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What Are The Universal Remote Codes For A Hisense TV?

Last Updated Nov 23, 2022

If you’re looking to get rid of the many remotes you have lying around the house, then buying a new universal remote is a great way to accomplish that. There are plenty of variables to consider when figuring out which remote goes with which device. Upon receiving your new remote, you may ask, what are the universal remote codes for a Hisense TV?

It’s probably a mystery what code you need to use to pair your universal remote now that you know you need it. You can set up your new remote without hassle by learning the universal remote codes and the cable and satellite codes.

Universal Remote Codes for a Hisense TV

Hisense TVs are a fantastic, affordable brand made in China that allows you to have a smart TV for a fraction of the price. One important part of the smart TV is the remote, and if yours is missing or faulty, there can be problems. Different types, sizes, and functions make up universal remote controls. Many come with touch screens, while others are push-button remotes. 

There are over 50 universal remote codes available for use with Hisense TVs. Manufacturers, models, and service providers have their codes. To properly pair your universal remote with your Hisense TV, you need to use the right code.

Using your smartphone could be an alternative if you don’t have a remote for your Hisense TV or are unsure about which remote is right for it. While you can operate a Hisense TV without a remote, its functions are limited.

Before purchasing a remote, it’s best to check its model number.

Listed below are the remote types and codes that will work with your Hisense TV:

Number of Digits in CodeApplicable Codes
40009,0073, 0145, 0156, 0182, 0208, 0216, 0227, 0508, 0696, 0748, 0753, 0780, 0821, 0848, 1170
510748, 11758, 12183

Hisense TVs also have codes specific to certain types of TV manufacturers. These can be hard to look up without searching for hours on the remote manufacturer’s website. To save you time, we have provided you with the bran specific remote codes that work with the Hisense TV:

Remote BrandApplicable Codes
GE0073, 0182, 0216
One-For-All0073, 0182, 0216
Phillips0223, 0819, 0908
Westinghouse0004, 0073, 0077, 0182, 0216, 1016, 1173, 1176, 2060, 2463, 2464, 2503, 3537

Search for the Code

You are not alone if you don’t know which code you need to pair your remote with your Hisense TV. Hisense has incorporated a feature that allows the user to perform a code search on the TV for the remote control, which is extremely helpful. Using the following steps, you can conduct a code search:

  1. Turn on the Hisense TV
  2. Click the Setup button and hold it
  3. Type in 9-1-1
  4. Now press the power button and hold it down. Simultaneously, press the channel up button until the TV turns itself off
  5. When the TV turns off, go and press the power button on the remote to turn it back on
  6. If the TV turns on, press the device button to save the code, your remote is now programmed for your TV

The TV has to go through each code individually to determine if it matches the code of the universal remote control, which can be a time-consuming process. There will be a success with this method, but it can be frustrating sometimes to put aside the time and effort it takes to be successful.

Program Your Remote Manually

If you have identified your keycode in one of the above charts, you are off to a great start. This will help you set up your universal remote seamlessly. It will also take the least amount of time. To set your new remote up with a code:

  1. Turn on the Hisense TV
  2. Click the TV button on your universal remote
  3. Hold the setup button on the universal remote until the light starts to flash
  4. Enter the numerical code associated with your universal remote
  5. Point your remote control at the TV and hold the power button down until it turns itself off
  6. Release the power button
  7. Your remote is programmed and ready for use

This method of pairing a universal remote, whether battery operated or USB charged, is the fastest and most convenient way to do so. Knowing the appropriate code for the remote ahead of time will save a user ten minutes of frustration trying to pair the remote without a code.

Program Your Remote Without a Code

Sometimes, it is impossible to know which code is appropriate for your universal remote. Hisense provides a way to program your remote to the TV with this in mind. The best way to accomplish this feat is by following these steps:

  1. Turn your TV on manually by pushing the power button on the unit.
  2. Take the remote, and press the TV power button for three seconds to put it into pairing mode.
  3. Point the remote at the TV and press channel up and channel down until the TV turns off on its own.
  4. Try turning the TV back on with the remote controller. Push the power button to do so.
  5. If the TV turns on, it works to press the device button, and it will save the code.

It is important to save the code after pairing your remote. If you do not, the TV can lose the pairing signal, and you may need to start all over again. Not only would that be frustrating, but it is also time-consuming. 

It’s essential to have a remote for a Hisense TV because it will help fix problems such as losing your channels and fixing lip sync issues, or doing something fun like changing the screensaver.

Know Your Code

The best way to program any remote is to know the code associated with the remote before you go to pair it with the TV. If the TV comes with the remote, it is likely already paired or will pick up immediately. If you buy a new remote, you may find yourself here, researching its proper code. Either way, take the time to learn it; it will be worth your while.

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