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Who’s Calling? No Caller ID Explained

Last Updated Nov 13, 2022
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Many people don’t even remember a time when you had to pick up a phone without knowing who was on the other end. Now, as soon as someone calls, we can see exactly who we are dealing with. But, with spam and scam calls becoming more common, “No Caller ID” has become a big problem. What is this, and can it be overcome? 

“No Caller ID” is shown when someone has adjusted their settings so their number does not show up when they call you. While you cannot block a number that doesn’t show up on your call log, there are ways to find out who is calling you, such as downloading an unmasking app. 

Below, we’ll discuss more about what No Caller ID means and how you can find out who is calling. Keep reading to learn more!

How Can I Find Out Who’s Calling from a Blocked Number?

Taking a phone call is already something many of us try to avoid. It can be even more frustrating when you need to take a call from an unknown caller

If you use your phone for business purposes, you know you can’t afford to miss calls from potential clients. 

But, spam calls can be annoying and even dangerous to answer. This is why it’s important to find out exactly who is calling you.

There are many ways you can figure out who is calling you from a blocked number. The easiest method is using an app that unblocks these numbers, such as TrapCall. 

If you keep getting spam calls from the same number, you might want to block it. 

However, this is impossible if you don’t have a number to block. 

The best way to unblock a “No Caller ID” number is with an unmasking app. These ensure you always know who is on the other line and allow you to block the number on your phone. Unmasking apps can even block spam calls automatically and let you know when they do.

Most of these apps cost a small monthly fee, but it might be worth it to have some assistance dealing with this irritating occurrence. 

How Else Can I Unblock “No Caller ID” Numbers?

Spam and scam callers hope to outsmart the people they are phoning. But there are several ways that you can get one step ahead of them. 

In addition to downloading an unmasking app, some of these ways include: 

  • Call the number back
  • Google the number 
  • Contact your service provider 
  • Set your phone to block all unknown numbers 

Below, we’ll discuss each method further.

Call the Number Back

Just as there are numbers you can use to block your own number, there are also numbers you can use to unmask unknown numbers. 

You can dial *69, and it will automatically call back the number of your last incoming call. 

However, simply phoning these people back may not get you very far. The best course of action might be to block them and move on with your life. 

If you have a caller harassing you, you might want to escalate the situation. 

Dialing *57 will not only allow you to obtain information from the call, but it will also automatically send it to the police. 

You will still be expected to phone the police and give them an account of the harassing calls, but *57 should streamline the process. 

Google the Number

If you keep getting a call from the same number and are curious but don’t want to answer, you can use Google search to find out who is phoning you. 

However, this will only work with spam numbers that do show up on your log, not unknown numbers. 

Put the number into the search engine and see what pops up. Often, people will report spam callers, and you can find out whether the call is truly something to worry about.

Contact Your Service Provider 

Some service providers will help customers unmask consistent spammers that keep phoning them. 

They can help you block the number, or even tell you who is phoning you with a blocked caller ID. 

It all depends on your provider and the services they offer. 

Set Your Phone to Block All Unknown Numbers 

If you don’t need or want any phone calls from anyone you don’t know, you can change your phone’s settings to block all unknown numbers. 

Follow the steps below to block all unknown callers on your iPhone:

  • Open your iPhone’s settings.
  • Select “Phone.”
  • Scroll down until you find “Silence Unknown Caller.” 
  • Toggle the feature on.

Unless you have the number saved, your phone will not ring. However, you will still get a notification of the call afterward.

No Caller ID Explained 

Not being able to see the phone number you’re receiving a call from can be frustrating. 

This only happens when a caller has adjusted their settings so their number does not show when they call someone. 

Luckily, there are several ways to unblock these numbers and put you a step ahead.

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