How Do I Reset My ADT Sensor?

ADT Keypad with digital screen on.ADT Keypad with digital screen on.

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Having an ADT alarm system is a great way to get peace of mind that your property is secure, and you are safe when you’re home. Occasionally though, you may have problems with the numerous ADT sensors around your home not “speaking” to your central control panel. If this happens, it’s okay. There are some ways you can troubleshoot these problems yourself, one of which is by resetting the device.

ADT sensors can be reset by restarting the control panel. It may also be necessary to change the batteries in your sensor. Another uncommon option is to reset the sensor to factory defaults by pressing the pairing button on the device’s back for ten seconds.

There are several options for resetting sensors, but luckily none of them are incredibly complicated, as you will see below.

Why Reset the ADT Sensors?

There are several reasons why you may need to reset your ADT sensors:

  • It may become necessary to reset your alarm panel if your system is not picking up signals from your sensors or if there has been an activation of the alarm.
  • Another common issue is the batteries in the individual sensors. If the batteries need to be changed in your sensor, you should receive a notification on your main panel or mobile app telling you that there is a problem with that specific sensor. Changing these batteries is a relatively easy and quick fix.
  • Should it become necessary, there is a way on some ADT devices to reset that device to its factory settings if none of the other troubleshooting tips above work. However, this step is usually unnecessary unless you are possibly repurposing that sensor for another system.

How to Reset ADT Sensors

As you may have guessed from the previous section, there are various ways you can go about resetting your system; each will be discussed in detail below:

Resetting the ADT Sensors Through the Main Panel

Resetting the ADT alarm panel is just like restarting your computer. Sometimes things glitch, and restarting wipes the memory and lets the system start all over. There are several different types of ADT alarm panels in circulation, so, ideally, you should read the owner’s manual for your specific panel, as the resetting process may not always work the same.

However, when resetting your alarm panel, you may have to perform the following steps:

  1. Enter your personal code.
  2. Press the “Off” button twice.

As mentioned, this is a general example; read your system’s user manual for any specific instructions.

Reset ADT Sensors by Changing the Battery

There are many different types of sensors that ADT uses that you may have to interact with. The most common sensors are door/window sensors and motion sensors. Changing the batteries for these devices is a simple process and only requires a few items.

For most sensors, you will need to make sure you have a CR123A battery; these are the most common. Check your owner’s manual or the sensor to confirm you have the correct battery.

To change the battery in an ADT motion sensor:

  1. Remove the screw from the mount. This tab can be on the top or the bottom of the sensor.
  2. Using a flathead screwdriver, press the tab on the device’s bottom to open the cover and expose the battery.
  3. Change the battery and replace the unit.

Changing the battery on an ADT door/window sensor is similar:

  1. With the sensor still mounted, use a flathead screwdriver to press the tab at the top or the bottom of the sensor to remove the cover.
  2. Replace the battery and replace the cover.

All pretty straightforward and quickly completed. Changing the battery when your sensors need it will ensure your system is working the way it should.

Factory Resetting ADT Sensors

Though uncommon, you may find that you need to reset a sensor to its factory defaults. How you do this may differ from sensor to sensor and may not be possible on some sensors. It is not difficult to do, though.

  1. Just like you were changing the battery, open the cover.
  2. There may be a small black button on the inside of the device, sometimes called a pairing button. Press and hold this button for approximately 10 seconds. The length of time may differ from device to device.

Here is a very short video that will demonstrate the process: How to Reset ADT Motion Sensor & Door/Windows Sensor.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has provided enough information to point you in the right direction when it comes to resetting your ADT sensors. However, remember that each system is different, so if you find that you need to reset your entire system rather than just the sensors, always refer to the owner’s manual or contact ADT support for assistance if needed.

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