Can I Bring Dyson Airwrap on a Plane? 5 Traveling Tips

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The Dyson Airwrap is a great way to style and dry your hair simultaneously, which can be handy when you’re in a hurry.

You can bring your Dyson Airwrap on a plane using either your Carry-on bag or your checked luggage. Heated hair styling tools like curlers and hair dryers are permitted through TSA.

Please continue reading to learn more about bringing your Dyson Airwrap on a plane and our traveling tips to help you out with that.

Consider Packing Your Dyson Airwrap in Your Carry-On Bag

When you are on vacation, you may be in a rush to do your hair so that you can enjoy your trip. One of the best ways to bring your Dyson Airwrap with you is using your carry-on bag.

This device is expensive, so you may feel more comfortable bringing the Dyson Airwrap onto the aircraft in your carry-on.

Many people already experience anxiety when they board a plane and feel even more nervous when they have expensive devices in their checked luggage.

When you keep your Dyson Airwrap in your carry-on bag, it will always be near you, so you don’t have to second guess whether or not someone’s got their hands on it.

TSA Carry-On Bag Guidelines

Unfortunately, the TSA has very strict guidelines about the size of your carry-on bag. You cannot have a carry-on bag larger than 22 inches long and 14 inches wide.

This situation can make it difficult to bring your Dyson Airwrap on the plane with your carry-on because you may have other urgent things you want to keep in your carry-on instead.

When you package your Dyson Airwrap in your carry-on bag, you’ll want to surround it with a soft material, so it doesn’t bump around during the ride.

Use Luggage Locks on Your Bags

If you can’t fit your Dyson Airwrap in your carry-on bag, don’t worry. Many people carry these devices in their checked luggage as well.

If you’re worried about someone stealing your items from your checked luggage, you can invest in a luggage lock to protect yourself from the situation.

Thieves don’t usually target luggage with a lock on it because they’re looking for something easy to access, so your Dyson Airwrap will be safe.

Alternative Protective Measures

If you don’t want to invest in a luggage lock, you can also wrap your checked luggage with plastic wrap to keep it safe from thieves.

Not only will this make your luggage distinguishable from other people’s, but thieves also don’t want to take the time to unravel plastic wraps from a suitcase to get the contents inside.

Choose Distinct Luggage

Many people make the mistake of choosing common colors for their suitcases when they travel and then have trouble finding their stuff.

It would help to choose a distinct suitcase to carry your items so you can spot it immediately. Otherwise, someone else might mistake your suitcase for theirs.

Secure Your Dyson Airwrap

One of the most efficient ways to keep your Dyson Airwrap secure during travel is to wrap it in your clothes.

You can bring your Dyson Airwrap on a plane, but you’ll want to keep it secure whether you bring it through checked luggage or carry-on. Otherwise, your device could be damaged during travel.

You don’t want to use bubble wrap in your suitcase because you only have limited space to work with when you travel on an aircraft.

Manage Your Space

You’ll need to be mindful of how much space you have in your luggage before you pack your Dyson Airwrap. Packing it in your luggage when you already have a full container could cause damage.

It would help if you also remembered that you don’t have much room in your carry-on bag and need to keep your Dyson Airwrap cushioned.

Keep in Mind that most Hotels Provide Hair Dryers

While it is easy to do your hair with the Dyson Airwrap because you can style and dry simultaneously, you should remember that most hotel rooms keep a hair dryer handy.

If you’re running out of space in your luggage, you may consider using one of the hair dryers provided by the hotel instead.

This is also a great option if you’re worried about your Dyson Airwrap being damaged or lost while you travel.

Final Thoughts

You can bring your Dyson Airwrap with you on a plane, but you need to be careful so that the device doesn’t get lost, damaged, or stolen.

The best way to protect your Dyson Airwrap if you bring it onto a plane through checked luggage is to invest in luggage locks.

You can also bring your Dyson Airwrap with you through carry-on so that you have an easier time monitoring your stuff.

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