Kasa vs Lutron: Who is the Best Smart Dimmer Switch?

kasa lighting in living roomkasa lighting in living room

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Ceiling lights and lamps come in a variety of designs from a simple lamp by your bedside as you sleep to an entire string of lights through a walk in hall closet. Nevertheless, there comes a time when the lights themselves become too much of a bother and might need a way to control depending on the light bulb. So, Kasa or Lutron? Which dimmer switch is superior?

If you are looking for a wireless controllable light switch, Kasa is better. Kasa’s switch has wireless capabilities through phones and voice control, which offers easier integration for smart homes. However, if you want to control larger spaces or have a variety of styles, Lutron is a better choice. 

In this article, you’ll learn more about Lutron and Kasa and which one may be better for your specific needs. Read on to learn more about the best choice for your smart home!

Which is Better, Kasa or Lutron?

There are several factors that go into deciding which dimmer switch is best for your specific smart home. 

Lutron has the superior selection of switches, which allow you to customize the dimmer to fit the motif of your home or an industrial setting. However, Kasa is better for controlling smaller homes as it allows for easier integration. 

Kasa Offers Optimal Control

It was established that each switch has its own benefits, but for the Kasa switch, there are all sorts of benefits.

While dimmer switches have the ability to control the lighting in a room, Kasa switches can be controlled via wireless connection, either through bluetooth from its mobile app or through the Alexa or Google Home app.

Through the usage of the mobile app, the Kasa switch can be controlled whether or not the room it is used for is occupied. Not only can it be controlled at a distance, it can also be put at a set schedule, providing optimal power management. 

Its functions and diversity provide it for more notice. It can also be controlled via voice commands for easier use. The downside to this type of usage would be that if implemented at a wider scale with multiple locations, it would be more of a hassle to maintain, particularly within an office setting.

Lutron Brings Many Choices to the Table

Lutron has a variety of choices for its dimmer switches. From a simple switch to a slider to a knob, it has different styles for many types of settings. It is made with a simple flick of a switch or a turning of a knob. With Lutron, you are given an assortment of options to choose from. 

From design of color and style to various control type options, there can be many Lutron brand dimmer switches for those who have a preferred sense of style. While having a large selection of dimmer switches, Lutron has quite the difficulty standing out from other types of dimmer switches.

Some of these designs come in different forms such as an architectural style that can be controlled via touch and comes with alternate plating to blend with the surrounding layout.

To compare between Kasa and Lutron in terms of appropriate installation, it really depends on the location and what type of setting these switches will be placed in. Lutron is ideal in:

  • Large office buildings 
  • Warehouses
  • Theaters

It would provide lighting control in various places without the use of apps that would be more impeding if the Kasa dimmer were to be used.

Where Would Kasa Do Best?

In contrast, in small buildings such as:

  • Libraries
  • Homes
  • Small offices

Kasa would be better implemented as it would be better controlled and the confined space would not allow for diverse control when compared to using it in a larger location.

On a side note, obtaining these switches are also different. Lutron switches can be found in many hardware stores or stores that sell different lighting whereas Kasa switches can only be purchased in electronic stores or online. 


When it comes to seeing which is the best smart dimmer switch between Kasa and Lutron, it depends on the location. While Kasa has many functions which can benefit in many ways, it’ll be hard to fully implement in a location with many rooms.

Lutron, on the other hand, can be used in many places without any need of many functions. Yet, Kasa can be more beneficial in small places. In other words, Kasa dimmer switches provide multiple functions, but Lutron dimmer switches are more broad and varied in design to help provide the best choice for a certain location of choice.

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