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What Widgets are Available on Echo Show 15?

Last Updated Jul 28, 2022
Amazon Echo Show

Amazon strives to outdo itself with every new smart device released. The Echo Show 15 joins the ranks of Amazon’s lineup of smart devices. The new Echo Show also has new features, including widgets that allow people to have various apps on their display. The widgets appear in bite-sized format on the screen and expand when tapped.

While the presence of widgets on the Echo Show 15 is common news, many people don’t know what widgets are available on it. Adding widgets on your device allows quick and easy shortcuts and helps you organize your smart display. While it still doesn’t have many widgets available, this article will dive into the widgets the Amazon device offers.

What Widgets are Available on Echo Show 15

The development of the widgets has been left up to third-party companies, which means that Amazon doesn’t have a wide variety of widgets. Despite having up to 19 available, many are variations and duplicates with minor differences. However, you can expect to have the following widgets at your disposal.

Smart Devices Widget

The smart home dashboard makes it easier for you to control your home. The customizable widget helps monitor smart lights, video doorbells, and up to six smart home products connected to the device.


Echo Show 15 features a handy maps widget that helps you find your way by getting the best directions from location to location. The widget also helps monitor real-time traffic conditions to make it easy to move around without getting caught up in traffic.

Package Tracking

You can now track your Amazon packages with the package tracking widget that lets you know when to expect your package. You also receive a notification on your Echo Show 15 once the order arrives.

Calendar And Reminder

The calendar and reminder widgets come in two variations on Echo Show 15. You can track your daily and monthly schedules in one calendar, but the other one strictly shows a daily schedule. You can plan your days and schedule reminders to get things on your to-do list done.

To-Do List

Your day-to-day is guided by a list of tasks you need to complete at a particular time. The Echo Show 15 has a to-do widget that allows you to plan your day and tick off what is accomplished and what’s still pending.

Sticky Notes

You can pin reminders and notes to your Echo Show 15’s home screen. This widget allows you to leave messages you are sure will be seen by family members.


Knowing what the weather will be like before you start the day is quite helpful. The widget helps you know the rain chance, humidity, rain chance, and more.

Shopping List

Forgetting things you meant to buy is normal, and most people find themselves going through their shelves and pantries just to write a shopping list. With this widget, you can start a shopping list and add items every time one runs out. When you have purchased these items, you can just tick them on the list.

The above widget lists represent the most basic Echo Show 15 widgets you need daily. Be sure to check out what more the smart device offers.

How Do I Get Widgets on Echo Show 15

The widgets available on the Amazon Echo Show 15 are customizable, thus making it possible for you to adjust and decide which widgets you want on your display. If you want to add, resize, rearrange or remove widgets, you can do all this on your smart display.

How to Add Widgets on Echo Show 15

You can add widgets in three simple steps:

  • From the top of the display screen, swipe down and click on the widget gallery. This shows you all the widgets available to you.
  • To add a widget, tap on the plus sign located in the top right corner of each of the widgets.

Once you have added the widgets you want, an arrow is in the top right corner; tap on it to return to your home screen.

How To Rearrange Widgets On Echo Show 15

While on your home screen, swipe left on the white handle at the widget’s edge. Click on rearrange widgets and then press, hold and drag on the = in the middle of the widget you want to move. Once you have the widget where you want it to appear, release it.

How To Remove Widgets On Echo Show 15

The easy version of removing widgets requires you to long press the widget and tap on to remove the widget. In the long version, you tap on the X in the upper right corner and then click on done on the right of your screen once you are done making changes.


The widget function is among the best features of the Echo Show 15. As Amazon works on expansions to the feature and introduces more widgets, you can begin making it easy to monitor and control your home with the available widgets.

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