How to Easily Connect a Webcam to a Smart TV!


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You picked up a new webcam to be able to do work conferences and be able to keep up with friends and family. The small computer screen is not really cutting it, though, and you want to connect the webcam to your smart tv to enjoy the glorious big screen.

Most smart TVs will allow you to connect a webcam to be able to enjoy a much bigger display for your teleconferencing needs. Read more below to find out exactly how to connect your webcam to your smart tv in no time.

Benefits of Connecting a Webcam to Your Smart TV

One of the biggest benefits of connecting your webcam to your smart tv is that you will enjoy a much bigger display to work with. Some people might not be able to see very well on a tiny little laptop or computer monitor, so connecting to a tv gives you a much bigger picture of what is going on.

This also might be useful for people who need someone far away to show small details or objects that would be easier to see on a bigger screen. Finally, having a webcam on your smart tv will give you a bigger area to use for teleconferencing. The smart tv option usually lets you have your subjects farther from the screen allowing for more people on camera.

What Do You Need to Connect a Webcam to a Smart TV?

Before you can connect your webcam to your smart tv, there are a few things you are going to need to check out.

First off, you will need to make sure your webcam has a cord with a USB-A connection on it. Most webcams will have this connection, but some may have an HDMI connection which should also work. Make sure your smart tv has a connection open for a USB or HDMI input. Smart TVs should have a USB input, usually for manually installing software.

The last thing to check for is an application on the smart tv that will allow you to teleconference using the connected camera. It is not going to be super helpful if you can connect the camera to your tv if your tv’s operating system will not let you share and receive video.

What Kind of Teleconferencing Apps are Available for Smart TVs?

One of the most popular teleconferencing apps is Skype. This is the app that most people are familiar with and is available for some smart TVs right through the TV’s app store. It is also available on the Xbox family of gaming consoles.

Google Duo might be another option for you but the drawback is that you can only teleconference with other people using Google Duo.

Amazon offers a wide range of smart TV devices, like the Fire Stick, that offer the ability to teleconference. The only drawback is that you can only video call people who are also using Alexa devices which might limit the people with which you can connect.

Connecting the Webcam to the Smart TV

If you have an Xbox gaming console, you would simply connect the webcam to the gaming system, download the Skype app from the Microsoft Store, configure the app using the Xbox controller, and make a test call.

Otherwise, use these steps:

  1. Use the cable coming out from the webcam to connect it to the TV’s USB connection port (usually on the back or side of the TV).
  2. Using your television’s remote, cycle through the source options available to find the webcam. When you have selected the correct source, you should see the footage the webcam is capturing being displayed on your television.
  3. Adjust the camera to make sure it is pointed where you want it to capture.
  4. Go to the smart TV’s app store to find the teleconferencing app you want to use and install it to your operating system.
  5. Open up the app and configure it to use your webcam for audio and video.
  6. Make a test call.

Your webcam and teleconferencing app should now be up and ready to use!

Alternatives to the Webcam

If you are not able to connect your webcam to your smart tv, you can also look into alternatives that would allow you to cast your personal device (like a phone or laptop) to the television. This alternative usually is not as convenient but may work if the options you want from the webcam and smart tv are not available.


There are many reasons to use a webcam on a smart tv. For most users, the setup should be fairly quick and easy, allowing you to make video calls within minutes of connecting the webcam. Do a little research beforehand to make sure you know exactly which app you would like to use with others, make sure that the app is available for your smart tv or gaming console, and connecting the webcam and getting up and running should be quick and painless.

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