How Do I Set Up My Eufy Doorbell?

Several types of screw drivers on a wood table.Several types of screw drivers on a wood table.

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The Eufy Video Doorbell offers round-the-clock monitoring and security of your home. You can pre-record messages or talk to people in real-time as they stand on your doorstep! But if you’re new to Eufy, you may be wondering how to set the device up.

To install your Eufy doorbell, you will need to remove your current doorbell and install the new Eufy doorbell in place of the old one. Set up your device with your EufySecurity account once the doorbell installation is complete.

Following the below step-by-step instructions will help ensure that your Eufy doorbell is correctly installed and provides the best security that the product can.

Installing the Eufy Video Doorbell

Before you begin any electrical work in your home, shut off the power to the area you are working to proceed safely. Review what should come in the package to ensure that you have all parts needed to install the doorbell. In addition to what comes in the package, you will also need a Phillips head screwdriver and a power drill with a 6mm drill bit.

To install your Eufy Doorbell:

  1. Ring your current doorbell to make sure the chimes are working properly.
  2. Make sure the power is disconnected to the doorbell. Test lights in the area to confirm that the power is turned off.
  3. Remove the cover on the doorbell chime, and locate the screws with Trans and Front on them. Use the wire that came with the Eufy doorbell to connect the two terminals. (This will not affect the normal operations of the electrical circuit.)
  4. Remove the old doorbell from the front of the house. Carefully pull out the two wires and gently pull them apart, so they are not touching.
  5. Mark the holes for the screws using the screw hole card that came with the doorbell. Drill the holes using the power drill. The user manual suggests placing the doorbell about 48” (4 feet) from the ground for the best viewing range. (Included is a 15° mounting bracket if you need to adjust your camera’s view.)
  6. If your doorbell is being attached to stucco, brick, or concrete, it is recommended to use the wall anchors that come with the camera. This is not necessary if the doorbell is going to be installed onto a wooden doorframe.
  7. Put the screws into the screw holes or the holes on the mounting bracket (install the mounting blanket to the bracket before tightening the screws) and tighten.
  8. Connect the existing wires to the terminals located on the back of the doorbell. If the wires are too short, extension wires are provided with the doorbell. (Only use these extensions if the existing wires are too short).
  9. Remove the film from the back of the doorbell and place it on the wall. If you need to reposition the doorbell, use the included detaching tool to do so.
  10. Turn the power back on to the circuit breaker.
  11. After the power is restored, the doorbell should flash yellow.
  12. Once the doorbell flashes yellow, follow the instructions in the EufySecurity App to complete the installation.

Setting up the Eufy Doorbell in the App

Setting up your doorbell in the app is simple! Just follow these easy steps to get your doorbell set up and working in no time.

  1. Download the EufySecurity App from your phone’s app store.
  2. Log in to your existing Eufy account, or register for an account.
  3. It is recommended to use Two Factor Authentication to enhance your security within the app.
  4. Tap “Add Device” and choose which device that you own.
  5. Tap “Okay” and then “Allow” to let Eufy access your phone’s camera.
  6. Scan the included QR code or enter the code manually.
  7. Select your region, such as the United States, and then tap “Next.”
  8. Follow the instructions to set up installation.
  9. The Eufy app will test your voltage to ensure that you have the correct voltage (16-24 volts).
  10. Tap “Start” to test your voltage.
  11. Hold the doorbell button down for about 5 seconds until you hear a chime. When you hear the chime, tap “I hear the ringtone” on the app.
  12. You will see an option to allow the app to see your location, which is optional.
  13. Next, you will see a message to turn on the Bluetooth. Once that is turned on, tap “I’ve Turned on Bluetooth.”
  14. The app should connect to the doorbell if the installation was done correctly, and it will let you know that it is ready to use. If you get a different message, contact Customer Service for troubleshooting help.

Connecting Eufy Doorbell to Wi-Fi

Once you have the doorbell setup in your app, you’ll need to connect it to Wi-Fi:

  1. Select your network and enter your password. Press “Connect” to continue.
  2. Plug in the included chime and wait until you see a blue light. Once you see the light, tap “Chime lights up.”
  3. Press and hold the “Sync” button on the chime for 2 seconds. The light should flash, and you should hear a chime. If you hear this, the chime is ready to pair with the doorbell.
  4. Tap “Connect” in the app.
  5. Press the doorbell button to ensure that the chime is paired with the doorbell correctly.
  6. Tap “Done,” and your doorbell is set up and ready to use.

Final Thoughts

Having a secure home is something that makes everyone a little more comfortable if they have to be away, and the Eufy Security Doorbell is just the device to protect your home! Once it is installed and set up, sit back, relax, and let Eufy do all the work!

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