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Nest Thermostat Disconnecting from Wi-Fi? 5 Fixes

Last Updated Jun 21, 2022
nest thermostat set on "Away Mode"

Nest thermostats have become one of the most common smart home upgrades, but just like any other device connected to Wi-Fi, they are susceptible to the occasional disconnect. These devices allow homeowners to modernize their homes in a fast and easy way to upgrade and save some energy along the way. Overall, the device will work flawlessly for you, but just like any other device, you do need to know how to troubleshoot just in case.

Chances are, a few culprits are causing your thermostat to randomly disconnect from your network. A few of the most common fixes include resetting your Nest network and restarting the thermostat. However, there are a few others out there to try if these two don’t work.  

If your Nest thermostat keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi, stick around. Up next, we have five fixes to try, so just keep reading.

Reset Your Nest Network

This may do the trick if you previously had a good connection between your Nest and your network. The settings menu on the thermostat itself has a small settings icon that looks like a cog. Select this and find the reset option.

From here, you will reset the network on the thermostat. Make sure to confirm that you want to erase the existing network information, so you are able to start fresh. At this point, you treat the Nest as if it were fresh out of the box. You find your preferred network name again, select it, and enter your network password to regain access to your home network.

Restart Your Thermostat

The most common way to get back up and running is simply restarting the thermostat itself. Going back to the options in the menu, you will find a choice of either restarting the thermostat or doing a full factory reset. In many cases, a simple restart will get the system back in working order without sacrificing any data being stored.

A full factory reset should only be attempted if none of the other options is successful. Once the system has restarted completely, you can go into the same set menu and look for the network options to reconnect to the network.

Restart Your Router

Another very common reason your Nest thermostat will not stay connected can be due to the router itself. As you add more and more devices into your home network, there is always the possibility of the router becoming too bogged down to maintain consistent connections with all the devices paired with it. This is another very easy way to try to get your Nest back online.

Locate the power cord to your router and unplug it from the outlet. Wait anywhere from 30 seconds to a full minute before plugging the device back in. This gives the router time to properly reset itself. If your home contains any Wi-Fi repeaters, now would also be a good time to reset those, as well. Often, the issue is not even with the Nest but the router, which can fix your connection issues.

Move Your Router

An extremely simple fix to the issue can be the distance between the thermostat and the router. Wi-Fi signals get weaker the farther away from the router you go, so by moving the router closer to the Nest, the less the likelihood that signal is too weak to use.

If moving the router is not an option for your situation, purchasing a Wi-Fi repeater could help spread the existing signal farther within the home, making it easier for the Nest to maintain its connection.

The repeater option may be the most beneficial piece of information to take from here as it would not only create a stronger signal for the Nest to use, but your other smart devices in the home would benefit just as much.

Replace Your Thermostat Battery

Over time, the AAA batteries that are inside many Nest thermostats can go bad. The typical result in this situation is the thermostat begins to struggle to stay connected to the Wi-Fi network.

The simple fix to this problem is to remove the thermostat from the wall, replace the two AAA batteries in the back, and reinsert the display to the normal position. This fix is applicable for the standard Nest thermostat only. The Nest Learning Thermostat and the Nest Thermostat E require charging with a USB cable utilizing the same steps as above.

Final Thoughts

While the above five methods encompass the vast majority of connection issues a homeowner could have with their Nest devices, there are a great deal of other reasons that these problems could arise. If no option is listed in the subsequent article to fix the problem, the Nest troubleshooter guide is a fantastic resource to examine.

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