Google Nest Hubs: Easily Share Family Photos & Albums

Google Nest Hub Max displaying Google PhotosGoogle Nest Hub Max displaying Google Photos

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In a time where we quickly fill up the storage on our devices with thousands of photos, it can be cumbersome to print and swap pictures out of photo albums. Using a smart display slideshow to act as a digital photo frame in the home can be a great solution to this problem.

What is the Best Way to Share Photos with Family?

You can regularly update Google Photos to showcase your latest pictures

If the family member or friend has any model or generation of Google Nest Hub (Formerly Google Home Hub), you can easily create an album of photos that will show as a slideshow on the device.  This photo album can be regularly updated with new photos that will display on any device linked to that album.  With some simple configuration an album can be viewed in multiple homes. 

Why Use Google Photos to Manage an Album?

With the speed that children seem to grow up these days, a printed photo album would often need to be replaced with a larger one to hold more photos.. But with a shared Google Photos album you can update it on the go on your smartphone, or even use some of the Google Photos such as auto sync and smart albums to do it all without having to lift a finger.

How to Share Family Photos on a Smart Display

Google Photos can be displayed as a slideshow on both the Google Nest Hub and the Nest Hub Max smart display respectively.  Each hub has the option to select a folder from Google as the default screen displayed.  Selecting a shared folder to be displayed on a device other than your own requires a few further steps.

A shared folder on Google Photos and some “set it and forget it” configuration on a friend or relatives Google Nest smart display can help bridge the gaps between face to face contact.

How Do I Get Google Home Hub to Show My Photos?

Multiple Nest Hubs can share Google Photo albums between them

The Google Home app has a number of Photo Frame options in the configuration menu for the individual device. One of the options is “Google Photos” which will allow you to display any of your Google Photo stored albums or a number of Google-created albums on your smart device.

So if you’d like to share photos with someone outside of your home, all you need to do is share the folder with the account linked to their Google Nest Hub and configure it to use the shared album as their Photo Frame.

Every so often you can drop new photos of your latest excursion or family event into the album, safe in the knowledge that the recipient will have up to date content displayed on their Nest Hub.

How to Share An Album In Google Photos And Display It On A Nest Hub

If you don’t already have it, download and install the Google Photos App from the Appstore or Google Play Store

  • Open the Google Photos app and select “Sharing” from the menu bar at the bottom then tap “Create Shared Album”

  • Choose a memorable name for your album then tap “Select Photos”

  • Tap on the photos you want in your album and then tap “Add” in the top right hand corner

  • When you’ve selected your photos tap “Share”.

  • Make sure the email address/account you send the invitation to is the same as the account registered on the device you want the photos displayed on.  For example, if you want to use the album to share photos that will show on your friends Google Nest device, use the email registered to that device.

  • Next we’re going to access those photos on the Google Nest device itself, so open the Google Home app and Select “Devices”.  Note – This must be done on the Google Home account that is linked to the device you want to display the photos on.

  • Tap the “Configuration Cog” in the top right hand corner.

  • Select “Photo Frame”.

  • Select “Google Photos”

  • Finally, select the photo frame you wish to display.


If you already own a Google Nest Hub and are looking for a digital photo frame that can access photos stored in the cloud then using Google Photos to display them is an option already available to you.

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