How Do I Silence Vivint Low Battery Notifications?

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In today’s smart home, convenience is a priority, but security is a necessity. Smart home devices tailored towards keeping the premises secure range from security cameras to at home security devices that monitor when the house is entered. One such security device is the Vivint SkyControl panel. The Vivint SkyControl panel keeps your home safe, but sometimes, users may run into problems with the low battery notification.

You can silence the Vivint low battery notification by tapping the alert notification on the left side of the SkyControl’s home screen and reading the whole message. In rare instances, you may have a bad backup battery, and you will need to contact Vivint directly for support.

Though there may be moments where having a smart security panel can be a minor headache, the peace of mind that comes with owning one far outweighs the inconvenience of the occasional mishap. It is helpful to know why exactly your SkyControl panel beeps and be prepared to quickly solve the minor issues that may arise from things like power outages.

Why Does My Vivint Keep Beeping?

Having a beeping SkyControl panel can definitely be grating (especially when these kinds of devices are supposed to be “smart” devices). However, there are really only three primary reasons for the Vivint SkyControl panel to beep.

Loss of Communication

One reason the panel beeps is a loss of communication; this means that the sensor that triggers the alert (which keeps your home safe) can no longer communicate with the panel.

Intruders can walk in and out of your house without the panel knowing a thing. Therefore, this beeping alert is put in place to protect the user from this potential event.

Usually, this is due to a dead battery or an issue with the system network. You can either try changing the battery to reestablish communication or chat with Customer Solutions for support on the Vivint website.

Tampered Sensor

Another reason why the SkyControl panel might emit a beeping sound is due to tampering with the sensor or with the panel. This is handy because if a potential burglar is trying to disable the sensor or the panel, the Vivint SkyControl will let you know about it. 

In the case of the sensor being tampered with by a criminal, a notification may be the result of the cover of the sensor not being replaced correctly or a battery not being pressed down all the way. If you get a panel tamper alert, this may occur when the SkyControl panel is not entirely secured to the backplate.

Low Battery

The last major reason that the SkyControl panel beeps is because the panel is actually low on battery. Usually, the panel is connected to power via a wall adapter, so this alert should not happen too often.

However, in moments where you might have had a power outage, the backup battery will keep the panel working, but the system will issue a low battery alert to get you to unplug the wall adapter and plug it back in.

What Kind of Battery Does Vivint Panel Use?

The Vivint SkyControl uses a rechargeable backup battery. This is what is plugged into the wall via the wall adapter.

As soon as your panel is plugged in, the battery begins to charge automatically. In the case of a power outage, the backup battery should be able to keep your system running for 4-24 hours.

How to Change Vivint Batteries?

Though many of Vivint’s security products require the use of batteries ranging from the standard AA to the less common R123A, the SkyControl panel is the only product that precludes a need for battery replacement.

As long as it is plugged into an outlet via the wall adapter, it will have power. Should a power outage occur, the panel will make a beeping sound, but reading the low battery notification on the home screen and unplugging and plugging in the adapter should remedy the situation.

In certain rare instances, you may need to replace the backup battery. To do so, contact Vivint’s support team to get assistance with battery replacement.

Final Thoughts

Having a Vivint SkyControl panel is definitely a worthy investment if you are concerned about the safety of your home and want to be alerted if any unwelcome intruders try to enter.

Though it may seem like a headache to endure the potential of a beeping sound, it really is a small price to pay, considering all that is gained. It also helps that the fix for the beeping sound is fairly accessible and straightforward.

Don’t let a simple beeping issue cost you an opportunity at peace of mind and smart home security—there’s a cost to be paid for every benefit.

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