How To Reset My Vivint Sensors?

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Vivint is a popular home security system that helps keep your home protected and safe from any danger. Although these systems are designed to work for you and your loved ones 24/7, surely there will come a time when a reset or panel power down may be required to get your home security system back up and running.

This article will teach you how to reset your Vivint water sensors, door window sensors, and how to correctly perform a panel power down to prevent the dreaded customer service phone calls and emails.

Vivint Water Sensors

The Vivint water sensors are water and temperature sensors that detect moisture or temperature levels within your home. These sensors are generally placed in areas where water leaks are prone to occur within your home. With statistics showing that 37% of homeowners experience losses due to water damage, it is vital that your Vivint water sensor works.

How To Reset Vivint Water Sensor

In the event your water sensor fails to work, you need to do a sensor reset. This is the fastest and easiest way to get your sensors back up and running without the hassle of customer service.

  1. Place your system to “Test Mode” to avoid false alarms.
  2. Remove the cover of the sensor.
  3. Remove the battery for at least 30 seconds.
  4. Insert the battery and place the cover on the sensor.

In the event the sensor does not reset, you may have a dead battery. The water sensors require a Duracell Power Lithium CR123A Battery.

To replace the battery, use the same steps as above except, replace the old battery with the new one and place the cover on the sensor.

Vivint Door Window Sensors

Resetting the Vivint door window sensors can be a little trickier to do as this involves either replacing the battery or rebooting your panel depending on the version of sensors you have. We will discuss replacing batteries for DW10 and DW11 sensors and we will also discuss what to do if your door sensors are not registering that the door is closed. Your Vivint panel will notify you when it is time to replace the batteries in your DW10 and DW11 sensors.

How to Replace Vivint DW10 Door Window Sensor

Replacing the batteries on your DW10 Door Window Sensor requires two CR2032 batteries and a small screwdriver to assist with opening the tab of the sensor. Use the following steps to replace the batteries:

  1. Ensure your system is disarmed. Note: There may be some beeping from the panel when opening the sensor.
  2. Press the tab on the side of the sensor using a small screwdriver to open the sensor.
  3. Remove the old batteries and replace them with two new batteries.
  4. Replace the sensor cover. Make sure it snaps and is secured with no gaps.

Keep reading to learn how to replace the batteries if you have a DW11 Door Window Sensor.

How To Replace Vivint DW11 Door Window Sensor

Replacing the DW11 Door Window Sensor only requires one CR2032 battery and a small coin to assist with opening the tab of the sensor. The manufacturers recommend you use Duracell Child Safe CR2032 Batteries. Follow the steps below to replace your DW11 sensor batteries:

  1. Disarm your system.
  2. Remove the sensor cover using the small coin.
  3. Remove the old battery and replace it with the new battery.
  4. Slide the battery in positive (+) side up and reattach the sensor cover.

To ensure that you correctly replace the batteries, once the sensor cover is on, open and close the door to update the sensor’s status on the panel.

Continue reading to learn what to do if your sensor is not reading closed.

What To Do if DW10 or DW11 Door Window Sensor Isn’t Reading Closed

A frequently asked question on Vivint’s support website is what to do if your door window sensor isn’t reading that the door is closed.

If your door is closed, but the sensor is registering the door as open, generally this means your sensor is out of alignment or your magnet fell off the door.

  • If your magnet has fallen off the door frame, simply reattach it with double-sided replacement tape.
  • If your magnet has fallen off, but you cannot locate it, contact the Vivint specialist to order a replacement magnet.
  • If your magnet is intact and nothing appears to be out of alignment, contact a Vivint specialist for assistance.

Reboot Your Vivint Panel

If you have replaced the batteries required for your specific door window sensor, but there still seems to be a problem, before you contact support, try to reboot your Vivint Panel. This process can take anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

  1. Ensure your system is disarmed.
  2. Go to your panel and tap the menu icon.
  3. Tap devices under Smart Home Settings and enter your pin.
  4. Tap display and select the panel you want to reboot.
  5. Tap reboot and select Yes to confirm.


We discussed how to reset the Vivint water sensors, door window sensors, and how to reboot your panel. Should you try all the steps required for your needs and there is still an issue with your sensor, contact Vivint Support to talk with a specialist via phone, email, or instant chat.

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