How to Remove Ring Spotlight Cam

A box with an assortment of screws.A box with an assortment of screws.

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Setting up your Ring spotlight camera is relatively easy because there are a whole host of resources online that walk you through how. When it comes time to remove it however, it can become a challenge due to the fact that there are far less resources available that explain how. So how exactly do you remove a Ring Spotlight Cam when you’re ready for it to come down? 

To remove a Ring Spotlight Cam you must work backwards from the way you put it up. WIth a phillips screwdriver, you’ll need to remove the security screw that holds the camera in the wall anchor socket. Then, either using a drill or the same screwdriver, remove the wall anchor from the wall.   

If you would like more detailed step by step instructions on how to remove your Ring spotlight cam, we’ve got you covered. Below we will break down each step, so that you can confidently take down your cam without feeling like you might be doing it wrong. Further we will prov 

Tools You Will Need to Remove a Ring Spotlight Cam

Every job needs the right tool/tools. If you’re removing and Ring spotlight cam it’s no different. The type of surface your Ring Spotlight Cam is attached to will determine whether you just need a screwdriver or if you might want to use a drill instead. 

If you have a masonry wall like stucco you might want to have a drill nearby to remove the screws that hold the wall anchor/socket in place. If your walls are made of wood on the other hand, you’ll probably just want to use a philips screwdriver. 

Remove the Security Screw From the Wall Anchor Socket 

The wall anchor is the piece that you–or whoever set up your spotlight cam–put up first to hold the camera in place. The camera itself has a joint on the end of it that pops into the socket on the anchor. The camera is secured in the socket with a screw on its side. 

Take a regular philips screwdriver and carefully remove the security screw. Be sure and put the screw (as well as all of the other screws you take out) in a place where you won’t lose it. Many people like to have a small plastic bag with them they can just plop screws into as they go. 

Pull the Ring Spotlight Cam Out of the Socket

Now that the security screw has been removed, firmly pull the spotlight cam out of the socket on the wall anchor.

Remember to take your time in this process. Especially if the wall you’re pulling it out of is made of wood. You don’t want to yank it out, you just want to be firm. 

Once your have the cam out, make sure you store it somewhere with a decent amount of padding so it won’t become damaged. If you’re going to store it for a long period of time, it’s a good idea to remove the battery first and store it separately. That way if any corrosion happens it doesn’t ruin your cam. Batteries can inexpensively be replaced. The cam, not so much.  

Take Down the Wall Anchor With a Screwdriver/Drill 

The wall anchor should have four screws in it that hold it in place. If you put it on a masonry wall, simply use a philips drill bit to remove each screw and take it off the wall. If it’s on a wooden wall on the other hand, you can just use a screwdriver. 

Once all four screws are out gently remove the wall anchor and put it somewhere it both won’t get damaged or lost.

Can You Disable a Ring Spotlight Cam? 

If you’re no longer using a specific spotlight cam for the moment, you may want to disable it before you remove it so the light doesn’t automatically come on. How exactly do you do that? 

To remove a ring spotlight camera you just:

  • go into the device settings for the cam you want to disable
  • toggle the lights to off when motion is detected.
  • This will ensure that your spotlight cam’s light won’t come on while you remove it. 

So Really, How Do You Remove a Ring Spotlight Cam?

When it comes time to take down your Ring Spotlight Cam, you really just need a screwdriver and/or a drill. You first want to detach the camera from the wall anchor by removing the security screw and carefully but firmly pulling it out of the socket. Next you just need to use your drill or your screwdriver to take down the wall anchor itself. 

Fortunately, this process is relatively simple. The hardest part is probably remembering to store each component and the screws in a place where you won’t forget them. Be mindful as you put everything away and you should be all set!

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