What Size Screws Do I Need for a TCL TV Wall Mount?


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Mounting a TCL TV on the wall is a great space-saving option. But to safely mount your TV, you need to use screws that are strong enough to handle the job.

Here’s everything you need to know about finding the right hardware to safely mount a TCL TV.

What Screw Size Do I Need to Mount My TCL TV?

While there’s usually a lot of guesswork involved in deciding which screw size and length to use to mount a smart TV, TCL provides comprehensive information on what each of their TVs need.

To find out which mounting screws your TCL TV needs, all you need is your model number. Match it to the table below, and you have your exact screw size and length. 

TCL TV ModelScrew SizeScrew LengthVESA Pattern
32S331, 32S335M410mm100×100
28S305, 32D100, 32S301, 32S305, 40D100, 40S303, 40S305, 43S305, 43S403, 43S405M412mm100×100
43S425, 43S525, 49S425, 49S515, 49S517, 50S425M612mm100×100
43S515, 43S517, 55S421, 55S425, 55S515, 55S517M612mm200×200
65S425, 65S515, 65S517, 65S421M612mm400×200
65Q825, 75Q825M615mm300×300
49D100, 49S303, 49S305, 49S403, 49S405, 55R613, 55R615, 55R617, 55S401, 55S403, 55S405M616mm200×200
65R13, 65R615, 65R617, 65S401, 65S403M616mm300×300
55P605, 55P607M618mm200×200
75R613, 75R615, 75R617, 75S423M620mm300×300
55C803, 55C807, 55R625M625mm200×200

Many wall mounting kits will include all the screws you need to get the job done. But if yours didn’t include hardware or you lost the original screws, it’s easy to find an exact replacement. 

Why is VESA Pattern Important?

Your TCL TV’s VESA pattern refers to the layout of the mounting holes on the back of your television. 

VESA is a standardized series of patterns that make it easy to attach your TCL TV to any mount. As long as a mount supports your TV’s weight and VESA pattern, you can use it to mount your TV.

TCL does things a little bit differently, but in many other cases, simply knowing your VESA pattern will let you know which screw size is appropriate:

  • Under 200×200: M4 screws.
  • 200×200 to 400×400: M6 screws.
  • Over  400×400: M8 screws.

What Type of Wall Mount Can I Use to Mount a TCL TV?

As long as a mount can support your TV’s VESA pattern and weight, you can mount your TCL TV on it. There are a few different categories to look into, including:

  • Fixed wall mounts. These hold your TV in one stationary location. They don’t move, tilt, or swivel.
  • Tilt wall mounts. These mounts hold your TV in one place but allow you to tilt the screen up or down to account for the amount of glare in a room. 
  • Turn wall mounts. Also known as full-motion wall mounts, these give you the freedom to turn, raise, or lower your TV as needed.

Can I Mount a TCL TV on My Own?

With today’s tools and technology, virtually anyone can successfully mount a TV on their own. But if you’re worried about taking on the job alone, hiring a professional is always an option.

Many electronics stores, and even some online retailers, will offer mounting services when you purchase a TV or wall mount for a small additional fee.

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