Is Govee Compatible With SmartThings?

Is Govee Compatible With SmartThings?Is Govee Compatible With SmartThings?

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Govee is a smart home platform for lighting and other smart products. Whereas Samsung SmartThings is Samsung’s home system. Many people may have both, but are they compatible?

Currently, Govee and SmartThings are not officially compatible. There are some workarounds using another system to get your Govee to work with your SmartThings. 

Let’s look at what we can do to connect them and what issues can arise when doing so.

How to Connect Govee With SmartThings

While you may not be able to connect Govee and SmartThings hub directly, there are other ways that you can work around this issue. 

There are two ways to connect Govee products with the SmartThings app:

  1. Using code and an API Key
  2. Using IFTTT

Let’s first look at how you can use code to connect Govee and SmartThings

Connecting with an API Key

An API key is an application programming interface key. It’s a code to identify or allow a user to use a program. 

One example is the API Key that uncdubdiver posted on Github. They provide a programming code that can be used with Govee to create an API key. 

Once an API key is created, it can connect with SmartThings. This can be done by going to and creating an account. 

How to Connect using IFTTT

IFTTT is an online program that stands for “If This, Than That. IFTTT is a third party that allows the user to connect different products to be used together, like your tv and lights

IFTTT has contracts with both Govee and SmartThings. Meaning, they are compatible together through IFTTT. 

It’s really simple to use. 

  1. Choose your “trigger.” Which can be a certain time of day in your SmartThings
  2. Choose your “action.” The action is the reaction to the trigger. For example, your Govee LED lights turn on.
  3. Then you would name your “Applet”. 

IFTTT connects with many different products such as Google, Echo, Hue, Ring, and many more. 

A cool example of using your Govee and SmartThings would be to have a light blink in your room when your Samsung dryer has finished. This way, you can turn off the annoying sound your dryer makes

Problems Connecting Govee Lights With SmartThings

The biggest problem with connecting Govee and SmartThings is that they don’t have a contract to work together. 

While SmartThings can work with Hue, for instance, they don’t have the same relationship with Govee. 


SmartThings and Govee are not compatible as they do not have a direct connection with each other. There are tech-savvy and simple ways to use both of these apps together though.

SmartThings is also working to develop a more “universal platform” in the future, so maybe all is not lost for Govee and SmartThings’s relationship after all. 

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