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How Can I Use Insignia TV Without Remote

Last Updated Mar 27, 2022

Using a remote to control the functioning of the TV makes navigating easy, quick, and stress-free. No one wants to go through the stress of not controlling any smart TV without a remote. This is worse if the user knows next to nothing about how these TVs function. But how can you navigate your Insignia TV if you ever lose your remote?

You can use an Insignia TV without a remote by navigating using the buttons on the TV. Navigating without a remote is achieved by unplugging the TV or using the power button. On reconnecting, the TV will switch to the correct input mode where the main menu appears..

Though this should solve the problem for most smart TVs, these problems are usually avoided on installing these TVs. The installer fixes it in a mode to ensure that operating the TV solely using the buttons of the TV is user-friendly. So, it can be performed by any user. Read on to learn how to operate your Insignia TV if your remote should ever go missing.

How Can I Operate an Insignia TV Without a Remote?

Because the models and sizes of Insignia TVs can be vastly different, you may not be able to find where the navigation buttons are when you have lost your remote. Or even worse, your model may not have navigation buttons in the first place. 

You can find out how to navigate your TV without a remote depending on your model of Insignia TV below.

No-Button Insignia TV Models

Insignia TV models without buttons are the most difficult to navigate without a remote to help. Some TVs only have a power button used to switch on/off the device. Others do not even have the power button. 

Operating these models will require you to follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect your TV from its power source. That can be done for models with power buttons by simply pressing the button. Those without them can have their cables unplugged to do this. 
  2. Switch the TV back on after a bit, and the main menu should appear on the TV screen to help with navigation. 
  3. In cases where the menu does not appear, you may have to buy a new remote control.  

Now, let’s see how to navigate an Insignia TV that has buttons that are hard to use because they are covered.

Insignia TV with Buttons Protected by a Cover

The truth is users may encounter some problems finding these buttons in models of Insignia TVs where the buttons are protected. 

To find the location of your Insignia TV’s buttons, flip the cover carefully to avoid damaging the TV on inspection. Once the cover has been located, it can be moved so the buttons under it can be used for emergencies until the remote is replaced.

Use Your Smartphone

You can use the Insignia TV remote app to control your TV. You just need to download and activate the app, then point your android phone to the Insignia TV, and you will be able to control it using the mobile device. Most Insignia TV models support the use of this app. Note that you have to download the Screen Mirror and apply it to your TV to connect it to the phone. 

Use a USB Keyboard

Insignia TVs support the use of USB  keyboards. Any USB keyboard will work well with it; even wireless models are compatible. Just connect the keyboard into a  USB port on your TV, put it on, and you can start controlling your TV with the Enter and arrow keys. 

Available Button Insignia TV Models

Models of Insignia TVs, such as those with available buttons, are the easiest to navigate when your remote is lost. However, the buttons on some models are less accessible than others. That may pose a challenge for mounted TVs. 

Navigating your TV using the buttons is simple. The symbols for the function of the buttons are inscribed on the buttons. Just press the ones needed for powering your TV on and off, navigation through channels and the menu, and adjusting the volume. You can also use the TV buttons to reset TV settings, change input, and set up your Insignia Roku when there is no remote available. 

To reset the TV:

  1. Unplug it.
  2. Long press the power button and plug in the TV while pressing it. A menu will appear.
  3. Select the ‘wipe data/restore factory settings option’ from the menu. 

To set up your Insignia Roku, simply use the menu on your Roku App and select the Roku device from the menu. Always use the Wifi connection for your phone for your Roku player. 


Smart TVs are generally hard to function without a remote. So as soon as it is possible, replacing a faulty or lost remote is necessary to have the best experience possible with Insignia TVs. Navigating using these options explained above will help out for some time.