Why Does My Samsung Tv Gets Louder On Commercials?

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Loud commercials are a common occurrence when watching television on a Samsung television. Commercials should have the same average volume as the programming surrounding them if everything else is equal, but they usually don’t.

This dreadful situation affects not only the Samsung television but also other brands, implying a lack of sound control by advertisers. Your Samsung TV might be getting louder because of preset audio signals and auto-volume settings.

This article discusses why Samsung TV becomes louder during commercials, as well as possible solutions.

Why Does My Samsung TV Gets Louder On Commercials?

Even though Samsung televisions are technically reliable, commercials find a way to become loud whenever they are displayed on the screen. And if you don’t already know the reasons, you can only wonder what makes that possible.

It’s fine if your Samsung TV’s playback is somewhat erratic. This is due to the fact that different programs have different recorded sound levels, and it should come as no surprise that music, movies, and commercials are outputted with varying levels of sound intensity.

Many of the commercials are designed to catch viewers’ attention and ensure that they fully comprehend the message. As a result, you will less likely notice them being transmitted in low sound energy and this can be annoying to the listener. This unfavorable increase in sound energy during commercial playback on Samsung TVs, however, can be controlled and tamed.

How To Fix Louder Commercials On Samsung TVs

It is not difficult to solve the problem of loud commercials, and you can do it yourself. The methods listed below can be used to control high sound levels while watching commercials on Samsung TVs.

Enable Your TV’s Auto Volume

Volume fluctuations in Samsung televisions can be irritating at times; after all, no one likes inconsistent sound. In addition, if your television’s signal level is inconsistent, it may develop a fault in the long run. To avoid this, Samsung televisions include an internal sound-balancing technology that helps to address the issue of volume flow inconsistency.

Get the firmware updated to ensure that you can seamlessly fix louder commercials on your television. Afterwards, go to the settings menu and check the audio signal level. After inspecting the signal level, locate and tab on “advanced settings.” Then after, options will appear on your screen, and you must locate “auto volume” and enable it.

It should be noted, however, that in some television brands, auto volume can also be replaced by auto volume leveling or auto leveling. In any of these cases, clicking on it will cause loud commercials played back on your television to be synchronized with the default audio sound signal level.

Use an External Mixer

Commercials are pre-programmed to run at a low frequency. As a result, even if you’re watching a football game, the background audio will be less effective and impactful than in the case of these advertisements. Commercials muddle the sound system, resulting in a disjointed audio signal. Fortunately, this can be controlled by an external mixer, which acts as a sound regulator.

All you have to do is connect the mixer to the television via an HDMI cable via any of your audio sound service providers (Blu-ray player, gaming system, etc.).

Once you’ve done this, you’ll have successfully resolved the issue of loud commercials. The sound will be tuned to the same frequency and output will be the same. And you’ll be able to watch your favorite TV shows without being interrupted by sudden audio outbursts.

However, this may reduce the quality of your television’s sound system. That is, if you enjoy high-quality audio vibes. But if you don’t mind, you’re good to go!

File a Lawsuit

If you are not comfortable with the methods described above for resolving louder commercials on Samsung television, you can seek legal assistance.

The CALM Act, which was signed and sealed by the Federal Communications Commission A.K.A FCC in 2012, allows one to sue television programs that come with pre-set audio signals.

What you need to do is file a complaint with the FCC about the advertised commercials and wait for them to take full legal action. This may take some time, but it is well worth it!


Loud commercials on your Samsung television can be both irritating and disturbing because they are inappropriate. There are standards for sound intensity, and you have every right to seek them. As discussed in this article, you can easily resolve the problem by implementing any of the suggested solutions.

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