your TCL TV.


If your TCL TV status light is uncontrollably blinking, it may mean that your TV is trying to communicate with you. If this is annoying, you can easily switch the status light off in the TV settings. If your TV screen is frozen, and the light is blinking, your TV may need a hard reset. 

If this comes as a result of defects on your hardware, you can return the TV to an authorized TCL office to either repair it or change it using your warranty.

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