What Size Screws Do I Need For A Vizio TV Wall Mount?


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When it comes to screws, one size does NOT fit all! If you’re mounting a Vizio TV on the wall, you need to make sure you get the right screws for the job, or you could end up with a big mess on your hands. 

Here are all the screw sizes you could need for a Vizio TV wall mount.

Vizio TV Wall Mount Screw Sizes

Vizio TVs can be mounted on the wall with any VESA-compatible wall mount. But before you buy the mount, you’ll need to find your TV’s VESA mount pattern.

Your mount pattern will dictate what size mount you need, as well as the screws you’ll need to secure it to the wall. 

While it’s always a good idea to verify this before purchasing anything, most Vizio TVs can be mounted with the following screw sizes:

Vizio TV Screen SizeScrew SizeVESA MeasurementScrew LengthBest VESA Mount
24”M4100×1007-8mmWALI TV Mount
32”M4 or M6100×1007-10mmPipishell Wall Mount
40”M6200×10010mmVideoSecu Wall Mount
43”M4 or M6200×100 or 200×20010-14mmUSX MOUNT Wall Mount
50”M6200×20010-14mmUSX MOUNT Adjustable Wall Mount
55-58”M6300×20014mmSamsung Full Motion Wall Mount
65-70”M6 or M8400×200 or 400×3009-15mmMounting Dream Tilt Wall Mount
75”M6 or M8400×200 or 400×30012-15mmMounting Dream Wall Mount
85”M8400×40012mmPerlegear Wall Mount

How to Find Your TV Mount’s Screw Size

Because screw and mount size can vary even between Vizio TV models with the same screen size, it’s a good idea to verify what you’ll need before you buy a mount and screws. 

Some of the ways you can be absolutely sure which mount and screw size you’ll need include:

  • The user manual. If you still have your Vizio TV’s user manual, check it for your wall mounting specifications. VESA pattern, screw size, and screw length are listed here.
  • The online listing. If you know your Vizio TV’s model number, look it up online and check the product listing for “Wall Mount Specifications.”
  • Measure the pattern yourself. You can measure the VESA pattern with a tape measure and the screw length with a thread gauge.

How to Measure Screw Size for a Vizio TV Mount

To find the screw size you need to mount your Vizio TV on the wall, you must measure your Vizio TV’s VESA pattern. Look on the back of the TV and find the mounting holes. Once you find them, grab your tape measure and follow the steps below:

  1. Measure horizontally between the two top holes. Write the number down in millimeters.
  2. Measure vertically between one top and one bottom hole. Write the number down in millimeters

The two numbers are your VESA measurement. 

The video below is with an LG TV, but the measuring information is universal.

Troubleshooting: Recommended Mount Screws Don’t Fit

Most people find the screw size they need, then head to the hardware store. But once they get there, they see 8mm, 10mm, 14mm, and more — and they have no idea which length to choose.

Some Vizio TVs use the same screw length across all models of the same screen size, but others vary. Always confirm your screw size and length before you purchase anything. 

While you should always verify which screw length, you’re better off going longer than shorter in a pinch. 

You can compensate for extra length placing washers between the TV and mount, but you can’t do anything about screws that are too short. If you do go the washer route, just make sure the screws you did buy can support your TV’s weight.

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