Dyson Vacuum Accessories: How to Really Use Them

DYSON VACUUM AND accessoriesDYSON VACUUM AND accessories

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Dyson vacuums are some of the most popular and reliable on the market. The same goes for Dyson’s attachments, tools, and accessories.

Most Dyson vacuums come with at least one attachment, but most people don’t really know what to do with them. Here’s how you can use Dyson attachments to clean your home as efficiently as possible.   

Dyson Accessories for Whole-Home Cleaning

Dyson vaccuming

Your vacuum’s most important job is to keep your floors, carpets, and stairs clean. Every Dyson vacuum comes with a standard attachment, but some are better for certain homes than others. 

Depending on whether you have carpet or hardwood, your home may be better suited to either the Soft Roller or the Digital Motorbar. 

Soft Roller

The Dyson Soft Roller is the standard attachment for most vacuums. It has no bristles, making it perfect for cleaning hardwood without scratching your floors up. 

This attachment is available for all Dyson vacuum models, although the size may vary depending on your vacuum. 

Digital Motorbar

Dyson vacuum motor bar

While some Dyson vacuums come standard with the Soft Roller Brush, others come with the Digital Motorbar.

This roller is equipped with a full-sized anti-tangle comb, which prevents hair from clogging up your vacuum and brush bar. 

It can clean your carpets and hard surfaces alike, automatically unwrapping hair from its brush as you go.

With counterclockwise rotating heads and Dyson vacuum cross-compatibility, the Digital Motorbar is the best standard attachment for most homes. 

Dyson Accessories for Dusting

One of the best things about Dyson is how versatile their machines are. While every vacuum can clean your floors, very few can help keep other areas of your home clean.

Dyson offers a wide variety of attachments perfect for dusting any surface, from curtains and baseboards to tabletops and mirrors.

Combination Tool

Dyson combination tool

Dyson’s Combination Tool is included with some vacuum models. It’s a two-in-one tool, equipped with a wide nozzle and retractable brush

The nozzle allows you to clean and suck up debris, while the brush allows you to dust softer surfaces. The Combination Tool is available for both cordless and corded Dyson vacuum models.

Soft Dusting Brush 

Dyson’s Soft Dusting Brush attachment is perfect for dusting delicate surfaces, including:

  • Blinds
  • Lampshades
  • Gaming consoles

While the Soft Dusting Brush is advertised as a corded vacuum attachment, it’s compatible with all Dyson vacuum cleaners.

This attachment has angled bristles to prevent scratching and exceptionally strong suction power, perfect for cleaning dirty surfaces without leaving dust behind.  

Mini Soft Dusting Brush

If you like the full-size Soft Dusting Brush, the Mini Soft Dusting Brush won’t disappoint. It’s similar to the original Soft Dusting Brush, but in a smaller size to help you easily dust things like:

  • Keyboards
  • Tabletops
  • Windowsills 

Carbon Fiber Soft Dusting Brush

Dyson’s Carbon Fiber Dusting Brush is built with an efficient carbon fiber mechanism and thickly-packed fiber filaments to suck up dust without generating static.

It comes with a felt bumper, perfect for dusting mirrors, screens, and blinds. The Carbon Fiber Soft Dusting Brush is compatible with most corded Dyson Ball vacuums

Scratch-Free Dusting Brush

The Scratch-Free Dusting Brush is built to dust the most delicate surfaces, including TV screens and monitors, with a self-cleaning brush head.

The scratch-free dusting brush is made with a rotating cuff that helps keep its soft bristles free of debris and dirt. It’s compatible with cordless Dyson vacuum models.

Dyson Accessories for Cleaning Small Spaces

We all have those awkward spaces in our homes and cars that seem impossible to clean. But, anything is possible with the right Dyson attachment!

Here are some of Dyson’s best attachments for cleaning those hard-to-reach spots without getting up on a ladder or moving furniture around. 

Crevice Tool

Dyson crevice tool

Dyson’s original Crevice Tool fits most Dyson vacuums, with the exception of Ball and Canister models. 

This narrow wand attachment is ideal for cleaning crevices and other hard-to-reach spots, like corners of furniture and wall trim.

If you need a little extra light while cleaning out these narrow areas, consider the Light Pipe Crevice Tool. It’s just like the regular Crevice Tool, but with LED lights to help you see better in dark corners. 

There’s also the Flexi Crevice Tool, which extends and bends to suck up dirt in areas that are nearly impossible to reach. It even features a brush at the end to help remove stuck-on dust and debris.  

Awkward Gap Tool

The Awkward Gap Tool is perfect for cleaning oddly-shaped spaces, like car storage compartments and gaps between furniture and walls.

This tool is similar to the Crevice Tool, but with a retractable brush and twistable angle adjustment that helps it reach areas other tools simply cannot. It fits most cordless Dyson vacuum models.

Low-Reach Adaptor

If you have a lot of low-sitting furniture in your home, you know the struggle of trying to vacuum underneath something with your Dyson almost flat to the floor. The Low-Reach Adapter is a great solution to this problem. 

The adapter attaches between your Dyson motor and attachment to adjust the wand angle and help you easily reach low areas without changing your grip.

The Low-Reach adapter can be used with other Dyson cordless vacuum accessories, and it’s especially helpful when used with the traditional Soft Roller or Digital Motorbar. 

Up-Top Adaptor

Like the Low-Reach Adapter, Dyson’s Up-Top Adapter makes it easier to reach high-up surfaces with your cordless vacuum

This adapter is built as a tube that gently bends down, allowing you to focus on reaching those high-up sports without worrying if you’re at the right angle. It’s good to use with many Dyson accessories, including the Soft Dusting Brush.

Mini Motorized Tool

The Mini Motorized Tool is meant for exceptionally dirty, small, and hard-to-clean surfaces. It works best when used on softer surfaces, such as:

  • Carpeted stairs
  • Mattresses
  • Upholstery

The motorized brush bar spins while removing debris, and the articulated soleplate helps it maintain a strong suction seal at different angles. The Mini Motorized Tool is available for cordless Dyson vacuum models

Multi-Angle Brush

The Multi-Angle Brush is another tool built to reach high-up spots, but with the additional benefit of twisting and locking at different angles. It’s mainly compatible with corded Dyson vacuums but can also be used with select cordless models

The Multi-Angle Brush locks onto the hose extension and bends up to nearly 90 degrees, all while evenly distributing suction power.

Specialized Dyson Accessories

Most Dyson accessories are good for multiple applications. But, there are some jobs you need a specialized tool to handle.

Whether you’re trying to get a stubborn mud stain off your carpet or need an easy way to reduce the amount of pet hair in your home, Dyson’s specialized accessories have you covered.

Stubborn Dirt Brush

If you have a really dirty surface, like a muddy carpet, you need the Stubborn Dirt Brush. This attachment is cross-compatible across all recent Dyson models

The stiff bristles are ideal for deep cleaning surfaces with stuck-on dirt and debris, and the gaps between the bristles prevent it from sticking to surfaces as you clean.

Tangle-Free Turbine Tool

The handheld Tangle-Free Turbine Tool is available for most corded Dyson vacuums, as well as the V11 cordless model

It locks onto your vacuum’s hose, and the rotating brush heads clean upholstery and carpeting without binding it up. 

It has two twin brush heads that direct hair toward the center of the tool, filtering it straight into the suction channel.

Groom Tool

You can use Dyson’s Groom Tool Kit to groom your pet, sucking loose hair and debris directly off the skin without harming your dog. These tools are cross-compatible with all Dyson vacuums.

If you have a Golden Retriever, Labrador, Collie, or other shedding-prone dog, you’ll definitely want to try this tool. It features adjustable length, flexible bristles and gentle suction power, ensuring a comfortable grooming experience that keeps your home free of pet hair.

Mattress Tool

The Mattress Tool removes allergens and debris from your mattress and other upholstery in your home.

The Mattress Tool gently removes lint and loose fibers from mattresses and cushions, and suction power is evenly distributed throughout the attachment. It’s directly compatible with most corded and cordless Dyson vacuums

How to Change Your Dyson Vacuum Attachment

With all the accessories Dyson has available, there’s a good chance you’ll want to change your vacuum attachment every once in a while.

Luckily, almost all Dyson attachments can be removed and attached in the same way:

  1. Find the red button toward the top of your attachment.
    Red attachement on Dyson
  2. Press down on the indent while gently pulling the attachment off your vacuum.
    Remove dyson attachement
  3. Slide the new attachment onto your vacuum. Make sure you hear the “click” before releasing.
    Dyson attachment click sound when switching attachments

FAQ: Dyson Vacuum Accessories

Can You Buy Extra Dyson Vacuum Accessories?

You can buy extra Dyson vacuum cleaner attachments online. Dyson sells genuine parts on their website, but there are also many compatible third-party attachments on Amazon.

However, before you purchase a new attachment, make sure it’s compatible with your Dyson vacuum model.

Do Dyson Parts Fit All Models?

Unfortunately, not all Dyson accessories fit all Dyson vacuums. However, newer models and attachments are generally cross-compatible. 

Do Dyson Vacuum Accessories Have a Warranty?

Dyson vacuums and accessories bought directly from Dyson or an authorized third-party retailer come with a one-year warranty, effective from the date of purchase.

Did Dyson Stop Making Vacuums?

Dyson still makes cordless vacuums. However, the company announced in 2018 that it would be moving away from manufacturing corded vacuums. 

They still have some corded vacuums for sale, but new models likely won’t be released in the future. 

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