Does Insignia TV Have a Web Browser?

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Many people purchase television sets based on very specific needs. Televisions are becoming smarter for all your streaming needs, but sometimes, you need a browser for tasks other than streaming.

Generally, Insignia smart televisions include a browser in the software. To ensure the model you choose is compatible with a web browser, you must check its exact specifications.

There are certain models to consider when researching Insignia TVs to ensure you purchase one that includes a browser. Keep reading to find out which Insignia TVs have a browser and meet the requirements you are looking for.

Which Insignia TV Models Have a Browser?

You have a wide range of options if you are searching for an Insignia TV that includes a browser in the software. Most recent Insignia TVs come pre-installed with either Silk or Opera web browsers.

The following Insignia TVs are some great ones to consider if you’re looking for a model with a browser:

  • Insignia NS-75F301NA22
  • Insignia NS-32DF310NA19
  • Insignia NS-55F501NA22

Let’s discuss what each model offers.

Insignia NS-75F301NA22

This affordable 75-inch 4k television includes a web browser and all the features that typically come along with a Fire TV. This includes the Alexa voice assistant, available right from your remote control.

Insignia NS-32DF310NA19

 If 75 inches is too big for your space, this 32-inch model will provide you with the same great features, including Alexa right on your remote control. This TV also includes Fire TV software, so installing a web browser like Silk or Firefox is an option.

Insignia NS-55F501NA22

This 55-inch TV offers Fire TV software and a QLED 4k UHD panel. Like the other TVs on the list, Firefox or Silk web browsers are available for installation.

Which Insignia TV Models Do Not Have a Browser Available?

Maybe you’re on the hunt for a TV that gives you smart display features but doesn’t offer a web browser. If you want to avoid the possibility of a browser being installed, there are some Insignia models to consider. The following Insignia TVs do not have an available web browser.

Insignia NS-40D510NA21

This 40-inch TV will allow you to connect devices through HDMI manually, whether it’s a streaming stick, game console, or another smart device. However, it does not have any operating system built-in. It is only available as a 1080p full HD variant and will not have a browser baked into the experience.

Insignia NS-24D310NA21

If you are looking for a smaller, inexpensive option, this 24-inch TV is one to consider. It only has a 720p display and does not have an operating system built-in, but if you are searching for a set that won’t allow you to install a browser, it fits the bill. It also features an LED panel, so power usage will be minimal.

Which Browsers Are Available for Insignia Brand TVs?

The browsers available for your Insignia TV will vary based on which operating system it uses. Most new smart televisions from Insignia use Fire OS, an operating system created and maintained by Amazon. The most popular browser for Fire OS is Amazon Silk. Amazon touts this browser as fast and easy to use, and it’s compatible with the built-in voice-controlled assistant, Alexa. This makes it easier to browse and search from the remote control included with the television.

Another popular browser available for Fire OS is called Opera. This is a fast and private browser for Fire OS with a VPN and ad-blocking built-in. The biggest drawback is that the browser does not support Alexa technology. Unlike Silk, this browser is targeted at those who are a little more tech-savvy.

If your Insignia television uses Roku technology, installing a browser may be more difficult because the OS is not intended for web browsing. Opera and some lesser-known browsers are available, but the operating system is not built for browsing.

As discussed above, you can only install a web browser on your Insignia television if it has a built-in operating system. If your television does not have an OS built-in, installing a browser will not be an option.

What Other Factors Should You Consider in a Browser?

Your main consideration right now is probably whether you’ll even have the ability to install a browser onto your TV. However, there are a few other factors to consider, as well.

  • Alexa Control: Big tech manufacturers are pushing voice-controlled assistants in many aspects of our lives. Having Alexa control for your television’s browser may be important if you are already ingrained in the Alexa environment.
  • Browsers available: For Fire OS, Amazon curates the browsers that work best with the system. For Roku, your options are more limited and not entirely intended for the operating system.
  • Browser Security: The Opera browser features built-in VPN, ad blocking, and private browsing tabs. Amazon Silk is not as secure for browsing if that’s important to you.


Some Insignia models do not have a web browser. Newer smart models, however, typically do. When purchasing your Insignia TV, researching which web browser your desired model is compatible with is a great way to determine which matches your needs.

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