Insignia Smart TV Lip Sync Not Working – How to Fix (Audio and Picture out of Sync)

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Hearing audio before or after the action takes place visually can ruin your viewing experience for your favorite movies and TV shows.

If your Insignia smart TV lip sync is not working, you can run the TV through the power cycle, adjust your audio, or update your smart TV to resolve the problem.

Please continue reading to learn more about why your Insignia smart TV lip sync is not working and how you can fix it. We will walk you through each step you need to take to fix your TV’s audio and visuals.

Why Your Insignia Smart TV Lip Sync Stopped Working

Your Insignia smart TV lip sync can stop working for several reasons.

The following are examples of situations where your audio and visual might go out of sync:

  • The cords that connect your audio device to your smart TV are loose
  • You’re using an outdated version of Insignia smart TV
  • The app you watch your shows on is experiencing updates or network issues
  • Your Wi-Fi is running slower than usual
  • You have too much cache data in your smart TV
  • Your smart TV has been on for too long

When you use your smart TV to watch your programs, you could encounter network problems or app issues that can cause your audio and visuals to go out of sync.

Depending on your problem, there are several methods you can use to resolve your syncing issues.

How to Re-Sync Your Audio and Picture on Insignia Smart TV

The first thing you need to do to troubleshoot your audio and picture on Insignia smart TV is to determine the problem.

Follow these steps to determine which troubleshooting method will work for your situation.

  1. Check your Wi-Fi speed on a computer, so you know if your Wi-Fi is out or faltering.
  2. Turn your TV off and back on to see if that resolves the problem.
  3. Try watching shows in another app to know if the app you’re using is the issue.

After you have ruled these options out, you can proceed with troubleshooting methods to fix your syncing problem.

Neglecting to try these things first could waste much time because many of these scenarios are out of your control.

For example, if the app you want to use is having connection problems or going through software updates, there’s nothing you can do about that aside from waiting it out.

Disconnect and Reconnect Cords

Disconnecting and reconnecting the chords attached to your Insignia smart TV and your audio device would be best.

This is the quickest way to resolve your syncing problems if your cords aren’t connected to your device properly.

It might look like your cords are connected properly at first glance, but sometimes there are issues you can’t see between your cord connections.

Unplug your Insignia smart TV and the audio device that connects to your TV, wait 10 seconds, then plug it back in.

Update Your Insignia Smart TV

You might have audio and picture syncing problems if your TV is overdue for an update. Smart TVs rely on updates to function well, which can impact your viewing experience.

To update your Insignia smart TV, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your home screen
  2. Select the settings menu
  3. Scroll down to “system update” or “check for updates”
  4. Click on “check now”
  5. Allow the updates to process
  6. Restart your Insignia smart TV

If the problem was that you needed to update your Insignia smart TV, then this resolution will fix your problem.

Allow up to 10 minutes for all updates to process through your Insignia smart TV. If you have, It will take longer if you haven’t updated the TV in a while.

If you’re still experiencing trouble with your audio and visual syncing, we have one more solution you can try before you call Insignia customer service.

Delete Cache in You Insignia Smart TV

The cache on your Insignia smart TV can cause many problems, including audio or visual delays. Clearing your cache is an easy way to resolve this issue.

This can work if you know there’s a specific application on your Insignia smart TV for your audio and visual delays.

Follow these steps to delete the cache on your Insignia smart TV and clear up your data:

  1. Enter your settings menu
  2. Select manage all applications
  3. Choose the apps you have the most problems with
  4. Delete the cache from and stop your applications
  5. Restart your Insignia smart TV

After you power your Insignia smart TV back on, you should notice a significant improvement.

If you still have problems with audio and visual syncing, you should contact customer support for other resolutions.

Final Thoughts

There are situations where you can’t fix your audio and visual syncing problems on your Insignia TV.

These situations often include your Wi-Fi, application updates, or bad weather interfering with your streaming services.

It would be best to attempt these troubleshooting methods on your own before contacting Insignia smart TV customer support. Some resolutions will only take a few minutes.

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