How to Get a Samsung TV Out of Demo Mode?


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You have always wanted a smart TV in your house and just bought one from Samsung. You turn it on and run straight into a problem: it is still in Demo mode. Now, you want to get it back into the Normal settings. However, you may be wondering whether you can do it by yourself or need to visit the retailer. There is nothing to fear because we have a solution.

Samsung uses many different names for this mode across its range of smart TVs: Retail Mode, Shop Mode, Store Mode, and Demo Mode. All of them are the same. However, the method for turning Demo mode off can vary with the model. Here is how you can get your Samsung TV out of Demo Mode, including the latest and older models.

Press the Settings or Menu button on the Remote Control

This step is for a more recent model of Samsung smart TV. For an older Samsung TV, the user must press the Home button on their remote.

If a remote is not available, press the Home button on the TV’s jog controller. If the smart TV has Bluetooth capability and a wireless keyboard is available, the user can use the keyboard in place of a remote.

For an older TV without a remote, locate its Volume and Home buttons, which are usually on the bottom left of the TV.

Navigate to General Settings

Once again, users with older TVs should go to Settings from their remote instead. For a recent TV without a remote, navigate to General Settings by using the jog controller on the body of the TV. Alternatively, use a wireless keyboard that functions as a remote.

If the user has an older TV, they are to press the Volume button once at this step in case a remote control is not available.

Go to System Manager

Users with older TVs must select Support at this step by using a remote or keyboard. If either is unavailable, the controller buttons on the TV will help navigate to System Manager.

For older TVs and without remote control, the user will have to press and hold the menu button for 15 seconds after the volume indicator appears. At this point, the screen will display “Standard” to indicate that the TV is now out of Demo mode.

Navigate to Usage Mode

Older TVs designate this part as Use Mode instead of Usage Mode.

Enter the PIN Code to Activate Global Settings

The default PIN code is 0000. This step is only for users with more recent Samsung TVs. Most of the older Samsung TVs will not prompt the user for a PIN code at this stage.

Select Home Mode to Complete the Process

Older models of Samsung TVs require the user to press done after selecting the Home option to switch the TV to its ‘normal’ mode.

Use the Factory Reset Option if These Steps Do Not Work

If a Samsung TV switches to Demo mode again after these steps, it is better to perform a hard reset on the device. You can do it by opening Settings, navigating to the General section, and selecting the option of Reset. After entering the PIN code and pressing OK, the Factory reset process will begin automatically.

In this mode, the TV’s color vibrancy, brightness, and contrast are set to maximum levels to entice customers, but they are odd settings for viewers at home. Users are effectively limited to the few video clips on constant repeat in Demo mode. 

This mode is of little use and meaning to you when you want to enjoy your favorite content in the comfort of home. Therefore, you should turn it off after bringing it home.

Usually, only display models have this mode active. However, sometimes, even if a customer did not get a display model, they could end up with a TV with Demo Mode enabled by default because the feature is present in every TV by the manufacturer.

Factory Resetting a Samsung TV can have other small benefits as well. It may clear up the cache that collects in the system. If the user’s Samsung TV has a different Settings menu, the user should refer to the manual for device details.


Demo Mode comes with smart TVs for shop-owners or retailers to demonstrate to passersby and customers how good a TV’s display is. It is an advertising tactic. You might have come across an electronics retailer in a shopping mall or market with many display models of TVs constantly playing vibrant and colorful video clips highlighting their abilities. That is what Demo Mode is.

The problem is not limited to brand new Smart TVs either. They can sometimes go into the Demo mode even long after being purchased from a retailer. It is sure to upset you when it interrupts a broadcast or playback of your favorite show or movie. 

With these fixes, you can get rid of this issue within the next few minutes. You might love owning a Universal Table Top TV Stand for Flat and Curved Screen TVs.

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