Why Does My Hisense TV Keep Freezing?

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The Hisense TV is a great affordable option when it comes to Smart TVs. It offers a range of options when it comes to watching your favorite shows and programs. Now that you have one, you may be having an issue and wondering, “Why does my Hisense TV keep freezing?”.

Your Hisense TV could be freezing for a few different reasons, some of the most common being:

  • Connection issues
  • Hardware issues
  • HDMI cable or port issues
  • Necessary updates,
  • Or a potential motherboard issue.

Thankfully, there are a few things you can do at home to determine which of these issues is potentially causing your Hisense TV to freeze.

If your Hisense TV keeps freezing and you’re ready to find a solution, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for a few tips on what your Hisense TV keeps freezing.

How Do I Stop My Hisense TV from Freezing?

Your Hisense TV could be freezing for a variety of reasons, and it is important to assess each one.

Below are the steps that should be taken for assessing your frozen Hisense TV:

  • Ensure there is no damage to the TV or TV cables: It is important to first look at your TV and make sure there is no obvious hardware damage.
  • Change the channel: If your TV is freezing on a cable TV channel, it may be the actual channel that is having issues, not the device itself. If you change channels and everything is fine, it was probably the network on that specific channel that was the issue.
  • Contact your cable provider: If the issue is only happening on cable channels and not other programs such as Netflix or Hulu, you may have to speak to your cable provider to see if there are issues on the cable provider’s end of things.
  • Power Cycle your TV: Power Cycling is basically just resetting your device. Unplug your TV from the wall outlet, wait one minute, and plug it back in to start back up. Sometimes the device just needs to be reset.
  • Make sure all cables are plugged in tightly and correctly: A television could freeze or lag if cables are not plugged in or installed tightly and properly.
  • Check your internet connection: If you are using an app that requires the internet, such as Netflix, make sure that your Wi-fi connection is strong and stable. If your Wi-fi is not working properly, it is normal for there to be freezing on your television due to network lag or error.
  • Complete system updates: Go to the settings on your TV to see if any updates are needed. If any are needed, update your device and see if this solves the issue. Update by following the prompts on your device.

After completing all of these steps, if your TV is still freezing when it should not be, you could have a potential issue with the motherboard. This would mean that there is an internal issue with the system that the user will not be able to troubleshoot.

If this is the case, you may need a new device or replacement device. Contact your local Hisense dealer or distributor for more information regarding a replacement or warranty for your specific device.

How Do You Fix a Frozen Hisense TV?

Your Hisense TV may be frozen for a variety of reasons. You can try fixing and troubleshooting it yourself before having to contact someone to fix it professionally or before requesting a replacement from the manufacturer.

To fix your frozen Hisense TV, you first need to ensure no physical damage on the device and inspect all cords for any damage as well. Next, reset the device. After resetting the device, check your internet connection to make sure it is stable and a good source. Lastly, make sure all system updates have been completed.

All of these steps are listed in detail above. Contact your local Hisense dealer or the storefront you bought your device from for any more questions or further information regarding your specific Hisense smart TV device.

Why Does My Smart TV Keep Freezing?

Just like the Hisense TV reasons outlined above, your Smart TV is more than likely freezing for a similar reason.

As a reminder, here are some of the most commonly known reasons for Smart TVs to freeze:

  • Connection issues
  • Hardware issues
  • HDMI cable or port issues
  • Necessary updates
  • A motherboard issue

Following the steps in the previous sections, you can most likely identify the source of what’s causing your Smart TV to freeze.

How Do I Fix My TV From Freezing?

More often than not, the troubleshooting tips above will lead you to identify the root of the freezing Hisense TV issue. Now that you have an idea of what’s causing the issue and some tips on how to find a DIY solution, you’re well on your way to watching TV on your Hisense again, without worrying about it freezing.

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