Why Does The Ring Spotlight Cam Have Two Batteries?

Two batteries on table.Two batteries on table.

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f you recently purchased the wireless version of the Ring Spotlight Cam, you’ve probably noticed that it has a second slot for an additional battery pack. You may be wondering why this feature was included and what the benefits would be should you decide to purchase a second battery for your new camera. So we did the digging for you on the Ring Spotlight Cam’s second battery slot feature to provide you with the answers you’re looking for!

The Spotlight Cam’s two battery pack slot feature grants the user the option of swapping out one fully charged battery pack for the pack that requires charging without loss of power to the Spotlight Cam. When the battery pack that requires charging is removed the cam will automatically switch to the fully charged battery pack with no loss of power. 

Of course, this is only one of the ways the Ring Spotlight Cam and its two slot battery pack option can be a real asset to your home security system. We went on a research safari and we found more ways this two battery pack option can be used to improve the safety and convenience of your smart home. Read on for more reasons why Ring included this feature on their wireless Spotlight Cam and ways you can customize your cam to your home’s unique security needs!  

Replace The Battery, Not The Camera

The Spotlight Cam battery packs switch out seamlessly and having the option of two battery packs in one device extends the life of your camera. If one battery pack or even both fail to work there is no need to replace the entire device. You can simply replace the battery packs at a fraction of the price you would pay for an entirely new cam, saving you both time and money. 

The Ring Spotlight Cam’s wireless model is equipped with a second slot for the addition of a second battery pack. This feature gives you the option to extend the battery life of the device to an average of 12 months use between charges. The Spotlight Cam is designed to use one battery pack at a time, switching automatically to the fully charged pack when the one in use is out of power. 

The Battery Packs Can Be Used With Multiple Ring Products

The battery pack used in the Ring Spotlight Cam can also be used with many other Ring devices. This gives you the freedom to always have a charged battery pack ready when you need it, and the two slot option in your Spotlight Cam is a handy way to store extra battery packs without dedicating a place in your home for multiple backup batteries. We’ve provided a list below of the Ring devices that use the same battery pack as the Spotlight Cam!

  • Ring Spotlight Cam Solar
  • Ring Solar Spotlight 
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3
  • Ring Video Doorbell 4
  • Ring Video Doorbell Plus 3
  • Ring Video Doorbell Plus 4
  • Ring Stick Up Cam Solar (All Gens)
  • Ring Stick Up Cam Battery (All Gens)
  • Ring Peephole Cam
  • Ring Solar Floodlight  

No Complicated Wiring Required 

The added option of a second battery pack slot improves the reliability of your Spotlight Cam by extending the length of time between recharging the battery. This gives you all the reliability of a wired camera without the hassle of a lengthy installation, while also ensuring the full functionality of your cam even if you lose power. This ensures that your cam will continue to monitor your home when you need it most without relying on outside power sources. 

Battery Power Is A Safer Option 

The Ring Spotlight Cam is fully wireless, and two battery packs provide all the power you need to use this cam anywhere you need extra security. In addition to being convenient, wireless devices that use battery power reduce the risk of electrocution in areas where water damage can occur. The Spotlight Cam is safe for both indoor and outdoor use and the two battery pack option lowers these risks.  

Ring Spotlight Cam Solar Option

 The Ring Spotlight Cam’s second battery pack slot has the added feature of a solar panel option for outdoor use. This solar panel addition comes with the purchase of the Ring Spotlight Cam Solar model, giving you the option to add environmentally conscious smart home tech to your security system without sacrificing the reliable power source of a rechargeable battery pack. 

Wrapping It Up

The Ring Spotlight Cam includes a two battery pack option that has multiple uses and benefits that can improve the functionality and reliability of your home’s smart security system. We hope this article has answered all your questions about this unique design feature while providing you with some innovative suggestions to get the most out of your new wireless camera’s two battery pack capability!

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