How to Reset ADT Glass Break Sensor

Woman smiling looking outside window while opening window.Woman smiling looking outside window while opening window.

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You’re sitting in your living room when your ADT glass break sensor is triggered, and the alarm goes off. But there’s no broken glass or open windows, and there’s no one there. Like there’s really no one there. While the alarms are going off, you may be wondering how you can get the glass break sensor to turn off or reset.

How you can reset your ADT glass break sensor depends on what version of the device you have. For the most part, you can remove the sensor from the wall and turn it over to where its batteries are located. From there, you should be able to hold down the “reset” button and refresh the device.

Continue reading for more information about how ADT’s glass break sensor works and how you can troubleshoot the device. This information could help you get the most out of the product.

How to Reset Your ADT Glass Break Sensor

You will need to reset your ADT glass break sensor every time the alarm goes off; this could happen for various reasons, ranging from actual break-ins to “false alarms.”

If you have purchased your ADT glass break sensor within the last five months, the following steps can reset your device:

  1. On the top of the device, there should be a small button. By pressing it, the back will pop off, showing you where the battery is located.
  2. Next, you will see that there is a small black button underneath the battery compartment. Press the button twice. On the second press, however, hold down on the button until the sensor flashes red.
  3. Attach the back onto the device and reattach it to the wall.

Depending on what version of the glass break sensor you own, you may also be able to reset the device from your ADT keypad. Again, this will depend on what version you own.

When Should you Reset Your ADT Glass Break Sensor?

The only time you will need to reset your ADT glass break sensor is when you have problems with troubleshooting or need to install the device as a new user.

When it comes to troubleshooting, here are some specific issues in which you’ll need to perform a reset:

Poor Location

As noted, your ADT glass break sensor can pick up sound within a 20-foot range. If you place your device in a high-traffic area, like a child’s room, for instance, it could pick up virtually any noise and go off. On the other hand, if the sensor is not in a good location, it may not pick up anything. You could always place the device in a different location.

The ADT glass break sensor should be positioned directly across the window that it is monitoring. If the sightline is blocked by a door, wall, or piece of furniture, a break-in may not trip the system.

Once you have moved the device to a new location, perform a reset.

Wrong Sensitivity Levels

Ideally, you never want to hear your ADT alarm system go off. This sound should alert you to a possible intruder or discourage a perpetrator.

However, you may find that it goes off frequently. For example, if a wine glass breaks, a dog barks, or a car backfires, the sensor could interpret this as a break-in. Fortunately, you can minimize the range in which the sensor can pick up noise from within the app.

The sensor comes with four settings: lowest, low, medium, and maximum. Again, you can adjust these settings in the app or directly with ADT’s 24-hour support. It may be helpful to reset the device to its default settings and adjust as needed.

Low Battery

Your ADT glass break sensor may be making periodic “chirping” noises. You may also get alerts on your phone through the app. This is not intended to warn you of an intruder, but instead, warn you of a low battery.

The latest model runs on one CR123 3-volt battery. However, others may require one CR2032 battery, depending on the model and when it was released.

When replacing the batteries, be sure to place the device in test mode, so you do not accidentally trip the system. While you are replacing the battery, you may notice a small “reset” button in that area. You should press that button before remounting the device to disable the low battery chirping notification.

In Summary

If you are still wondering how to reset your ADT glass break sensor, it ultimately boils down to what version of the device you are using. To recap, there should be a reset button on the device that allows you to refresh the system. You may need to hold down on the button or press it multiple times.

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