Why is My LG Not Finding Channels? (5 Solutions)

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If you have basic cable, you might run into a situation where your LG TV can’t find any channels. Don’t worry; this issue is easy to resolve and will only take a few minutes. There are several reasons why your LG TV might not be finding channels, and as soon as you discover the reason, you can work to resolve the problem.

Your LG TV is not finding channels because there’s something wrong with your cable connection or something wrong with your LG TV.

Please continue reading to learn everything you need about why your LG TV isn’t finding channels and how you can resolve it. Then, we will discuss five different methods through this guide to help you fix your LG TV and get back to your shows.

Check the TV Antenna

If your TV antenna gets knocked out of place from wind or rain, you might lose the ability to find channels.

Fixing your TV antenna could be a two-person job because you might need to adjust the antenna while someone inside watching the TV lets you know if the problem is resolved.

If your antenna is damaged, you’ll need to contact your cable company to repair or replace the antenna.

Check Signal Strength

Sometimes, your signal might dwindle even if your TV antenna is correctly in place.

For example, your cable company could be working on your signal connection, or you could be experiencing weather changes that affect your signal strength.

You can test your signal strength by unplugging your cable box and plugging it back in. Or, if you have internet through the same provider that gives you cable, you can check your Internet connection and see if there is an issue.

Chanel Tune Your LG TV

Another reason you might not find channels on your LG TV because you need to tune your channels. If your channels are out of tune, they will not correspond with your LG remotes, making watching TV difficult for you.

Follow these steps to Channel 2 near LG TV.

  1. Push the smart button on your LG TV controller and select either manual tuning or auto-tuning
  2. If you select auto-tuning, follow and agree with all the prompts on your LG TV. However, if you select manual tuning, continue with these steps.
  3. When prompted, select your TV tuner and scroll through your channel lineup using the left and right buttons.
  4. Select channels that you want to add and click the option to add channels when it arises on your screen.
  5. After you select everything from your channel lineup, you can use your keypad to enter any channels you can’t find.
  6. Exit the screen after you’ve added all your channels.

After you channel and tune your LG TV, you should have no problem finding the channels you want.

You can use automatic tuning if you don’t have preferences for your channel lineup or manual tuning if you want more control over your selection.

Check Your Input Channels

Another reason you might be having trouble finding channels on your LG TV is that your input channels are plugged in the right.

For example, if you’re looking for channels on your TV but all it says is no signal, then something is not plugged in all the way, making it impossible for you to watch anything.

 This situation can happen whether you’re streaming or watching basic cable. Look at the back of your TV to ensure everything is connected properly, and wiggle the plugs to see if they’re loose.

One of the most common issues people face whenever they have issues with their LG TV is cables coming loose out of the input channels.

Reset Your LG TV

If all else fails, you can try resetting your LG TV just in case something is wrong inside the machine. If there’s nothing wrong with your cable/internet and nothing wrong with your input, then you probably need a quick reset to repair your ability to find channels.

Follow these steps to reset your LG TV.

  1. Open your LG TV settings
  2. Find your general options
  3. Select reset to initial settings
  4. When prompted, confirm that you want to reset your LG TV
  5. Wait a few minutes for the reset process to finish

After you reset your LG TV, you should check to see if you can find your channels. If you can’t find your channels, you should contact your cable provider to see if there’s something wrong with your service.

If your cable provider confirms there’s nothing wrong with your service, you need to contact LG support.

Final Thoughts

Several things could make it so you can’t find channels on your LG TV. Those causes could include TV technical issues, problems with your cable provider, or loosened input methods.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can resolve this issue, and if none of them work, you should contact your cable company or LG support for further assistance. Most of the resolutions on our list will only take a few minutes.

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