Why Does My Sony TV Keep Turning Off?

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You’ve been waiting all week to catch up on your favorite TV shows. When the time finally comes, your Sony TV just turns off itself. It’s not only frustrating but also a cause for concern. 

Several reasons your Sony smart TV might turn off on its own are:

  • Remote control issues
  • TV settings 
  • Power-related problems
  • Outdated software
  • Issues with your connected devices
  • Faulty hardware

You don’t need to be an electronics expert to troubleshoot your Sony TV. Here’s what you need to know to fix this annoying problem.

Why Does My Sony TV Turn Off By Itself?

Several factors can be responsible for your Sony TV turning off by itself. These include:

  • Issues with your remote control
  • Power-saving settings on your TV
  • CEC settings
  • The sleep timer
  • Outdated software
  • Connectivity issues
  • Power-related problems
  • Faulty connected devices
  • Damaged hardware

Here’s a closer look at each of these situations.

Issues With Your Remote Control

An issue with your Sony TV remote control is one of the most common scenarios, especially with little ones at home. 

If you are suffering from a Sony TV turning off by itself all the time, your remote should be the first thing to check.

A problem with your remote could cause your Sony TV to turn off unexpectedly. 

Another thing to consider is that your TV’s infrared (IR) sensor is obstructed or malfunctioning. Make sure there is a clear line of sight between the remote and the IR sensor.

Solution: Check Your TV’s Remote Control

A stuck power button on your remote control is a likely culprit for a Sony TV turning off by itself. 

If you have children in the house, sticky little fingers can leave residue on the buttons. Wipe them clean with rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth.

Another common mishap is if your remote gets accidentally sat on. You can unstick buttons by pressing them several times. Damaged or missing buttons probably mean it’s time for a new remote.

Dying batteries in your remote can also cause your TV to turn off. Here are a few battery-related tips:

  • Replace the batteries if the buttons (including the power button) do not respond when pressed
  • When replacing batteries, completely discharge any power from the remote by pressing each button twice
  • Do not use rechargeable batteries in a Sony TV remote

Power-Saving Settings

Another possible cause of your Sony TV turning off by itself unexpectedly is the TV’s power-saving settings. These are designed to conserve energy whenever possible. 

If they are not set properly, or you forget they are active, your TV could keep turning off when it’s not supposed to. Popular Eco settings include:

  • Auto shut-off – the TV automatically shuts off when no input signal is detected within a specified time window.
  • Idle TV standby – if the TV does not detect any activity (for example, pressing any button on the remote) for a certain amount of time, it will shut itself off.
  • Presence sensor – if the TV senses no movement for a programmed amount of time, it will turn off the display and eventually put itself into standby mode.

Solution: Check Your TV’s Eco Settings

If your Sony TV is turning off at inopportune moments, check your TV’s eco settings. 

You may need to disable one or more of these features to prevent your TV from turning off by itself. The steps will depend on the operating system and model of your Sony TV.

For Google TV models:

  1. Go to Settings on your TV
  2. Select “System” > “Power & Energy
  3. Depending on your TV model, look for “Idle TV Power,” “Idle TV Standby,” or “Energy Saver,” and turn the feature Off
  4. If your Sony Google TV has “Auto Shut-Off,” you will find it in the “Power & Energy” submenu. Turn this feature Off as well.

For Sony Android TV models:

  1. Go to Settings on your TV. The following options may vary depending on your particular model. 
  2. Select “Bravia Preferences,” “Device Preferences,” or “Power Settings
  3. If you see an “Eco” option, select it.
  4. To disable auto standby, select “Idle TV Standby” and turn it Off.
  5. To disable auto shut-off, go to either the Power or Eco submenu and turn Off the “Auto Shut-Off” function.

On all other Sony TVs:

  1. Go to “Settings
  2. Choose “Preferences” followed by “Eco
  3. On the following screen, you will find Idle TV Standby, Auto Shut-Off, and Presence Sensor settings. Turn these functions Off.

Sony TV CEC Settings

Many smart TVs are enabled with Consumer Electronics Control (CEC). This HDMI function links external devices, such as soundbars or streaming sticks. It enables them to turn on the TV and power it down. On a Sony TV, this feature is known as BRAVIA Sync™.

BRAVIA Sync™ automatically turns the TV on and off with connected devices, which can reduce your energy consumption. If your TV keeps turning off by itself, check if it has this function.

Solution: Check Your TV’s CEC Settings

The types of external devices that work with BRAVIA Sync™ CEC settings include:

  • Soundbars
  • DVD and media players
  • Gaming consoles

To disable the CEC setting on your Sony Bravia TV, follow the same procedures as turning off the Idle TV Standby and Auto Shut-Off functions. 

Sony TV Sleep Timer

The sleep timer is another feature that can make it seem like your Sony TV is turning off by itself. 

This is a built-in timer that turns the TV off automatically. With this setting turned on, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the TV off and wasting energy.

The sleep timer setting is programmable for various lengths of time. 

This is fine if you like to fall asleep watching TV. But, if you forget this feature has been activated, your TV will turn off by itself.

Solution: Check Your TV’s Sleep Timer

Follow these steps to turn off your TV’s internal sleep timer:

  1. Press the Home or Menu button on the remote control.
  2. Select “Settings” > “System” > “Power and energy” > “Energy Saver
  3. Choose Turn TV off after and check the time the timer is currently set for (timer options range from 15 minutes to 24 hours).
  4. Highlight Off to disable the sleep timer.

A faster way to get to the Sleep Timer function is by pressing the Quick Settings button on your remote. Navigate to the Sleep Timer tile and adjust the setting from there.

Outdated Software

Outdated software could be the reason your Sony TV keeps turning off itself.

Software updates enable smart devices to keep up with technological advances while resolving glitches and fixing bugs. 

Smart TVs can update automatically when they are connected to Wi-Fi, so it is possible that a software update can be missed. 

Solution: Update the Software

For most Google and Android TVs, follow these steps to update the software:

  1. Go to the Settings screen on your TV
  2. Select “System” (or Device Preferences on some models)
  3. Choose “About” > “System Update
  4. On other models, you may need to go to Customer Support, Setup, or Product Support from the Settings screen.
  5. Select “Software Update” followed by Yes or Okay to begin the update. (If you see a “Network” option, tap that first and then “Software Update.”)

Connectivity Issues

Connectivity issues can also cause your TV to turn off by itself. These include your Wi-Fi network and voice-enabled TVs through Google Assistant and Alexa. 

Connectivity problems can cause glitchy behavior like turning off unexpectedly.

Solution: Check Your Wireless Connections

Check your wireless network to make sure that its speed and signal are strong and steady. 

To check if your Wi-Fi network is causing a Sony TV to turn off, shut down your router and see if your TV returns to normal.

If your TV is connected to Alexa or Google Assistant, it may catch stray conversations and do things it’s not supposed to. This includes making your TV turn on or off. Try disabling your voice assistant and seeing if your TV keeps turning off by itself.

Power-Related Issues

If your TV turns off by itself repeatedly, another thing you should check is the power supply. 

Whether it is a problem with the power cord or the electrical connection, a power supply issue can cause your TV to turn off.

Solution: Check Your TV’s Power Supply

Checking your TV’s power supply should include the following:

  • Inspect the power cord for any damage to the insulation and plug. If you see any signs of worn insulation, fraying, or damaged prongs on the plug, replace the power cord.
  • If the cord checks out, verify that the wall outlet is working. Try plugging your TV into a different outlet and see whether it continues to turn off. (If you know how to use a multimeter, verify the voltage in the outlet.)
  • If your TV is plugged into a power strip or surge protector, make sure that the strip’s breaker hasn’t tripped. Replace the surge protector if necessary.

Connected Devices are Faulty

Other devices connected to the TV can cause your Sony TV to turn off. 

Maybe an old DVD player or a cable box that has seen better days. As these electronic devices age, they can sometimes malfunction and cause problems with your TV.

Instead of keeping or replacing old devices, consider upgrading to a TV that has multiple functions built in. For instance, the Bravia X90L 4K LED TV is jam-packed with smart features.

Solution: Check All Connected Devices

If you have multiple external devices connected to your TV (as so many of us do), try the following to identify which piece of equipment is causing the problem:

  1. Disconnect all cables from the back of your TV, leaving only the power cord. This includes HDMI ARC and eARC connections.
  2. Once all devices have been disconnected, reconnect one device at a time.
  3. With each device you reconnect, check to see if your TV turns off by itself.
  4. By doing this, you can determine which device is causing the problem.

Your TV’s Motherboard is Damaged

The motherboard is one of the most important parts of a smart TV. It is responsible for allowing the various electrical components to communicate. If the motherboard is damaged, the system could overheat and turn the TV off itself.

Solution: Replace the Motherboard

Unfortunately, replacing a motherboard can be quite expensive unless your TV is still covered under warranty. To verify warranty coverage or get a service ticket started, visit Sony’s support page for assistance.

Depending on the age and model of your TV, you may be better off purchasing a new one.

Other Options for Fixing a TV That Turns Off By Itself

If your Sony TV keeps turning off by itself and everything seems to check out, you can try a few additional things.

Perform a Factory Reset

It may be necessary to perform a factory reset to resolve your Sony TV turning off by itself. A factory reset is an effective troubleshooting step for many smart device issues, including Sony TVs.

This will restore your TV to its original factory settings. However, any personal settings or information stored on your TV will be erased. 

Follow these steps to perform a factory reset on your Sony Android or Google TV:

  1. Go to Settings > “System” > “About
  2. Select “Reset” > “Factory Data Reset
  3. Choose “Erase Everything” to begin the factory reset.

Depending on the particular version of your Sony Android or Google TV, the steps for performing a factory reset may vary slightly:

  1. Go to “Settings” > “Device Preferences
  2. Tap “About” or “Reset” if you see either of these options.
  3. Follow the prompts to reset your TV back to its factory settings.

On other Sony TVs, such as LCD models, follow these steps:

  1. With the TV on, press and hold the UP ARROW button on your remote.
  2. At the same time, press and hold the POWER button on your TV.
  3. You should see the word RESET displayed on the screen.
  4. Do not release the UP ARROW button on your remote.
  5. Your TV should power cycle back on. If not, press the power button on the TV to turn it on.
  6. If you see the initial setup instructions appear on the TV, the factory reset is successful.

Contact Tech Support

Contact Sony Customer Support for further assistance with your TV. Contact details can be found online on their TV product support page.

Another option is Tech Supportal’s 24/7 support site, a go-to resource for resolving issues with smart devices like Sony TVs.

FAQ: Sony TV Power Problems

Why does my Sony TV screen keep going black?

If your screen goes black, but the TV remains on, this could be the result of:

  • A power-saving mode activating, such as the screen saver
  • Idle standby engaging
  • The presence sensor does not detect any activity in front of the TV. The audio will remain on for 30 minutes.

Why is my Sony TV turning on by itself?

The same issues behind your Sony TV turning off by itself can also cause it to turn on when it’s not supposed to. These factors include:

  • The automatic ON timer has been set
  • Your CEC or BRAVIA Sync™ auto-on features are enabled
  • If you have a Bravia model, the remote start feature is enabled

Do Sony TVs have a warranty?

Sony TVs sold in the U.S. and Canada have a 5-year limited warranty. This covers materials and workmanship.

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