How to Change the Owner of an Arlo Camera

Arlo camera side viewArlo camera side view

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If you are selling or giving your Arlo Camera away, you want to be able to erase all of your important and personal information to make it a clean slate for others. Your Arlo camera should be personalized to you and not under a former owner.

How to change the owner of an Arlo Camera? You will need to reset the Arlo base station to factory settings and when you do that, it will also take away the serial number from the original Arlo account in order for the next owner to access it. The other option would be to get rid of all of your devices under your account so that they can be registered again with another owner.

Trying to figure out how to change the owner of your Arlo camera can be stressful. It does not have to be, because the only thing that you have to touch is your base station and the Arlo app and soon enough you are able to change the main name on all of your Arlo cameras.

Resetting Your Base Station

Arlo Base Station

In resetting your base station for the Arlo camera, it means to put everything back to the original factory settings on your base station and removing all of the previous information. The steps to reset your base station include:

  1. Use a small paper clip or something narrow enough to press and hold the Reset button on the base station for approx. 10 seconds.
  2. The LEDs on the base station will let you know it has been reset when the color turns yellow. When your base station’s LEDs stop flashing it has rebooted. Your Arlo account is now free from your base station.
  3. Next, the power and Internet LEDs will both be green and then that is when you need to go into your Arlo app and log in to your Arlo account. If you are using a computer, go onto
  4. Click on New to Arlo? And follow the instructions to set up your cameras and your base station.

Another option that will help with changing owners is to log in to your Arlo account and go to your Settings. From there you will go to My Devices and click on your base station and remove it. This will kick the base station off of your account and will make it available to go to another account.

Arlo offers you the ability to open a case for their products that have a 1-year warranty if all the steps above are not working to help reset your Arlo camera. After you have set up your used Arlo cameras, you can add friends and family to control your devices.

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Granting Others Access

You can give others access to your Arlo account. While they do have a modified control over the features and settings of your account, they still have the ability to use certain features:

  • Mute the speaker
  • Play and pause the live video feed
  • Record video clips
  • Manually record
  • Delete, favorite, share and download any video clips
  • Camera’s microphone

Adding friends to your Arlo camera can help to lower your stress in knowing that there are others that are helping to watch your belongings.

How to Add Others

Invitations to create their account to your cameras are the same way as social media. After your friend opens the email that you sent, they need to use that email to create an Arlo account. On your end of things, you can see if they still have not opened it or if they have declined or accepted it.

Here is how you can add family and friends to your Arlo cameras:

  • Open the Arlo app on your smartphone or enter if you are using a computer.
  • Open up your Settings.
  • In your Account, open up Grant Access.
  • The Friends page will show up and you can now click on the Add or + sign.
  • Enter their full name and email address.
  • Next, click on the camera that you want them to be able to use and then you are able to Send Invite.

How to Edit and Delete a Friend’s Access

If you think your friends and family have too much access to your cameras or you want to give them more, you are able to do that even after they have accepted your invite. When you no longer wish to have a certain friend or family member control your cameras, you are able to remove them.

  • Open the Arlo and your Cameras will be displayed.
  • Click on the Settings button.
  • In your Account, click on Grant Access.
  • All of your friends and family will be listed and from there you can click on a friend and click on Edit.
  • When the edit page comes up you can either, click on Allow Access Rights or Delete Friend.
  • Then click Done and your settings will be automatically saved.
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