Samsung TV: ‘Function Not Supported’ Troubleshooting

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Most of the time Samsung TVs run smoothly and conveniently when you’re trying to change your settings or downloading a new app from Smart HUB. Still, sometimes that’s not the case. What do you do if you try to change a setting or download a new app and you are met with the message “function not supported?” 

If you are getting the message “function not supported” when you try to download apps, most likely your Smart HUB needs to be reset. If you’re getting it when you try to change specific settings, you simply need to close Smart HUB and enter antenna mode before you change them. 

If your Samsung TV keeps giving you the message “function not supported” when you try to download new apps or change certain settings, you’ve come to the right place. In the sections below we will break down why this happens and then give you five troubleshooting steps you can take to resolve it. So come along and let’s get that TV working!

Figuring Out Which Functions are Not Available

There are actually a couple of functions that can potentially become unavailable on a smart Samsung TV. Depending on which functions aren’t working the solution may be different. Below we’ve outlined the two most common functions to go down on a Samsung TV along with directions to which troubleshooting step is most likely to fix them: 

  • New apps won’t download: Sometimes you’ll get this message when you try to download new apps or even use some that had previously worked. If this is the problem, try a soft reset first and then go right on to the second troubleshooting step on our list. 
  • The TV won’t let you change a certain setting: If some of your settings are grayed out and you get the message ‘function not available,’ you’d be best to first try a soft reset and then skip to the third troubleshooting step on our list. 

Keep in mind, if you’re currently experiencing both problems simultaneously, then you may have to complete all of the troubleshooting steps below, as they may actually be separate problems. 

How to Fix a Samsung TV Saying ‘Function Not Supported’

Below we’ve laid out five easy troubleshooting steps you can take to get rid of the error message ‘function not supported’:

Perform a Soft Reset of the TV

We’ll start with the simplest solution first. If this has just started happening, there is a chance that you can fix it by simply completing a soft reset. 

To perform a soft reset you just need to hold down the power button until the TV turns off, wait about three minutes and then turn it back on. Now go into your apps and see if the problem is resolved. If it’s not, move on to the next step on our list. 

Try Resetting Smart HUB 

If it’s the apps that seem to be having a problem, Smart HUB might just need to be reset. Follow the steps below and you’ll have your Smart HUB reset in no time: 

  • Go into “Settings” from the home page.
  • Click on “Support”.
  • Find “Self-Diagnosis” and click it. 
  • Press “Reset Smart HUB”

Once your Smart HUB is reset, go back into it and see if you have any more problems downloading apps. If you don’t, great, you’re done. If you do still have problems, however, skip down to step three on this list and try an update. 

Try Switching To Antenna Mode 

Some settings will require that you close out Smart HUB and go into antenna mode to change them. If you got to this page because some of your settings were grayed out, this is by far your best bet at resolving the issue. 

Fortunately, this is as easy as pressing a button. Literally. Just press the Smart HUB button on your remote and you should switch to antenna mode. From there, go back into your settings and they now should all be available. 

Update Your Samsung Smart TV 

Sometimes a simple update can get everything back into working order. To update your Samsung smart TV, simply go into “Settings,” find “Support”, click on it and select software update. Your TV will need to restart once the update is complete.  

Perform a Factory Reset 

If all else fails, you can perform a good old fashion factory reset. To perform a factory reset, simply follow the steps below: 

  • Go into “Settings” from the home page.”
  • Scroll down to “General” and click it.
  • Click “Select Reset” and enter your pin. If you never created a pin it will be 0000.

Please remember that if you perform a factory reset your TV will lose any changes you made previously to it. So if there are settings that you have adjusted you will need to go back in and readjust them. 

If you don’t have your TV remote, you can still factory reset your Samsung TV:

So Really, Why is My Samsung TV Saying Function Not Supported?

Again, the answer to this question really depends on what function doesn’t seem to be working. If it’s certain settings that are unavailable, then you’re probably just in the wrong mode. If it’s apps that won’t download, then you likely need to reset your Smart Hub. 

If none of the solutions we listed for each problem seem to work, you can always fall back on a factory reset. Just remember you will lose any changes you have made to the TV if you do that. Best of luck!

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