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How to Show a Nest Cam on Chromecast

Last Updated Jun 24, 2022

When Google took control of Nest, it created an ecosystem of smart products for homeowners. Their stellar Nest Cameras have a variety of applications that suit every need, whether inside the home or outside. Furthermore, they began to integrate with existing Google products like their Home smart speakers and, most importantly, their Chromecast devices.

You can show a Nest Cam on Chromecast with just a few easy steps. First, you need to connect your Chromecast to the Nest Cam, then navigate your way through the process of connecting to Wi-Fi. It’s something that you can easily do on your own.

Interested in how to show your Nest Cam on Chromecast? Let us show you how to do it. We have all the steps you need to follow outlined below. Read on to find out how.

How Do You Connect Chromecast to Nest?

Having an existing Google account, especially a Google Home account, will make setting up the devices extremely quick and simple. It is no different than any other Google product like their smart speakers, etc.

Nest cameras can easily be streamed to internet-connected TVs with Chromecast software built-in or a Chromecast plugged in. The only omission to this has to do with the most recent Nest cameras that were released in 2021. They currently do not have the ability to cast to Chromecast devices, but it is assumed that this is only a temporary problem.

Connecting the Nest camera to a Chromecast is achieved with only a few steps:

  1. Download the Google Home app and sign in
  2. Tap the “+” icon in the top left corner
  3. The top item in the list, Set Up Device, should be selected
  4. Choose the home in which you want to add
  5. Find the Nest cam you are trying to pair to your home

In the event you have yet to set up the Chromecast itself, the user has to go through the same process as stated for the camera and set it up on the network.

Can I Cast a Nest Camera to My TV?

You can cast a Nest Camera to a TV. The TV must either have Chromecast software built into its operating system or have a Chromecast plugged into one of the HDMI ports.

While it might seem obvious, both devices need to be connected to Wi-Fi and have a decent amount of bandwidth available to properly stream the signal.

How to Cast from the Camera to the Chromecast

The very first thing you must do to begin casting is to make sure your cameras are properly named. This is far more crucial if you have multiple cameras within one residence.

You must go into either the Nest app or the Google Home app and label the cameras whatever you decide. The same goes for the Chromecast device. They must be labeled properly to work well with voice commands.

If your Google Assistant has been set up to use voice commands in the past, no action is necessary. You simply have to activate the assistant using the “Hey Google” voice command and say, “Show me (Nest camera name) on my (Chromecast name).”

Assuming all settings have been set up correctly, the requested TV should begin showing a live feed from the requested camera.

Potential Issues with Using Nest Cam and Chromecast

Just like any other electronic device, there is a possibility of encountering problems with setup. The very first thing to try would be to reset the Wi-Fi connection. Sometimes the hardware just needs a fresh start. If issues still exist after this, the next thing to try would be uninstalling and reinstalling the Google Home app. The last thing to try would be to unplug the associated devices and allow them to power cycle.

In a worst-case scenario, none of these fixes will allow the user to connect the two devices. The user must then remove the devices from their accounts and start from scratch. It is rare that someone will run into an issue that requires this option, however, and it should only be used as a last result.

As of November 2021, the most recent Nest camera that was released in 2021 does not currently have the capability to cast to Chromecast devices. Therefore, none of the previous troubleshooting methods will do anything to rectify this.

Final Thoughts

To someone that has little to no experience setting up Nest devices, it could seem slightly daunting to set up, but Google has made it as straightforward as possible. By having the ability to fully integrate your Nest Cameras to your Chromecast-enabled devices, you can keep tabs on everything going on in your home.

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