Does the Eufy Doorbell Record All the Time?

A recording button on a cameraA recording button on a camera

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Eufy’s video doorbell is just one of the many smart home security products that send you notifications when its motion sensor is activated, or someone rings the doorbell. But does the Eufy Doorbell only record when these events happen, or all the time?

Eufy doorbell does not record all of the time. It only activates when it senses movement and operates on a three-second buffer, allowing you to see a snippet of what happens before the notification went off.

If you want to learn more about how you can get the most out of your Eufy device, continue reading. According to information from Eufy’s community support page, there are some ways that you can make your doorbell record for longer periods.

Eufy Does Not Record All of the Time­­—Yet

Even though the Eufy doorbell does not record all of the time, it possibly could in the future.

Eufy is a relatively new product, as it was only released within the last couple of years. As developers receive more customer satisfaction feedback, newer models of the product may offer more features.

The Eufy doorbell currently does not record all of the time because:

  • The battery life would drain within a matter of weeks. The Eufy doorbell’s battery is designed to last six months.
  • Eufy may be offering continuous recording options included in paid subscriptions that have not yet been released.
  • You can view live footage at any time, either on the app or on a computer. The doorbell does not save these recordings when you are not actively accessing them, however.

If you are not satisfied with how long your Eufy is recording certain interactions, you can lengthen the amount of time it records in the app.

How to Extend Your Eufy Doorbell’s Recording Time

Like many smart home recording systems, Eufy connects to your phone using an app. If you are not satisfied with how long your Eufy is recording certain interactions, follow these steps to adjust it in the app: First, open the Eufy Security app. From there, you can set your device to “Optimal Surveillance.” This will allow your device to record footage up to 60 seconds after being triggered.

Eufy’s manufacturers are working on an update that will allow users to record for longer periods, depending on the type of product they purchase. The developers hope that this will give the device an advantage over Arlo and Ring, which currently do not offer this benefit.

Viewing Eufy’s Footage on a Computer

If you are away from home for long periods or live in a high-risk crime area, you may want to feel more connected to your Eufy security system. Even when the camera’s motion sensors are not triggered, you can watch live rather than recorded footage on a computer. You may even notice details that you would not otherwise see on your phone’s smaller screen.

To review Eufy’s footage, you will need to:

  1. Click here. You will need your Eufy username and password to view your dashboard. This will be the same information you use to log into the app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, you will see seven options. They read: cameras, events, subscriptions, settings, my devices, account, and about. You will need to connect your camera to your account to view the footage if you have not done so already.
  3. Click on where it says “Cameras.” This is where your device’s footage will be housed. You can view real-time footage, which you can mute and make full screen.
  4. If you click on “Events,” you will see that you can view all of the recordings that your device has captured if you upgrade to cloud storage. While you can view footage within the app, you need a subscription to view it on your computer.

Eufy’s Indoor Cameras Have Continuous Recording Abilities

While Eufy Doorbell does not record all of the time, the indoor camera model does. You can attach these cameras to the walls of your home or have them stand on their own.

Eufy’s indoor cameras, like its outdoor counterparts, are compatible with your smart home assistants, like Google Home and Alexa. Additionally, the device also comes equipped with:

  • Two-way audio
  • 2k resolution
  • An internet protocol (IP) camera

Using the device’s artificial intelligence, you can program it only to record certain events. So, for example, if you want to monitor what your new puppy is doing while you are at work, you can program your device only to send you notifications if certain things happen, like if it goes on a piece of furniture or barks.

If you want 24-hour footage outside, you could technically install the indoor model of the Eufy outside. However, this could work to your disadvantage, as the device may not connect to your router and is not weather-resistant.

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