Schlage Encode Not Connecting to App- Troubleshooting

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The Schlage Encode is a great option for home security because you can control it remotely. However, you need access to the application to control your locks away from home.

 If the Schlage Encode is not connecting to the app, there could be something wrong with your Wi-Fi. You could also experience app connection problems when the manufacturer conducts updates.

Please continue reading to learn how to troubleshoot your Schlage Encode when it does not connect to the app. Our guide will help you control your locks wherever you go.

How to Connect Schlage Encode to App

The first thing you need to do is choose which application you want to pair with your deadbolt.

For example, you can pair your smartwatch, Samsung device, or Ring doorbell to this deadbolt.

  1. Install smart home tracking applications on your mobile device
  2. Connect your Schlage Encode to any relevant smart home devices
  3. Follow the app guidelines to pair your locking mechanism with your smart device

Pairing your devices to a smart home application is the easiest way to control your locks remotely.

In addition, you don’t have to be home to unlock your doors when you use an application.

Connecting your smart devices is also easier to monitor your home and track everything that happens.

However, there are several reasons your Schlage Encode struggles to connect.

Reasons Your Schlage Encode Won’t Connect to the App

If you struggle to connect your Schlage Encode to an application, it’s usually due to Wi-Fi problems, an insecure network, poor Internet signal, or application problems. This will make it hard to connect.

Below, we will discuss these problems in greater detail, so you understand how to identify and resolve them.

The sooner you identify the problem, the sooner you can connect your app.

Wi-Fi Problems

Even though your Schlage Encode comes with its own Wi-Fi connection, if your mobile device can’t connect to your Wi-Fi network, it will be difficult to connect your device.

Check your Wi-Fi network’s website for any outages in your area.

These outages can occur if the Internet company is undergoing maintenance to improve its Wi-Fi service.

You could also experience Wi-Fi problems if your router isn’t connected properly to an outlet.

Sometimes these connections get loose without your knowledge.

Unsecure Network

Many smart home applications won’t allow you to use them when connected to an unsecured network.

So, if you’re using public Wi-Fi, you might want to disconnect.

In this situation, you would be better off using your mobile data instead of a Wi-Fi network to connect your Schlage Encode to a smart home app.

If you’re trying to use your home Wi-Fi but don’t have a network password set up, this could also restrict your access.

You’ll need to call your Internet provider to set up a password.

Poor Wi-Fi Signal

You can have trouble connecting your Schlage Encode to an app if you’re experiencing a poor Wi-Fi signal.

This can happen if you’re out of range from your Wi-Fi or hitting a dead zone.

Investing in a mesh network can improve your Wi-Fi signal throughout your home and minimize your dead zones.

In addition, setting up Wi-Fi meshes will help you get the most out of your Internet connection.

App Problems

If the smart home app you’re trying to connect to is undergoing maintenance, you’ll have to wait to connect your device.

You should also check the App Store or Google Play store for necessary updates if you struggle to connect your Schlage Encode.

Troubleshoot Your Schlage Encode

Now that you will understand the most common causes of your Schlage Encode not connecting to an app, it’s time to discuss potential resolutions.

These troubleshooting methods will help you connect your smart home devices to your desired applications.

Restart Your Wi-Fi Router

Since the most common problem with connecting your Schlage Encode is related to your Wi-Fi, you should restart your router to fix the issue.

  1. Restart your router remotely on your Wi-Fi provider’s website
  2. Restart your router manually by unplugging it from the wall and plugging it back in

You’ll need to be patient while restarting your Wi-Fi router because it can take up to 10 minutes.

Force Stop Your Mobile App

Sometimes your mobile app misbehaves because you’ve had it running in the background for too long.

Hold down the app and select “force stop” to fix this problem.

Final Thoughts

If you struggle to connect your Schlage Encode to a smart home application, it’s most likely due to a bad Wi-Fi connection.

After you fix your Wi-Fi problems, you should have no problem connecting your smart locks to a desired app so that you can control them remotely.

You’ll need to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi networks and applications to resolve most of the problems with your smart lock pairing.

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