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Where Is Area Code 855 and How Can I Tell Who Is Calling?

Last Updated Sep 16, 2022
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Trying to figure out if you should answer a call from a number with an area code you don’t recognize can be nerve racking; is it a telemarketer or scammer, or is it an important number? One area code you may see calling you is 855. You may be wondering, what location is this area code from and how can you tell who it is that’s calling?

Area code 855 does not specifically belong to a certain region. It is used nationwide to dial toll-free, meaning the person who dialed the call will not have to pay for the call. The recipient is charged for answering the call depending on the phone company and location.

So you may be wondering, should I answer the call? Well here’s everything you need to know before answering an 855 area code number

Where Is Area Code 855? 

The area code 855 does not belong to a particular area in the United States.

Area code 855 can call most North American countries and territories that use the NANP (North American Numbering Plan). This allows you to receive calls from places like Canada and the Bahamas. 

This numbering system was added in 1940 by AT&T to help traffic calls and keep records of calls made. This also created area codes to help recipients determine where the call is coming from.

Toll-Free Numbers Area Codes

A toll-free number is a number that starts with one of the toll free codes, 855 in this case. Large companies and businesses use this area code to make free calls to their clients. This way they are able to make large amounts of calls each day about their inquiries (and do not pay!).

Under the NANP there are many toll free numbers besides 855, here are a few:

  • 800
  • 833
  • 844
  • 866

Toll free numbers are very useful when traveling. People use toll free numbers to call people in the North American territories without charge. Without using 855, the long distance calls can be very expensive and can make your phone bill very expensive.

How to Tell Who is Calling from 855 Area Code

Since 855 does not belong to a specific area, it will be harder to determine exactly who is calling you. 

There are reverse number lookup websites that can give you information on the caller if available. Reverse number lookup is a website tool that searches databases for the phone number entered. 

Some trusted phone lookup websites include: 

If reverse number lookup does not give you information, then you can simply google the number and see what the search results are.

Who Is Calling from 855 Area Code?

The number is toll-free for callers to contact anyone they would like.

The 855 area code is most commonly use by:

  • Telemarketers
  • Businesses
  • Scam callers
  • Long distance calls

Let’s take a look at some of these points in further detail below.


Large corporations and businesses use area code 855 to make large amounts phone calls all over the country without being charged for each call. This is so they can speak with their clients who are located all over the world without having to worry about expenses.


Telemarketers use area code 855 to make large amounts of calls trying to sell their products without spending money making the calls. They hope to make money from every call rather than losing money.

Scam Calls

Scam callers use 855 to make free calls to people and scam them over the phone without paying costs of the calls made. They use this to scam people from all over the world and it is not trackable, which benefits them because you won’t be able to report them if you don’t know where they’re located.

Should I Answer Calls from 855 Area Code?

There is a chance it could be an important call for you to answer, but it could just be a scam call. 

To prevent unexpected 855 calls, make a list of 855 numbers who frequently call. If you have someone trying to call you long distance, then make sure you know the caller before answering to prevent unwanted charges. 

If you want to avoid being charged for toll-free phone calls, contacting your phone company regarding the charge for toll-free numbers would be ideal. The phone company should be able to give a price estimate of toll-free calls.

If your phone company charges for toll-free calls, then answering the call will leave a charge on your account at the end of the billing cycle. 


Now that you know what area code 855 means, you can determine whether or not you would like to answer. 

Speaking to your phone company about the rate for toll free numbers would be ideal to prevent unexpected charges on your account. Reverse number lookup can tell you whether it is worth answering the phone or if it is scam callers and telemarketers.

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