Who Is The Manufacturer of TCL TV?

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TCL is one of the highest selling brands of smart TVs, dominating a huge part of the smart TV markets recently. The company has improved on the quality of their products, successfully balancing their smart TV screen quality with the retail price bringing in more people into their entertainment ecosystem.

The manufacturer of TCL TVs is in the name of the TV, TCL. The full name of this corporation is “TCL Corporation of China.”

Due to the rate the company is growing, with a powerful technology to back up its TVs, the question of who manufactures TCL TV is one every user asks when they get captured by the TV’s aesthetics. In this article, we are going to compare the TCL TV to the Samsung brand, look into how good the TCL brand is for smart TVs, and which company makes TCL TVs. You might be surprised to find out.

Who Manufactures TCL Smart TV?

There have been rumors that TCL smart TV is made by Samsung, and there are certain reasons for that. Because TCL smart TVs saw a great improvement in design, and quality as well as better operating systems, they have higher similarities with Samsung TVs. So People have been speculating that Samsung makes TCL TV, but who manufactures TCL Smart TV?

TCL Smart TVs are made by TCL Electronic Holdings Ltd – a state-owned Chinese technology firm with operations all around the world. Unlike other brands of budget TVs, the company oversees the designing, production, and selling of their smart TV models. They also make smartphones as well as other home appliances.

The company designs and sells more than 30 million units of televisions every year from manufacturing facilities all around the world including India and Vietnam. Although their main headquarters is located in China. They also sell and provide TV parts to other TV brands. So, Samsung doesn’t design or make TCL smart TV as well as any of its parts. 

Is TCL a Good Brand For TV?

If you are on a financial budget right now, but you want to get a smart TV, you might be considering going for the TCL brand due to the price and features difference. But are televisions made by the TCL brand good? Should you buy one if you come across a good deal?

If you want a Smart Television with above-average screen size and pixel-per-pound, you should consider purchasing smart TVs from TCL. Not only do they have solid screens, but they also have built-in smart apps. TCL also gives users the choice of owning a Google- and Roku-powered Smart TV.

The brand is also generally cheap unlike LG, Samsung, or Sony, which makes it tempting. Although this is closely a budget brand, they don’t cut back when it comes to features. The brand even offers Dolby Atmos support in some models as well as OLED screens and Dolby Vision HDR. These are some of the features you can only get when you purchase high brand smart televisions.

Is TCL Better Than Samsung?

Even if you haven’t heard of TCL smart TVs, you have most likely stumbled upon a Samsung smart TV. They are well built, and they have a decent fluid screen. Because Samsung poses a bigger competition than most smart television brands when compared with TCL, which of the brands is better?

Both models have comparable features which are very similar. When it comes to Samsung, you would get a little more smart features but at a higher price, while TLC is a newcomer in the game that makes TVs that rival large competitors. However, Samsung’s smart TVs are better than TCL televisions overall. 

But when it comes to price, TCL is very affordable and it’s a case of “you get what you paid for” when purchasing both devices. Although in picture quality, the flexibility of the brand, and a lower refresh rate, Samsung is the clear winner. When it comes to software and technology, TCL sourced out Roku or Google TV which makes it a better option.


If you want to purchase a large screen TV at a reasonable price, you need to consider getting a smart TV from this brand. TCL is closing the gap when it comes to flagship models and budget-smart TVs. The reasonable pricing with high picture quality, and better OS support makes it a perfect choice for new smart TV users. It is even more perfect if you are a gamer.  

They come with two operating systems which are Roku or Android TV from Google which makes it easy to configure and use. Navigation is smooth and operation is clear, if you have used any of these operating systems on Televisions, you wouldn’t have any problem with it. Although the Old model of TCL brands does not support an OS system, they are reliable even when it comes to customization.

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