How Can I Tell What Model Sony TV I Have?

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During seasonal holidays, several electronic retailers give out discounts to products as holiday sales. Amazon prime day, Christmas holidays, and of course Black Friday give reasonable discounts for big electronics like TV’s. You might be lucky and get a great TV for an amazing price.

You can generally find the model number of your Sony TV by checking the back of it, but in some cases, there are some more steps.

They are budget-friendly TVs with a perfect model and good function to match. Sony TV’s have a model number that contains the series and product of the TV.

Where Do I Find the Model Number on My Sony TV?

The model number of your TV can usually be found at the back of your TV. Here are other places the model number can be located:

  1. The model number can be located in the front, back, side, or bottom of the device. It could also be in the device’s manual.
  2. Model number differs from the brand name. For instance, the Sony Bravia television model number can be VR-34BX4300.
  3. Remote controller has its own model number, but it is different from the TV’s model number.
  4. Next to the model number is the S/N. It might be confusing to not use the number that has “S/N”.
  5. The model number can be referred to as “Model No” or “M/N”.

If you can’t find the model number of your TV at the back, you can find it on your menu in the device. Keep reading to learn more information.

How to Find the Model Number on the TV Menu

Most smart TVs allow you to view the device model number of settings or option menu. Here is how to find the model number:


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Here’s how to find the model number for a 2018-2020 Sony TV:

  1. On the TV’s remote, press the Home button.
  2. Search for Apps.
  3. Select on Help & Apps.
  4. You can find the model number on this page.

Now, let’s look at the older models.


Here’s how to look for the model number on older Sony TV models (years 2015-2018):

  1. On the TV’s remote, press the Home button.
  2. Navigate and select Help.
  3. Select Contact & Support.
  4. You can find the model number on this page.

Now, let’s look at Sony TV model numbers. 

Sony TV Model Numbers

Sony TV’s model numbers are a series of letters and numbers that indicate screen size and year of the device. You could identify the size of the screen and if it’s really worth your money.

Parts of the Model Number

Every model number can be broken down into components. Once you are able to identify each broken component, you can know the meaning of each individual letter and number on your device’s model number.

These are the components you should know:

  • Screen size: A number identifying how big the TV is. 
  • Generation: The last letter of the model number showing the year the TV was manufactured.
  • Fluff: Additional numbers and letters, usually found in the center of the M/N, it states the sales region or category of the TV that is similar to it in the manufacturing market.
  • Product line: Set of numbers or letters that state the product the model is at.
  • Additional Variations: Set of numbers or letters that indicate the specific variety out of its product series. 

Now, let’s look at the Sony model type.

Sony Model Type

The model type is the letter after the screen size. It is also known as the class of TV:

  • R – Primary/ lower price 
  • W – Middle/ Mid-range TV
  • S, X – Premium 
  • A – OLED
  • Z – Support 3D images in 2017, resolution of 8k screen in 2019

Now, let’s find out what year the TV is.

What Year is My TV?

How do I find the year of my TV? Finding the year of your TV is quite easy to find, the year when the manufacturing of the TV began can simply be found in the letter of the model number. 

A Sony TV is collected in a specific model, from one year Q2 to Q2 to the next year:

  • A – 2013
  • B – 2014
  • C – 2015
  • D – 2016
  • E – 2017
  • F – 2018
  • G – 2019
  • H – 2020

For instance, VR-34XB4300 (a model from 2014) was produced from the 2nd quarter of 2014 to the 2nd quarter of 2015. The last letter of the model number, which is B, is the 2014 TV model.

Explanation on What the Sony Bravia TV Model Number Means

Sony launched their first OLED TV Android under the Bravia brand. The 55XG950 is an example of the Bravia, but what does it mean? 

This is what the Sony Bravia TV Model Number means:

  • 55 – At the beginning of the model number is the size of the screen measured in inches. The screen size could also be found at the front of the TV box.
  • R, W, X, S, A, and Z – These letters are the classes of TV. There were originally 3 sets of classes of TVs, but they were divided into a line of 3D TV’s and OLED TV’s, now they are 5 classes of TV. 
  • A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H – Year of the TV development
  • 9 – Series 
  • 50 – Television design 

Model numbers are unique to each product. Now you know the basics of model number, you can get yourself an amazing TV with a suitable price on holiday sales or whenever you feel like getting a new TV.

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