Can Insignia TV Use Universal Remote?

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We all do it – our TV remote accidentally falls into the couch cushion, or worse – underneath the couch. Magically, it’s gone and we just can’t seem to find it. So now, without a TV remote, we can’t use our TV and wonder: “can’t I just get a universal remote?” 

Most Insignia TVs can use a universal remote. Some older models of Insignia TVs may not be able to use a universal remote; in which case, you may need to order a remote directly from the manufacturer.  

Can All Insignia TVs Use Universal Remotes?

Most, if not all, modern-day Insignia TVs are compatible with universal remotes. Older models may not be. If you are wondering if your specific model can or can’t use a specific remote, call the manufacturer and check. 

The manufacturer will also be able to order you a remote if needed. But what if your Insignia TV already comes with a remote? And what if you know what you need to get already? 

Do Insignia TVs Come with Universal Remotes?

Typically, your Insignia TV remote is for your specific TV model or a group of TV models.  This is not always the case and you may be given a universal remote.  You can search your specific remote up online to see if it’s a universal remote or a stock version. 

Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV 

Insignia TVs can come with universal remote codes. Universal remote codes can help identify your remote model with your TV model.  Use universal remote codes to find out what remotes are compatible with your Insignia TV.

Here is a brief outlook on some Insignia remote codes:


Scan those codes and match them with what you find in store to make sure your universal remote will work with your Insignia TV. Let’s dive into what universal TV remote may be best for your Insignia TV.

Which Universal Remote is Best for Insignia TVs?

We’ve given you a list of universal remote codes. Now you’ll have to choose the right universal remote for your Insignia TV based on your TV model and the remotes offered. Some of the best universal remotes for your Insignia TV are compiled in this table. 

Insignia NS-RC03A-13Great factory replacement, no programming
Insignia Ns-rc4na-16Inexpensive replacement
Universal Remote ControlGood reviews and easy to use
Insignia Voice RemoteExpensive but comes with voice remote

If you have a modern Insignia TV with voice options on the remote, you should search and purchase an Insignia Voice Remote replacement remote.

Sometimes, programming can be necessary for a universal remote. 

Programming a Universal Remote with Insignia TV

You may be wondering how to connect a universal remote with an Insignia TV. Actually, you may just need to put in AAA-batteries to get the remote to connect. This is a form of automatic programming.

Before we get more into automatic programming, let’s first look into manual programming.

Manual Programming

Manual programming is where you program the remote to connect to your Insignia TV. Most remotes will connect automatically, but for those that don’t, a manual approach is needed.

To connect manually to your Insignia TV, follow these steps.

  1. Turn on your Insignia TV
  2. Press and hold the code search/setup button on your remote until you see an indication light
  3. Press the code search/setup button, or other corresponding button, on your TV
  4. Wait until the connection is established
  5. Begin using your new remote with your Insignia TV

Automatic Searching

Typically, your universal remote will make the connection on its own. If your old remote is still turned on and connected to your TV, your new remote will not connect.  To fix a dual connection, take the batteries out of your old remote. You may even want to throw out your old remote. That is fine as well.

Remember, your new remote cannot make a connection to your TV if there is interference from another remote. Also, your remote may have a search feature on it to connect to your Insignia TV. Look at your remote, if it has one, press this to connect the remote to the Insignia TV.

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