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Why Does My Sony TV Keep Turning Off?

Last Updated Jun 19, 2022
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Imagine this: You’ve been waiting all week to catch up with your favorite TV show and, once you’ve begun watching and you get to the point of the excitement, the TV just turns off by itself. It’s frustrating, but this problem can be from the TV itself or the power supply. So, why does my Sony TV keep turning off?

There can be many reasons why your Sony TV might turn off:

  • Power outages
  • There is an issue with your connected devices
  • The TV’s motherboard is faulty

Keep reading and we’ll learn how to troubleshoot your Sony TV and see what’s causing the problem.

Why Does My Sony TV Turn Off By Itself?

There could be many factors that take part in your Sony TV turning off by itself. Let’s take a look at all of them below.

A Power Outage Occurred

Whenever your TV turns off by itself, it’s time to check the power supply. Check if the cables are connected properly into the walls or if the cords aren’t aging. 

If so, it’s time to shop for new cords. Sometimes, the electric current fed to your house might have an issue that won’t be noticeable with other appliances, but it affects your TV.

Your Connected Devices Are Faulty

Other devices that are connected with the TV can cause the TV to turn off without you prompting it. Maybe an old DVD or cable box. Devices can get old and misfire at a point.

Instead of keeping old devices, upgrade to a better TV that does not need additional devices. You could buy the new Sony X80J Series LED 4K. That way, you won’t spend more on expensive cable providers.

Your TV’s Motherboard Is Damaged

The motherboard is the most important part of the TV; it is where all the TV’s components meet and exchange signals. If the motherboard is damaged, the TV would overheat, causing the components of the TV to stop exchanging signals which lead to turning off by itself.

Unfortunately, replacing a motherboard is very expensive, and difficult to find a perfect match. Instead, you can use the opportunity and get a better TV.

How Do I Fix a TV That Turns On and Off By Itself?

Is your TV still turning on and off by itself? Maybe it’s your remote or someone is doing a prank on you. Luckily, this situation can be fixed without buying a new TV or getting it repaired by a trusted source.

Check Your Power Supply

First, unplug your TV cord and check carefully if there are any damages in the cords or fraying. If there is, then carefully remove and replace them. If everything is fine, then plug the cord firmly into the TV.

The problem also might be the outlet the computer is connected to. Change the position of the cord to a different outlet. Or it could be a surge protector; if you’re using it, connect it to the wall outlet. If it isn’t turning on and off by itself, then replace the surge protector.

Check Your TV’s Remote Control

The power button on your remote control might be stuck, probably by any sticky substance from family or friends or it’s tampered with. 

Before you clean it, remove the batteries to avoid any more damage. Clean the buttons with alcohol and cotton or cloth. Once done cleaning, you can change the battery because old batteries can malfunction, causing the TV to turn on and off repeatedly.

If you have removed the batteries and the TV turns on with the batteries out, then the remote is faulty and needs replacement.

Check the CEC Settings

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) is an HDMI function that allows the command and control of devices. For instance, if you turn on your DVD player or gaming console, the CEC would automatically turn on the TV.

You can disable the CEC on your Sony TV settings. The feature is called BRAVIA Sync™

For more information on how to disable the CEC on BRAVIA Sync™ Click here.

Disconnect WI-FI from the TV

Smart TVs are used for many features like watching programs and playing games. But if your TV is connected with Alexa or Google assistance, then maybe voice commands or normal routines are making your TV turn on or off. 

Talking on your phone or videos on your phone can make the TV listen to the voice and do what it’s not supposed to do. It could also frighten you if you are home alone.

After use of your TV, you can disconnect the Wi-Fi from the TV so it won’t catch any voices. You could always connect it back if it’s being used or you’ve found the main reason it’s turning on and off.

Turn Off Eco Mode

Some TVs have this feature on their TV. It reduces energy and makes the TV go on sleep-saving mode and the CEC or WI-FI connected to it turns the TV on once this happens. You can check if your TV module has this feature and if so disable it to avoid the constant turning on and off.

Check Your Tv’s Internal Timer

Most Smart TVs have an internal timer for times in which a person sets it to turn off when it’s time for bed. It is easy to find it in the Setting option on your remote.

For all models of Sony TVs, follow these steps to turn off your TV’s internal timer:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote control
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Preference
  4. Select Clock/Timer
  5. Select Timer
  6. Turn the timer off

Sony TVs are known to turn on because of the on timer. 

Perform a Factory Reset

If the following steps didn’t work for your TV, you can go to the settings and reset the TV. This method would delete customized features and downloaded apps that we have not already manufactured in the TV, so it’s important to use this if it’s the last resort.

If you cannot find where to reset your TV, check your TV manual directions or click here for more information.

Make Sure Your Devices Are Protected


Protect the devices your family loves and depends on. This would help repair or exchange devices that are faulty or have been lost. You can protect them with a simple plan, with Asurion Home+, a privately owned company that covers insurance for smart devices.

If your TV is being hacked, check out this article.

Call Customer Support

If a factory reset accomplishes nothing, you could call for help from Sony Customer Support. Contact details can be found online on their website. To speak with a person from Sony Customer care, call 1-800-538-7550.

Another best option is opening your wallet and getting a better TV from your nearby Sony store or Best buy store.