Can You Airplay To A TCL TV?


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Airplay, which is used by Apple products, allows a user to display the contents of their Apple device onto another screen. Over the past years, Apple has been allowing hardware companies to obtain this software for you to Airplay to other devices out of the Apple ecosystem. TCL has Roku support on their Smart TVs which includes Airplay. 

Yes, you can airplay to your TCL TV. TCL 4K TVs that have Roku support dating back to 2017 have Airplay compatibility as an option for your TV. TCL TVs that support Airplay will have to have Roku OS 9.4 or above for this feature to work. More information is given below for checking compatibility. 

New TVs come out on the market every year, to ensure compatibility there are a few steps that you will need to follow to ensure you are getting the most out of your TCL TV. This guide can help you make sure you have the correct model and settings to get Airplay to work on your TV. 

TCL TV Models Compatible With Airplay

Roku has the ability to Airplay from your Apple device to your TV. TCL has incorporated Roku into their TVs which includes Airplay support. Certain models have these abilities and are listed below. 

TCL TVs can also screen mirror non-apple devices as well.

TCL Roku TV 3-Series Models

Not all TCL Roku 3-Series TVs are compatible with Airplay.  Here are the 3-Series TVs that are compatible. 

32S32132S323   32S325  32S32740S321
40S325  49S32528S305 32S305 40S305 
43S305 49S305

All 3-Series TVs listed above will need Roku OS 10.0 or higher to have Airplay compatibility. 

TCL Roku TV 4-Series Models

Not all TCL Roku 4-Series TVs are compatible with Airplay.  Here are the 4-Series TVs that are compatible. 

43S43143S43343S435 50S43150S43350S43555S43155S433 
55S435 65S431 65S43365S43575S43175S43585S43555S20
55S42565S42165S42365S42575S42175S423 75S42543S403

TCL Roku TV 5-Series

Not all TCL Roku 5-Series TVs are compatible with Airplay.  Here are the 5-Series TVs that are compatible. 


TCL Roku 6-Series TVs

Not all TCL Roku 6-Series TVs are compatible with Airplay.  Here are the 6-Series TVs that are compatible. 


TCL Roku 8-Series Models


How To Set Up Airplay on Your TCL TV

TCL TVs that have Roku built-in like the models above have the ability to Airplay from your mobile device. To set this up one of the first things to verify is the software version on your TV. The required software for your TCL is Roku OS 9.4 or above. 

Connect to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connection is required to use the Airplay feature. Here are the steps to ensure your TCL TV is connected to your internet. 

  • Press the Home button on your remote, click the Settings option.
  • Select the Network option.
  • Select Wireless.
  • The TV will scan for networks. Choose your network and click Connect.

TCL TVs that support Roku have an ethernet cable connection. If you wish to not use wireless internet you can easily plug in the ethernet cable to the back of the TV.

Update Software

  • Press the Home button on your remote, click the Settings option.
  • Find System.
  • Select System Update from the menu.
  • Check for Updates
  • Press Update Now if the TV needs an update.

How to Airplay to TCL TV

Now that your TV is set up to receive an Airplay connection, next you will want to use your iOS device to connect with your TV. Here are a variety of ways that you can Airplay from an iOS device. 

iPhone or iPad

Airplay is already included with your Apple device such as your iPad or iPhone. Here are the steps to use on your mobile device to enable Airplay with the TCL TV.

  • Photos
    • Open up the Photos app.
    • Click on the photo that you want to Airplay.
    • Tap on the Share button.
    • Select Airplay from the menu.
    • Tap on the TCL Roku TV from that menu.
  • Videos
    • Find the video you would like to share on your mobile device.
    • Select the Airplay icon on the screen. 
    • Select the TCL Roku TV from the menu.
  • Music
    • Open up your music app
    • Select the Airplay audio icon from the music screen. 
    • Select the TCL Roku TV from the menu.


If using a Mac you can have the ability to use your TCL TV as a secondary monitor for your computer. Here are the steps to use your TV as a secondary display. 

  • Secondary Display 
    • On the Mac go to System Preferences
    • Click on Displays from the menu screen. 
    • Click on the Airplay Display tab and choose TCL Roku TV from the menu. 
    • Enter in the code that appears on the TCL TV.
    • Enter the code on the Mac screen. 


Airplay is compatible with TCL TVs with Roku technology. Make sure to have the necessary requirements for your phone and your TV to properly mirror your iOS device display to your TV. 

Airplay with TCL TVs also gives you the ability to use your TV as a secondary display if needed. Check for software updates and your TV model with the list above to ensure Airplay will work with your products.

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