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What Size Screws Do I Need for a Hisense TV Wall Mount?

Last Updated May 9, 2022

When arranging the living room, many individuals will wall mount their TVs. It gives a modern look to the general design and gives more space in the room. TVs mounted on walls likewise have less glare and provide a better viewing angle. When mounting your Hisense TV, you might wonder what size screws you need for the wall mount?

Hisense TVs feature an alternate type of VESA section. It is not entirely determined by the size and model of the Hisense TV you are buying. You will find the VESA details in every TV’s handbook or owner’s manual. You can keep on reading if you have lost this information.

Get a Sense of Your Hisense Screws

Determining whether you have the right VESA wall mount can be a struggle because the box doesn’t tell the consumer exactly which bracket size it uses. This is typically found within the owner’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website. Instead of searching for yourself, use the table below to help you determine the type of screws you need for each Hisense model.

Screw SizeHisense Model
M6 R6 and R7 Series, A6, A60, and A6GX Series, H4 Series, U6 Series, H55 Series, U6GR Series, U8 Series
M3 Laser TV, Laser Cinema
M8 U7 Series, H9 Series, R8 Series, U9 Series
M6 for all except 85” which takes M8 H65 Series
M6 for all except 75” which takes M8 H8 and H8G1 Series 

Continue reading to learn about the different types of wall mounts available for Hisense TV.

Universal Wall Mounts are Universal Solutions

The screws for mounting Hisense TVs are determined by the size of the VESA bracket, which is compatible with the Hisense wall mount brand. Each bracket requires different screws based on its size.

The VESA mounting system is the most popular standard mounting system for TVs and other devices that require a wall mount. This system uses a unique pattern of measurements to determine screw size.

Many wall mounts use this system because it is considered an industry standard. Each Hisense TV requires a different screw size depending on its model. After determining the mode and its measurements, a consumer can then use that pattern size to shop for a compatible VESA wall mount.

Mount Compatibility

The most appropriate wall mount for your Hisense TV should have the correct screw size as well as the ability to support the weight of your TV. The TV may fall from the wall if the wall mount is not sized correctly. These are some of the most popular universal walls mounts that can be used to mount Hisense televisions:

There are several different types of universal wall mounts that are compatible with Hisense TVs, and they come with the hardware needed to mount them on the wall. It is typically accompanied by a sheet of paper that can be lined up on the wall to mark where it needs to be mounted. 

When mounting your Hisense TV on your wall, you should also consider the weight of the unit.

Place Your TVs on the Wall

It is possible to mount virtually any television on a universal wall mount. For example, if you want to maximize the angle or overall presentation of your product, you can choose from various wall mounts. Wall mounts can be classified into three main categories. The following information discusses each category and how it can benefit you.


You can move your TV around using turn wall mounts, also known as full-motion wall mounts. A TV like this can be mounted flush to the corner of a room without dangerously protruding. It is perfect for use in the corners of a room. 

Additionally, this is an excellent option if you live in a small apartment. When you are watching television, you can swivel the TV out of the way and place it back when you are finished.


TVs that will remain in one place are best suited for this type of wall mount. This is the best wall mount if you do not require it to move, tilt, or swivel. This is an economical solution that can be used almost anywhere.


This type of wall mount allows you to mount your television in one fixed location and tilt your television upward or downward. It is particularly appealing when placed in a room that receives plenty of natural light, such as a living room. You may be able to adjust the screen so that the sun’s reflections and glare do not distract you.

Hang It Up

An easy way to hang or mount a TV is to mount it on the wall. Today, almost anyone can successfully mount a television on their own using the tools and technology available. There is always the option of hiring a handyperson if you are less skilled. If you have purchased a good mounting kit, you will have everything you need to put your TV up and running.

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