Is Govee Compatible With Hue?

Is Govee Compatible With Hue?Is Govee Compatible With Hue?

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When making your home “smarter,” there are many brands. Two brands people think of are Govee and Hue. But what happens when you have both brands? Are they compatible?

The Govee and Hue devices are not directly compatible. They will not work on each other’s apps, nor will they sync together. However, they can be used with a third-party app such as Alexa, Google Home, and HomeKit. 

Let’s explore why the Govee and Hue apps don’t allow for cross-connections and how we can get them to work together using any of the three third-party apps. 

Third-Party Apps That Will Connect Govee and Hue Products

Third-party apps will allow multiple platforms to connect through them for the user to get the best overall experience. 

Let’s say that you have mostly Hue lights, and a loved one gets you a Govee LED light strip without knowing that you don’t have any Govee products. 

Using one of the three third-party apps below, you can still connect your LED strips with whatever Hue products you have and create a cohesive smart home environment. 

Having one place to go to as the hub for all your controls is really useful. Still, they are not a substitute for the brand’s app; you will need to install those apps first. 

Make sure that in whichever you connect to, when it comes to the Hue, connect the Hue Bridge for full functionality. 

Connecting Govee and Philips Hue with Alexa

First, we are looking at one of the most popular third-party apps: Alexa. Alexa can be used for more than just the Echo Show or the Echo Dot

When setting up your Govee or Hue product on your Alexa, you must go through a few steps:

  1. Make sure the product has been set up on either your Govee or Hue app
  2. Enable either the Govee or Hue skill on the Alexa app
  3. Select devices and the plus sign to add another device
  4. Choose to discover new devices
  5. Choose the device you are looking for

Once your devices are set up, you can pair them up into “groups.” These groups will allow you to use different types of devices all at once. 

Using Google Home with Govee and Hue

When connecting Govee with Google Home, we will look at how to connect once Govee has been loaded. 

  1. Open the Google Home App on your phone
  2. Click on “Add Devices”
  3. Choose which Govee device you have
  4. Set up the Device 
  5. Agree that Govee works with Google Home
  6. Allow for Govee to share info with Google Home

Setting up with Hue is a lot of the same dance. The biggest reason we want to connect with the Hue Bridge is the ability to connect using WiFi. 

Once you have the Hue Bridge set up with your Hue app, the six steps above should also work with Philip Hues. 

Connecting Govee and Hue with HomeKit

Again, we will look at connecting with Apple HomeKit using Govee as the model. 

Homekit will be a little harder since you must install the software, Homebridge, first. This is because neither Govee nor Hue are Apple products and require a third party.

After installing Homebridge, you will follow these steps:

  1. Go to the menu
  2. Find “Plugins” & search for Govee
  3. Install the plugin for Govee
  4. Make sure it is all set up and restart 

The Philips Hue’s setup is going to be quite similar. 

Govee and Hue

For those not aware, Govee and Hue are both big-name brands for smart home lights and electronics. 

Most smart home brands use Bluetooth, WiFi, or both. Let’s first look at Govee and Hue and then at why they aren’t app compatible. 

Customizable features in the app
No hub needed
Bluetooth & WiFi compatible 
More Expensive
Uses the help of a hub for connection
Can use Bluetooth
Cleaner app set up 

Govee and Hue are not the only smart home products that can’t directly connect when it comes to set up. 

Thankfully, there are quite a few options where you can connect their light systems, and they can be used via a third-party app or system.

If you have tried all the options above, don’t worry, we have some troubleshooting tips for if your Govee lights won’t connect.

Compatibility between Govee and Hue

There may not be any direct compatibility between these two systems, but it doesn’t mean they are meant to be at odds forever. 

With the right mediator to bridge the gap, Govee and Hue can work beautifully together. Giving the user a plethora of options to choose from. 

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