8 Best Smart Locks for European Doors

several august smart locksseveral august smart locks

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A smart lock is truly an important piece in having smart homes. These locks have made our lives easier and secure. It can allow you to come in or out of your home whenever you want and also monitor those who come in and out of the house.

It can be difficult looking for a valuable system for there are various products in the market. And some don’t really carry the required features. That’s why we have listed down the top 10 best smart locks for your smart home. 

August Smart Lock– 2nd Generation

The 2nd generation August smart lock is an excellent feature to your home security. The installation is promising easily, which is hardly seen by other smart locks. It achieves this by its use of a battery, which makes it easier because trying to connect wires can be frustrating in the installation process. 

Additionally, in the place of requiring you to adjust the hardware of your door, the lock is able to operate with the present exterior hardware and the most effective needs to replace the deadbolts that are present at the indoor facets of the door.

Since the product doesn’t make any changes to the exterior hardware of your door, you are able to use your keys, in case you aren’t with your phone or there isn’t any internet. And if you’re moving, you can easily remove it without any damages.

Kwikset Halo

Kwikset Halo is a popular home security niche that has a key-able lock. The product is built to connect with your Bluetooth, Alexa, and Google assistant. It can be accessed using your smartphone or using a key fob that accompanies the system. 

The smart lock is compatible with the IOS and the Android, giving any phone the ability to connect to its smart lock. For someone who has the habit of using keys or forgetting your phone, the Kwikset Halo is a convenient source for you.

SoHoMiLL YL 99

An affordable lock that gives users access to set up a total of 10 codes for unlocking the door, one of which is the main code-the master code. The master code can be used to reset the remaining codes if needed. Hence, each family member or friend has access to a code and it can be changed using the master code.

Some doors are either left-hinged doors or right-hinged doors and it can be difficult to find a lock that has a specific hinge. However, this product doesn’t require any hinge at all, it works perfectly with both left and right. 

The SoHoMiLL YL 99 unfortunately does not offer Bluetooth connection feature, which might be a downside for some. But it’s an updated lock for traditional locks.

Yale Security Touchscreen Deadbolt

Yale Security Touchscreen Deadbolt

The Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt has supported many smart homes, which makes it one of the best smart locks available. The product manages to provide their customers the ability to give vocal orders by being connected to Amazon Alexa, Google Home and SmartThings. 

The outstanding thing about the product is that it can store over 250 codes in the lock system. This is for all the workaholics that forget their pins easily. If you forgot your code, you can put in a backup and each backup has its own backup. It’s hilarious! 

It is also compatible with whatever model alarm system you have. Making your home extremely secure from intruders. 


Many of you might be looking for an elegant designed smart lock to put in your home. The Danalock is one to crave, for its simple and classy black design.

This lock can be operated in many ways. It can be unlocked by using a key manually or operated by Bluetooth connection. The lock would stay connected to your phone up to an impressive range.

The smart locks allow you to send unlimited eKeys to family and friends. Like many smart locks, you are able to control the settings and provide either limited or full access to the eKey. The app can be operated with both the smartphone or on web browsers, giving you access to check daily logins of different guests and their information on the locks.

Samsung SHS P718

When you hear Samsung, our instant thought is a well quality device. And that’s exactly how the Samsung SHS P718 is said to be. The product is able to link with your Samsung Smart Home system. This feature gives you access to see the outdoors and provides a secure smart home.

Users can use the Samsung app to see who checked into the system while you weren’t around. But it is only suitable for the person who has access that can unlock the system.

The Samsung smart lock has various ways to unlock the system. You could use fingerprints, key fob and a pin. As amazing as the smart lock is, it can only be used with doors that have handles. So if you have a knob and you want to purchase this product, you should consider changing your knob to a handle. 

Schlage Sense

Schlage Sense Smart Lock gave a life lasting device by including a touchpad to access the doors. Most smart locks have buttons and they hardly last long. The product has a backup key to lock and open doors, essential for people who have trouble forgetting passwords or codes.

The Schlage Company gave the device a three-year lifetime mechanical warranty. This reduces over cost and can be fixed under the name of the company. The smart lock can fit perfectly on standard doors and it gives low battery warnings, which you don’t need to worry about because the batteries tend to last long.

Ultraloq UL3 BT

The Ultraloq UL3 BT is the first smart lock in the market that gives access to unlock the door via fingerprint, keypad, smartphone, password, traditional key and simply knocking on the door. The last access can only be available if the user controlling it allows it in the settings. 

Additionally, the touch-pad comes with an anti-peep feature that doesn’t allow anyone to see the code being typed in. The door handle comes with a weatherproof, meaning it wouldn’t be able to rust due to the weather circumstances. 

Last, it comes with an 18-month mechanical warranty. Which means you are able to repair it if any damage occurs within those months. 


Whichever smart lock you prefer, make sure your home is well equipped and secured. Having a smart lock makes your daily life easier, you can leave and it will automatically lock if you forget or you can come home and open your door since it syncs with your device.

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