Does HiSense TV Have Chromecast?


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So you are thinking about purchasing one or currently have a HiSense TV, and you are wondering if it has the capabilities that you need for your entertainment pleasure. So you need to figure out if your HiSense TV has Chromecast for you to use to cast your favorite videos.

Most newer models of HiSense Smart TVs have Chromecast included. There is a simple way to check and see if your device has this option included with it that is outlined below.

What’s the best way to check and see if your TV has the Chromecast option? We found a set of instructions that you can use with your mobile device to check the functionality of your TV and see if it has just what you need.

Checking your HiSense Smart TV for Chromecast Instructions

To decide whether your Smart TV has Chromecast included in its features, you should first check the documentation or look up the model number online to check for specifications related to your HiSense TV.

The following are instructions to follow to see if your device has Chromecast installed on it. You will need your mobile device handy to perform these steps. You will need to make sure your mobile device is hooked up to the same network as your HiSense TV:

  • Install Google Home on your mobile device.
  • In the Google Home app, tap the + button.
  • At the “Add and Manage” Menu, select “Set Up Device”
  • Tap “Setup New Device In Your Home”

In a streaming app of your choice, see if the casting option is available. At this point if your device has Chromecast you should be able to cast and won’t have any issues. 

If Chromecast is Not Available On Your HiSense TV

If the casting option is not available, you will need to purchase the actual external Chromecast device in order to perform casting on your Smart TV. Ensure your mobile device is hooked up to the same wireless network as your HiSense TV.

Chromecast is simple to install and requires an HDMI port on your TV to hook up. The only other thing required is a hookup to the USB cord to a power source.

From there, follow the same setup procedure we listed in order to check and see if you have Chromecast on your TV, as this will set up your Chromecast external device.

What Chromecast Offers You

If you are just getting acclimated with Chromecast you may be wondering what Chromecast has to offer for your television viewing experience:

  1. Chromecast allows you to cast (replicate the display) of whatever is being shown on your mobile device, laptop, or tablet, at the time.
  2. Casting allows you to remove the need for all the remotes involved in sharing a display that you are normally used to, with changing inputs and adjusting volume, etc.
  3. Chromecast allows you to use apps that are not available on your Smart TV that are only available on your mobile phone for instance. This allows video players that are in web browsers, on top of what’s available in apps, to be casted onto your HiSense TV screen.
  4. On top of casting video to your TV, you can cast other Google services such as Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Docs for business presentations.

If you would like to learn more about Chromecast, take a look at this article.

Fixing Chromecast Issues With Your HiSense TV

If you find that your HiSense TV has Chromecast and is still not working properly, there are some things you can try to resolve the problem with your situation:

  1. First, reset both the TV and your mobile device on the network. Make sure that both devices are properly connected to the network before trying to cast.
  2. If you determine your device does have Chromecast but still isn’t casting, try a different streaming source. The top program to use to figure out if your device is capable of streaming would be the Google Chrome app.
  3. If none of this is working, make sure your Google Home application is up to date with the latest software version.
  4. In the end, if you are still having issues, contacting your HiSense Smart TV’s support line for assistance is always a recommended option, as they possibly have additional troubleshooting methods available.

Now you know whether or not Hisense TV has Chromecast.


Google Chromecast is a convenient option for all your streaming needs. It is especially helpful for bringing your Smart TV features that are not normally included with the App Store of your TV.

Chromecast should be included on most later models of HiSense Smart TV’s. If you are unsure before buying one, make sure you check the documentation first. If you already have one, follow our step by step instructions to check and see if your TV includes it. 
We hope this gives you a quick reference to decide whether your HiSense Smart TV has Chromecast or not. If your TV doesn’t have Chromecast, don’t worry. You can find Google Chromecast fairly cheap at the link we included.

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